We all are very much acquainted with the quote- Whatever happens, happens for good!

I am sure that none of us has ever experienced such a situation in our lifetime. Unaware as to what is to be done, how will we tackle the daily challenges which have been thrown amidst this pandemic. Eagerly waiting for the lockdown period to end and retreating to our daily routine is all we wish every single day. The daily routine which used to feel so monotonous suddenly sounds so exciting and fulfilling that most of us cannot wait for this lockdown to get over so that we all can get on with that monotonous routine all over again. Such is the characteristic of human behaviour- “Never content, never pleased”.

COVID- 19 pandemic has taught me a whole lot of things- patience, satisfaction and self reliance. Apart than working from home, this lockdown provided me with ample opportunity to work on and improving these virtues. Returning to my workplace from my hometown after Holi Leaves 5 days prior to the announcement of lockdown, I badly wished if the lockdown could have preponed itself by just that time. Unfortunately, the world does not act according to our  hims and fancies. Therefore I decided to take this situation as a blessing in disguise and prepared myself to take this as a challenge head on.

While never having prepared a meal, I have learnt how to cook and feed myself, this lockdown has made me come a long way. This imbibes confidence and independence. People whom we might not have even cared to know in the first place, are now exchanging thoughts, ideas and kitchen recipes and have somehow made sure that they are available for each other at this time of unprecedented crisis. The situation is coaching us in developing a better perspective, towards life, people, ideas, thoughts and actions. So many of us are engaging ourselves in watching Ramayana and Mahabharata. What better way to grow spiritually! The bonus is the quality time we get to spend with our families. Living in a metropolitan city, I have not breathed any cleaner air but straight for over 15 days now the air quality is so pristine that I can feel my lungs a lot younger. I could not have been more delighted gazing at the beautiful birds after such a long time and breathing clean air has kept me sane amidst all this chaos.

Since we all are having a lot of time to ourselves and also time never comes back, let us all make the best utilisation of it and learn to cope with the difficulties. Many of us are blessed to experience this phase in isolation at our comfortable homes in contrast to those who are breathing their last in hospitals succumbing to the pandemic, the poor who is not sure for how he will be able to feed his children, for how long will they be able to survive like this, people engaged in essential services unsure of their well-being.

As of now, nobody of us is aware how long will it take the situation to normalise. The question is can we really do anything about it apart from being hopeful? Hopeful that all our near and dear ones, countrymen stay healthy and safe and we win against the pandemic as a nation.

Hopefully and Positively, we all get out of the pandemic at the earliest. May we all emerge safe, strong and healthy and more importantly much more sober, humble and empathetic towards each other and towards our mother nature.

I would like to conclude by making an appeal here, that since we are being witness to this chaos all around, I urge my fellow countrymen to rise up to the occasion, realise their responsibility and stand up in solidarity and help in rebuilding the society and confidence which has gone astray in these dark times, so that the faith in mankind and humanity is kept intact.

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  1. Priyanka Maheshwari says:

    The current scenario of Life which we all are facing now a days is very well explained by you .Be Positive attitude can help us to overcome this crtical situation.


    I agree totally at the National spirit and our duty; however I feel it is easy to pen like this sitting in comfort. I live in a village and the uneducated and poor lot obey whatever is said; but really no authority takes their problems seriously. If those authorities put themselves in the shoes of these villagers or live in such villages they will know how to be practicable. For example my village has been barricaded as if it is an isolation zone which it is not; the reason given is that he authorities do not wish to have entry of vegetable vendors who may spread the virus. There is no exit route at all and a person like me with heart problem will definitely die with no possibility of an ambulance entering or even the available vehicle take me out.The authorities have turned a deaf ear. Government says that do not go out, vegetables and essentials will come to your door step but in reality that is blocked. Policies are good but implementation seems to be at the whims and fancy of local authorities

  3. Arunesh Kumar says:

    Very relevant to the present life of we individuals, let we see how it will be impacting the present and future generations, not only financially but socially too…interesting to read

  4. Arunesh Kumar says:

    Very relevant to the present life of we individuals, let we see how it will be impacting the present and future generations, not only financially but socially too…interesting to read

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