Circular No. 51/2018- Customs

F.No. D-20/DIC/AEO/16/2017
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue
Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs
Directorate of International Customs

New Delhi, December 07, 2018

All Pr. Chief Commissioner/ Chief Commissioner of Customs/Central Tax,
All Principal Director Generals/Director Generals of Directorate General
All Pr. Commissioner/ Commissioner of Customs/ Central Tax,
All Pr. ADG/ ADG of Directorates.


Subject: – AEO programme digitization – Ease of doing business — Development of web-based application for AEO-T1- reg.

1. Reference is drawn to the Circular No. 26/2018- Customs dated 10.08.2018 wherein it was stated that “The Online processing of AEO TI application will commence as soon as the necessary digital infrastructure is in place.” Keeping in line with the target of digitisation, an online AEO website has been developed under the aegis of DIC for online filing and processing of AEO T1 applications. This AEO Website (domain name: was launched by the Chairman, CBIC on 30.11.2018 and subsequently the access to the website was made available to both the applicant, for filing of AEO Ti application (annexures), and Customs officials, for processing and delivery of digitized AEO Certificate online of newly filed applications.

2. A Guidance Note for departmental officers for AEO Web Application has already been circulated among the field formations. Both the trade and the field formations are requested to make use of the online platform with immediate effect.

3. Further, for ensuring seamless transition to the online web-application, it has been decided to concurrently continue with the manual filing and processing of AEO T1 applications up to 31.03.2019. The trade and field formations respectively would have the liberty to file and process the applications manually up to the prescribed transition time limit, i.e. up to 31.03.2019 so as to obviate any delay in time-bound processing of the applications. However, both trade and field formations should make earnest effort to use this online mode as much as possible.

4. Reference is also drawn to Para 3 (viii) of the Circular No. 03/2018- Customs dated 17.01.2018 regarding amendment in the AEO Programme whereby the validity of AEO Certificate of TI & T2 were extended to 3 years uniformly.

Accordingly, in order to synchronize validity with review and OSPCA of AEO-T1 certified entities, their intervals are also being extended to 3 years from existing 2 years, by modifying the following Paras of Master Circular No. 33/2016- Customs dated 22.07.2016 as below: –

4.1. Para 1.5 (viii) “They will not be subjected to regular transactional PCA, instead of that onsite PCA will be conducted once in three years only.”

 4.2. Para 5.4.1 The AEO Programme Team will review AEO status periodically to ensure continued adherence to the conditions and standards of grant of Certificate of AEO Status. Thus, it is recommended that the AEO status holder should continue to re-assess its compliance with the conditions of certification and act upon any identified problems as soon as they arise. The frequency of such review will he three years in case of AEO-T1 & AEO-T2 and live years in case of AEO-T3 & AEO-LO. As far as possible, the review and the onsite PCA, if applicable, will he conducted simultaneously.”

However, DIC may initiate review of any entity at any point of time if there are reasons to believe, to the satisfaction of the AEO Programme Manager, that the adherence to the conditions and standards of AEO status is compromised or affected.

5. Wide publicity may be given to this Circular by way of issuance of Trade/Public Notice. Difficulties, if any, in the implementation of this Circular may be brought to the notice of this office at [email protected].

Yours faithfully,

[Manish Kumar]

Joint Commissioner (DIC)

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