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What is AGNIPATH Scheme?

The Union Cabinet took a historic decision approving an attractive recruitment scheme for Indian youth to serve in the Armed Forces for which a scheme has been introduced with the name AGNIPATH.

AGNIPATH is an Indian Armed Forces Scheme.

The Youth enrolled/selected under the AGNIPATH Scheme will be called as AGNIVEERS.

AGNIVEER is a new rank between Officers and Jawans Categories.

Time period of the Service: 4 Years (1st 6 Months for Training and next 3.5 Years for Active Service)

Age Limit- Young between 17.5 Years to 21 Years eligible to apply.

The upper age limit for Agniveers has been revised to 23 years

Through AGNIPATH Scheme around 46,000 soldiers are to be recruited for the Indian Army, Indian Navy and India Air Force. Agniveers will be offered an opportunity to apply for permanent enrolment in the Armed Forces after a period of 4 years. The target will be increase to 59,000 in next 4 Years.

Objective of the Scheme?

To enhance the youthful profile of the Armed Forces so that they are at their fighting best at all times with increased risk-taking ability.

To imbibe the Armed Forces ethos, courage, commitment, and teamwork in the youth.

To provide abilities and qualities such as discipline, motivation, dynamism, and work skills so that youth remains as an asset.

To provide an opportunity to the youth who may be keen to serve the Nation in uniform for a short period of time.

To reduce the unemployment.

Benefits of the Scheme?

1. A fundamental change in the military’s recruitment practices.

2. A special chance for young people to help the nation and contribute to nation-building.

3. Young and active persona for the armed forces.

4. Excellent financial deal for the Agniveers.

5. Agniveers have the chance to receive training from the greatest universities and improve their abilities and credentials.

6. Agniveers will receive a tempting monthly package that is specially tailored for them, as well as Risk and Hardship allowances as necessary for the three services.

7. Agniveers will receive a one-time “Seva Nidhi” package at the end of their four-year engagement, which will include both their contribution and any collected interest thereon as well as a matching contribution

Agneepath Scheme Salary – All figures in Rs (Monthly Contribution)

Year Customised               Package (Monthly) In    Hand (70%) Contribution   to Agniveer Corpus Fund (30%) Contribution to corpus fund by GoI
1st Year Rs. 30000 Rs. 21000 Rs. 9000 Rs. 9000
2nd Year Rs. 33000 Rs. 23100 Rs. 9900 Rs. 9900
3rd Year Rs. 36500 Rs. 25580 Rs. 10950 Rs. 10950
4th Year Rs. 40000 Rs. 28000 Rs. 12000 Rs. 12000
Total contribution to Agniveer Corpus Fund after four years- Rs 5.02 Lakh
Exit After 4 years- Rs 11.71 Lakh as Seva Nidhi Package (Including, interest accumulated on the above amount as per the applicable interest rates would also be paid)

Enrollment in Permanent Cadre?

All Agniveers after completing their engagement period, will be offered an opportunity to apply for enrolment in the permanent cadre. These applications will be considered by a centralised transparent rigorous screening system which would be based on merit and demonstrated performance during service. Upto 25% of the Aginveers would be selected for enrolment in the permanent Cadre as per the existing Terms and Conditions.

Financial Package for AGNIVEER?

Annual Package plus Allowances

1. For 1st Year Approx Rs/- 4.76 Lacs

2. Upgradation upto approx. Rs/- 6.92 Lacs in 4th Years

Allowances- Risk & Hardship, Ration, Dress, Travel
Seva Nidhi-

1. 30% of Monthly Salary to be contributed by the individuals

2. Equal amount matched & contributed by the GOI.

3. Corpus of 10.04 Lakh plus interest after four years.


1. Life insurance cover of Rs/- 48 Lakh

Problems to faced?

Thousands of youngsters, who are staging protests in parts of Bihar, UP, Uttarakhand and Haryana, are demanding an immediate rollback of the scheme. Protests against the Centre’s Agnipath recruitment scheme continued in several parts of the country for the third day on Friday. The protests are carried as the radical scheme to recruit the bulk of soldiers for only four years will hit the professionalism, regimental ethos and fighting spirit of the Army. The protests, which started
in Bihar, have now spread to Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh.

National News agnipath protests

Reasons of Protest?

1. Since last 2 Years due to covid situation in recruitment in the Indian Army, The People who were the 21 Years old in 2020 feels the Agnipath scheme is a missed opportunity for them.

2. Indian Armed forces recruit 60,000 people on an avg per year but since last 2 years all new recruitments are still pending and now the Scheme has changed and here still a Question that “is old Scheme will subsist or not?”

3. People wants better Govt clarification.

4. 25% AGNIVEERS will be retained after 4 years, so the people who are not absorbed by the Armed forces, What about the rest 75%?

5. People missing the job security under AGNIPATH Scheme.

People missing the job security under AGNIPATH Scheme

Special Benefits:

1. AGNIVEER can get bank loans under Special Scheme which can help them for make their better future.

2. Those who are interested in further studies will be provided with proper Certificates.

3. Preference in State Police Force and Central Police Force.

4. AGNIVEERs will be the Assets to the Country and Big Corporate also welcoming the Scheme.

AGNIVEER can get bank loans under Special Scheme

Doubting on AGNIPATH Scheme means doubting on our Armed Forces, there is not any Political Agenda, Scheme is already welcomed by our defense Officials.

No rollback of agnipath scheme

Let’s welcome this revolutionary Change!

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