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Though this article is not for main subjects of this website, however, I believe that what we learned in our nursery and primary classes is very important for being a good human being and good member in the society. Hence I request the website to public this article so that many of us who have forgotten early learnigns in our life are recalled and given adequate importance.

Cleanliness / swachhata is very important not only for healthy life but also for our productivity and efficiency. Therefore, the lesson of cleanliness through poem Bits of paper , bits of paper … being foundation course for our life time is very important and we must memorize and remember the nursery rhyme by our heart and soul. We must also practice the fundamental concept of cleanliness that we need to maintain cleanliness and make contribution for the same.

Let us recall and memorize nursery poem:


Many of readers might not have read the poem as kids, but their children and grand children must have read and recited the same, so we must also learn from poems sung by children also.

Respected  PM honorable Narendra Modi ji has initiated “ Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” which is very commendable. However, I feel unfortunate to notice that the honorable PM has to take such an initiative, only because we just forgot and did not apply our nursery learning in our life.

The moot question is whether, ministers, secretaries, officers , staff , and some from general public, sweeping for few hours or few days in a year will make Bharat Swachh?

I am extremely doubtful about the same.

Basic Rule is taught in nursery, but is unfortunately forgotten:

If we all remember , follow and apply nursery rhyme bits of paper **…. in our life we can achieve swachha Ghar, Swachha Mohalla, Swachha gaon , swachha towns and cities and swachha Bharat.

Let  us memories nursery rhyme:

Bits of paper,
Bits of paper;
Lying on the floor,
Lying on the floor;

Makes the place untidy,
Makes the place untidy;
Pick them up,
Pick them up.

  • And put them in dustbin to make room clean. (added by me)

The pictorial depiction was also given in the rhyme for easy understanding by kids and that is added by me in poem.

I still remember this poem because I follow it since my childhood. I still practice on this and put anything like piece of paper or other rubbish found , into nearby dustbin, whenever it is possible for me. Few times in a month a operate vacuum cleaner, in my office and home to make and keep my office and home cleaner. Before operating vacuum cleaner also it is necessary that mota mota kachara is picked up and put into dust bin- this is what we learn from the poem.

Operating vacuum cleaner provide a very good work-out which is good for health. After vaccum cleaning the home, it is felt very clean and swachha. Picking bits of paper from floor, sometimes daily also provide a good body movement and exercise very useful to keep backache away.

Forgotten nursery poems:

I spoke to fifteen students (a large sample) of Higher Secondary and colleges. No one could recall the poem; the reason is that they do not follow the lesson taught by the poem. It is unfortunate that many things taught in nursery class and primary classes are not remembered. That is one of reason of falling moral , increasing corruption and other offences. In nursery / primary we used to read, pray , stories, etc conveying ideology ‘BHARAT MERA DESH HEY , SABHI BHARTIYA MERE BHAI BAHAN HEY…..

This is also not remembered by many. If these words be memorized and kept in heart and soul there will be no offences.

Therefore, we must make attempt to memorize such poems by hear t and follow the same in our life as far as possible.

Her e is my  attempt to write a poem on the subject and first draft of poem is given below:

“ Chota chota kachra, Chota Chota Kachra” !,

“Ghar ko kare Ganda, Ghar ko kare Ganda,!!

“Ganda ghar, ganda ghar –

   mohalla, kasba, city aur desh  ko kare Ganda, Desh ko kare Ganda”,!!!

“Kachra kam karo, kachra compress karo, kachra, kachre dan me dalo, ghar ko saf rakho,

“Har ghar hoga swachha , har ghar hoga swacch , to fir mohalla, city , state and desh bhi hoga swaccha desh bhi hoga swachha…”

Some more  poems with some modifications and in different languages with pictures must be placed on all public places to promote habit of cleaning and “keep cleaning”.

Under Swach Bharat, doing cleaning for few days (many doing as ‘just for show’ and under compulsion) will not make Bharat Swachha.

We all must develop habits of cleaning and keeping clean conditions to achieve swacchta.

One must  himself do at least some of  cleaning of his work place, living place and should not spread  kachara.

“Kachara Control” is another aspect. We must adopt such means that generation of Kachara is reduced.

Disposal of Kachara  even in  “hand compressed” manner reduces volume of Kachara.

I find many people just throwing card board boxes, packing material as it is- this causes very high volume, more space , more transportation cost. Just by  hand compression boxes, bags, papers,  volume of kachra can be reduced considerably. If we do so, we can contribute towards Swachhata.

Ghost workers

Ghost workers in sweeping, cleaning activities must be controlled and can be reduced considerably in all government organizations, municipalities , offices and other large establishments.

Pilferage of cleaning material and tooling:

In government offices, municipalities, etc.  large scale  pilferage of sweeping and cleaning materials and tooling is also a cause of concern, and reason of lack of cleanliness. Idle time of sweepers, sweepers not doing full duty is reason of government offices, government buildings,  railway stations, bust stations, government hospitals, government schools, roads, streets, lanes and even large size buildings, organizations  remaining un-cleaned and showing bad picture about cleanliness.

Public feeling is that municipal sweepers work for just half of time they should do, and that there are large number of ghost sweepers.

All these need to be controlled if we want to have cleanliness everywhere.

Let us keep in mind what we learned during nursery, primary and secondary education, because that is our foundation of present higher education which we could achieve because our primary and secondary education was strong. Many of my class fellows who were not sincere in primary and secondary classes, could not achieve what they could- this is because their foundation was weak.

Besides remembering subjects of our profession, we must also remember basics required for being good human being, family member and member of society and a good citizen.

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  1. GURDEV SINGH says:

    Dear sir,
    It is lovely poem and very help for the children to learn in the begin.We can render our assistance in cleaning our surroundings,block,sector,city distt
    then to Sawcch Bharat Abhiyan.Appreciatable poem.

  2. R.Nedumaran says:

    The article is very nice. Remembering the social and human values through the nursery poems is a wonderful thought. You have added value to the Values.
    Cleanliness is a physical value. orderliness is a mental value.
    The power of Values in our life are phenomenal. We know the importance of cleanliness. But if one knows the power of cleanliness, we would be astonished. We can give so many live examples. Hotels that are dust free and clean will attract more customers. It is true for any type of work. A hospital which is dirty and stinking and unhygienic will reveal the type of treatment one can get from there. If we really give a thought, the organisations which give more importance to cleanliness and orderliness besides other values, prosper quickly than others. One may think of the organisations they know who prospered, would certainly link this factor to cleanliness and orderliness. In tamil, there is a proverb ” Sutham Soru Podum” means the “One’s cleanliness will feed him” Actually it will lead his life, feed him and make him prosper. Finally cleanliness brings light out of the objects we clean and that light bring joy in people’s mind. That is why we are attracted towards clean hotels etc.

  3. B Bala Pullaiah says:

    Dear Sir

    I fully agree.

    Every one should feel that this is their own land this their primary duty to keep it clean. And laws are also should be strong enough to punish the people not to let.

    B Bala Pullaiah

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