pri Raising finger on exam evaluations conducted by ICAI- Don’t be disheartened Raising finger on exam evaluations conducted by ICAI- Don’t be disheartened

There have been lot many controversies and chatters around about the system/ protocols that are being followed by India’s premier accounting body i.e. ICAI.

When I personally visualise myself about the issues that have been discussed a lot in this front, I realised that there are some gaps between what is right and what has been understood incorrectly.

Let me explain the same by using the phrase – “Why we are so worried about the start when we know that end would be much harder”……ICAI being the only body to allow someone to practice in the field of accountancy statutorily and for that they conduct some exams/ training which are being approved/ discussed within the prime body and duly deliberated with the stakeholders at large. The exam curriculum and trainings have been designed in such a manner so that selection could be done based on the best performers unlike in any other graduate exams where all could be passed if they were correct in their answers but here it does not work like that.

Many of you might started thinking why it is so?….those who are already crossed/ crossing up the phase from where they started their professional journey and today how far they have reached, they would certainly be agreed that the profession is not something about passing exams and complete the training and become CA and sit relax….no it’s not the end , its just a start of journey which would be challenging and full of struggling and that is the beauty of the profession….High pressure, deadlines, always a target to perform  better to remain relevant, update your skills continuously etc etc no matter even you choose for practice or to go for an employment….it’s kind of highly dedicated profession if one really takes this into its true perspective else either you will be out dated from the profession or you will be legging behind badly from your peers.

So its not just an another course which provide you a JOB or an employment etc and hence it needs from aspirant to sit tight and ready to fly without proper wings to survive…Lot many coaching institutes have started pouring a selective matters to ensure that their student is passed and when it is not done then controversies starts…

My personal submission is that the course itself is not made for any coaching institute which are really doing their work in making fewer creative accountants. Its indeed a self- study course and needs from an aspirant to dive into deep and test his/ her own waters..

Its is about your commitment, your sustainability and eagerness to survive no matter what and believe me this really would be required in the future when one actually passed these exams. Raising fingers about the exam and ruining life of many students perhaps not a correct course of action/ statement…Those who clear up at one go would also have fear/ risk of fail but those candidates are clear in their mind to compete for betterment and do their best which actually should turn out to be better than others and that’s how you make yourself through in these exams. Nonetheless, there is nothing which could stop to a candidate who perform better than its peers and might be a matter of another more 6 month (one extra attempt) and believe me there is no hurry to make yourself so fussy about the clearing these exams, rather try to make your foundation strong and study positively.

If you think and evaluated yourself correctly for this profession, then believe me there is no dearth of thinking negative and surely you will find your way to become successful professional. It not a destination, it’s a journey…

(Author of the article is an experienced professional who tries to put his thoughts openly for the sake of profession and for future aspirants. He can be reached at  or whatsapp 9634706933 )

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  1. Sameer Thakur says:

    i am assuming that you have not seen the paper checking analysis on the you tube otherwise you would not have made such a crap observation which is totally on a different tangent.

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