prpri List of forms under Companies Act, 2013 List of forms under Companies Act, 2013

ACS Komal Pansari

Komal PansariThe   provisions  of  Companies  Act,  2013  (Act) require a large number of filings by the

1.  Companies  with  the  Registrar of Companies /Central Government

2. Directors / Auditors / Key Managerial Personnel with  the  concerned  company(ies)  / Registrar of Companies.

The  attached  Article contains a complete list of forms  prescribed  under the Act and related Rules providing  thereby  the purpose of filing, type of form   :   physical  /  e-form  and  the  relevant Section  /  Rule  under  the  Act  from  which the respective filing requirement occurs.

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  1. Namrata Anand says:

    I really appreciate the efforts taken by you, its like bunch of information arranged and presented perfectly.. you also have kept a column for whether it is an e-form or a physical form. Thank you

  2. sharad joshi` says:

    Thank you very much for giving such a amazing information.its make our work more simpler earlier we have to search on google and that make our time waste but this article is very helped full for our office.

  3. Deep Morakhia says:

    Hi Komal,

    Wonderful Work, A one stop solution to the numerous things required to be tracked under the New Act.

    Is it possible that against the forms, it can be plotted whether they are applicable to Private, Public or both.

    This distinction will help the small private companies to a great extent to keep a track what is applicable to them!


  4. Nitish Vyas says:

    Hello Komal

    Hope you are doing great.

    Thanks for updating us with all such informations. And thanks for keeping it short, briefed and understandable for layman as me.

    It is really helpful.

    Keep it up.

    Waiting for more such briefed and understandable updates.

    Regards Nitish

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