Circular No. 70/97-Cus.
dated 16/ 12/ 97
F.No. 305/ 159/ 97-FTT
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue, New Delhi

Subject :  Aligning the provisions of notifications governing EHTP units inside and outside EHTP complex and the units in the EPZ /FTZ.

     I am directed to enclose a copy of the Notification No. 86/ 97 dated 24.11.97 and to say that the above Notification has been issued to bring parity of the provisions for the units availing of the exemptions under Notification No. 95/ 93-Cus. & 96/ 93-Cus both dated 2.3.1993 and Notification No. 133/ 94- Cus. dated 2.6.1994.

2. It has now been provided in notification No. 95/ 93-Cus & 96/ 93-Cus that :

(a)  The Asstt. Commissioner of Customs will allow re-export of the goods instead of Commissioner of Customs.

(b)  the goods used for imparting training to the workers, the goods imported or manufactured, produced or processed etc. and the waste and scrap or remnants (arising in the course of production) it destroyed with the permission of Asstt. Commissioner of Customs will not be charged to duty.

(c)  the goods reimported for re-pairs and reconditioning can also be re-engineered.

(d)  the goods can be re-imported within one year from the date of exportation from the unit, due to failure of the foreign buyer to take delivery.

(e) the goods can be imported for repairs, re-conditioning or re-engineering and export thereof within 3 years of the date of importation.

3. It has also been provided under Notification 133/ 94-Cus dated 2.6.1994, that the goods re-imported for repairs and reconditioning, can also be re-engineered.

4.   The above may be given wide publicity by way of issue of a Public Notice.

(O.P. Khanduja)
Sr. Technical Officer (FTI)

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