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Urja Mahesh KariaWe all have hard days. Those days when we all we can do is just wait. Wait to just get it over with, wait for someone to come along and cry with us feeling our pain, wait for life to just turn around somehow, all we do is keep Hope. It’s the only thing that binds us together, to our being. You will have bad times, everyone does. But they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren’t paying attention to, but which needs your prior attention. ‘Sometimes in life we go down for a reason, we go down to rise back with a new beginning, with new born passion, new dreams which reaches the horizon’.

We go through incidents and accidents which make us wonder where we are in our lives. We go through Heartbreaks, Loneliness, empty pockets. But there’s this thing about empty pockets, they always teach you more than loaded ones. ‘Empty pockets can never stop you. Only empty minds and empty hearts can’. No matter how scary things may seem to be. Don’t question your own existence, you have authority over yourself. If you look closely you will always find light, even in the darkest corners.

If you have stumbling blocks in your life right now,consider yourself very very lucky and blessed. Only when we experience something which is out of our comfort zone, can we change ourselves or the way we do things. Life, if we want it at our best, is always out of our comfort zone, alienating our unwantedhabits. And once we do that we may as well master our life.

Quoting Randy Pausch, the best-selling author of the last lecture, “The Brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something”. So let’s justcrawl over them or as well break them. Do whatever; just don’t let those brick walls confiscate your path.

There always is a plan. For everyone. What about the ones who fell down? Who keep going down? Well they are the luckiest of the lot. The ball which goes down has to go up again. This is how things work. Nothing is constant. Just wait till your ball bounces back. ‘It will touch the sky and taste the air. It has to. And it’s meant to be’ – Don’t be afraid to fall down. The harder you fall, the stronger you get, the stronger you get, the faster you stand up, and then when you are back on your feet, there will no looking down again.

This world is very big. And the worries that we carry with us, all the time, everywhere are too small to even consider. Let the Heart find its way. Let the soul be carried to its destination. Let Miracles happen. Let the love flow.Let yourself go.

As Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi said, “Wound is the place where light enters you”.

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