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In my previous article (Brief on Multi State Co-Operative Society), I provided the brief about multi state co-operative society (MSCS). In this article, we will move a step ahead towards some specific topic. There is an interesting mode of constituting Board of Directors of MSCS. MSCS is required to conduct election for constituting its board of directors who will hold its office till five years.

Broadly, Board may have minimum 2 and maximum 21 directors; board may co-opt 2 directors in addition to 21 directors; functional directors in the national co-operative societies shall form the part of board but excluded in the counting of directors as per first proviso of sub section 3 of section 41 of the Multi State Co-operative Societies Act, 2002. In accordance with provisions of the Constitution (97th Amendment) Act, 2011, there shall be the reservation of one seat for SC/ST and two seats for women in the Board of society.

All the Directors except the Chief Executive, functional directors or co-opted directors shall be elected by the members in the General Body Meeting.

Time Chart of election procedure

Convene Board Meeting at least 60 clear days in advance of the expiration of term of office of board for deciding schedule of General Body meeting and appointment of returning officer (RO) for conducting election process
Send certified resolution copy to Central Registrar intimating schedule of General Body Meeting and appointment of RO
Society will provide RO updated members register atleast 30 days prior to date of General Body Meeting
RO will send intimation to all the members of Society via local delivery/under postal certificate atleast 21 days prior to date of General Body Meeting stating date, time  and place of General Body Meeting
Society will provide notice atleast 14 clear days’ before the commencement of General Body Meeting to its members. Elections to be held at last after discussing all the matters mentioned in agenda of meeting
RO will prepare the list of eligible members( as stood on the date,30days prior to the date fixed for the poll) who can vote; affix the list on notice board of Head Office of Society & branches atleast 15 days prior to date of election
RO will affix election programme on notice board of Society & to be published in local newspaper atleast 15days prior to the date of election
Atleast one day gap-nomination paper to be filed by the members
Scrutiny of nomination paper to be done by the RO
On election day  in General Body Meeting, secret ballot will be done to contest election

Member should carry Id card given by society while giving vote and attendance to be taken.

Section 31 of the act authorise to vote every member except employees of the society (no proxy allowed in voting). If the applicants stands equal to vacancies, RO will declare them to have been duly elected to the board without contesting the election. If applicants are more than the vacancies, RO will conduct poll. RO can appoint as many polling officers as he wants. In case of polling, RO shall show empty ballot box to the person present at that time and lock and affix seal. Further, list of candidates in Alphabetical order in ballot paper; seal of ballot paper with initials of RO at the back of ballot paper to be made. Secrecy is mandatory to be maintained while conducting poll.

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  1. Girish Chudasama says:

    Hello mam, My question is is any limitation of for fighting election. E.g. if some one is director for over 25 years, means 5 tenure. So any limitation for fighting elections.

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