Government of India
Ministry of Commerce and Industry
Department of Commerce
Udyog Bhawan,
New Delhi

Dated the 3rd June , 2009


Subject: Clarification on Lease of space on shift basis in IT/ITES SEZ & Disaster Management/Recovery Centre

Reference has been received as to whether a Developer can lease space in the IT/ITES SEZ on a shift to shift basis.

2. On the basis of examination of the Rules, the following framework is being laid out:

(a) SEZ Developer can lease out space in the IT/ITES SEZ on a shift to shift basis.

(b) Each unit will have some space leased in its name where it will store the goods.

(c) The Developer will enter into contract with each unit for a shift. However, all goods which have been procured by the Unit will be removed by them and kept in the space allocated to them.

(d) The clarificatory amendment in the Rules is being carried out separately. This may be implemented forthwith.

3. A question has also been raised whether Disaster Management /Recovery Centre of foreign companies can be set up in the IT/ITES SEZs. It may be clarified that the same can be set up irrespective of the fact that as to where the centre so set up is manned or not. The payment so received against the service rendered is an export receipt.

(T. Srinidhi)

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