Circular No. 16/96- Cus.
dated 12/3/96
F.No. 605/14/95/-DBK
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Revenue, New Delhi
Subject :  Logging of DEEC books – regarding.

The Ministry had been receiving various representation from trade circles and export promotion councils complaining about serious delays in logging of the DEEC books. The matter has been considered by the Board and it has been decided that for the purpose of logging of DEEC book, in addition to the original DEEC book and the original licence, only the following documents may be necessary :-

(i)  Third copy of DEEC shipping bill;

(ii) On-board Bill of Lading’

(iii) Customs attested copy of Invoice’

(iv)  AR. 4 wherever it is required; and

(v) Copy of test report (wherever samples have been drawn and sent for testing) or technical opinion or Chartered Engineer’s Certificate.

2. It is felt that the above mentioned documents should ordinarily be sufficient to enable logging of DEEC books and in case any other document is required, there should be specific purpose/ reason for demand of said document and the same should be recorded while asking for it. Other documents should not be asked as a matter of practice.

3. These instructions may be brought to the notice of the trade by issue of the Public Notice. A standing Order may also be issued on this behalf for the guidance of the departmental officers. In case of any difficulty, the matter may please by brought to the notice of the Ministry.

(Sunil Kumar)
Director (Drawback)

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