pri Guidelines to file/process MEIS applications in case of Project Exports Guidelines to file/process MEIS applications in case of Project Exports

Government of India
Department of Commerce
Directorate General of Foreign Trade
Trade Notice No. 14/2018

Dated: 30th May 2018


All the Regional Authorities of DGFT
All Exporters/Members of Trade

Subject: Guidelines for filing/processing of MEIS applications in case of Project Exports

This office has received references from the Trade and Industry stating that they are facing difficulties in availing MEIS benefits in case of exports made under the Project Exports category. The problems highlighted by the Trade is that, at the time of export, they are unable to file shipping bills under Chapter 98 and are required to file the shipping bills under the specific HS Code of the product being exported. However, the MEIS Schedule (Appendix 3B) has notified higher rate of incentives for exports made under Chapter 98 when compared to specific HS code of the Product. The exporters are not able to avail the higher rate of incentives notified for project categories since the shipping bills have been filed under the specific HS code of the export product and they are required to file the MEIS applications only as per the HS Codes available in the shipping bills.

2. The issue has been examined in this Directorate. The following guidelines are issued for filing/processing of MEIS applications in case of Project Exports as notified in Appendix 3B:

a. NIC will create an “identification tag” in the online MEIS application module which shall ensure differentiation of applications pertaining to Project Exports from the normal exports.

b. The exporter will select this tag and submit his online application for MEIS as per rates available in the MEIS module for the exported HS Code ( as available in the shipping bill).

c. The exporter will then submit the self-certified copies of following documents to the DGFT HQs.

i. e-version copy of the said MEIS application

ii. Announcement of the project by the project authority

iii. Allotment letter/certificate issued by the concerned project authority to the exporter

iv. Proof of Registration of the project with their concerned Bank in India

v. Copies of Shipping bill

vi. Any other documents necessary for evidencing that the exports belong to the Project Exports Category.

d. DGFT HQs will examine the above documents and after approval by the competent authority, NIC shall be informed for making edits in the online application module for MEIS entitlements for the HS Codes/Exports approved as per rates notified for such HS Codes Appendix 3B.

e. NIC will make changes in the online MEIS application module as approved in respect of rate of rewards for the particular HS Codes of the shipping bills covered under the files approved.

f. After changes are incorporated by the NIC, the same will be communicated to the concerned RA by the DGFT HQS for release of the MEIS Scrips.

g. RA will issue the Duty Credit Scrips as per approval of the HQs and modifications done in the MEIS module accordingly. .

3. This issues with approval of the Competent Authority.

Lokesh H D
Joint Director General of Foreign Trade

(Issued from File No.01/61/180/161/AM18/PC-3)

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