Q.1 How the CSEET will be conducted? Will it be conducted from Test Centres or from Home?

Ans. CSEET shall be conducted through REMOTE Proctored mode instead of conducting the same from Test Centres. Candidates are allowed to appear for the test through their laptop/desktop from home or such other convenient and isolated place. Candidates shall not be allowed to appear through smart phone (mobile)/ tablet, etc.

FAQs -CS Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) through Remote Proctored Mode

Q.2 Will the Viva Voce be conducted in Remote Proctored Mode as in the case of CSEET conducted from Test Centres?

Ans. No. In view of the Remote Proctored mode, the Viva Voce portion stands removed for the CSEET to be held on 13th November 2021. The computer based MCQ portion of the test forming part of CSEET shall remain the same as per the existing structure of CSEET. All the four papers will carry 50 marks each. Accordingly, Paper-4 will also carry 50 marks in all, which will contain questions on Current Affairs, Presentation & Communication Skills.

Q.3 What is the break-up of marks of each paper in computer-based CSEET in MCQ pattern


The break-up of marks of each paper in computer-based CSEET MCQ pattern with a duration of 120 Minutes shall be as under
S. No. Subject (Four papers in one sitting ) No. of Questions Marks
1. Paper-1 : Business Communication 35 50
2. Paper-2 : Legal Aptitude and Logical Reasoning 35 50
3. Paper-3 : Economic and Business Environment 35 50
4. Paper-4 :

Part-A: Current Affairs (15 Questions)

35 50
Part-B: Presentation & Communication Skills (20 Questions)
Total 140 200

Q.3 If I am able to pass CSEET but NOT passed the 10+2 (Senior Secondary Examination), shall I be eligible to seek registration in Executive Programme Stage?

Ans. No. Passing of Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) is one of the mandatory conditions for all candidates seeking registration to Executive Programme of Company Secretary Course. Candidates seeking registration to Executive Programme should fulfil the following eligibility conditions on the date of seeking registration :

(i) Should have passed the CSEET within one year as on date (Validity of CSEET result will be clearly indicated on the Result- cum-marks Statement); AND

(ii) Should also have passed 10+2 (Senior Secondary Examination) conducted by an examining body constituted by law in India or an examination recognised by the Central Government or State Government or equivalent thereto for the purposes of admission to Bachelor’s degree course. The registration applications of candidates not fulfilling any one of the conditions at the time of seeking registration to Executive Programme of Company Secretary Course shall be summarily rejected without notice.

All candidates appearing in the Company Secretary Executive Entrance Test (CSEET) are advised to take note of the above and the Institute may not be held responsible for any complications at a later stage.

Q.4 If I pass CSEET, what will be validity of CSEET Result?

Ans. The CSEET Result will be valid for a period of one year from the date of declaration of result. After expiry of the validity of CSEET Result, candidates will have to reappear and pass the CSEET if they are desirous for seeking registration to Executive Programme.

Q.5 What original documents I am required to keep handy for appearing in CSEET through Remote Proctored Mode ?

Ans. Candidates should keep with them (i) Admit Card; and (ii) One of the ORIGINAL Photo Identity Card issued by Govt. Departments viz. Passport, Driving Licence, PAN Card, UID Aadhaar Card, Voter Card handy for verification by the Remote Proctors for securing appearance in the Test failing which they shall not be allowed to take the Test. Candidates will not be allowed to keep any other document with them other than Admit Card and original Identity Card.

Q.6 When should I login for the test?

Ans. Candidates are required to login to the Test portal 30 (thirty) minutes before the time specified for the commencement of Test. No candidate shall be allowed to appear in the Test after completion of 15 minutes of the commencement of Test and no candidate shall be permitted to finish the Test until the expiry of 90 minutes of the commencement of the test.

Q.7 Can I finish the Test before completion of the scheduled time of 2 hours?

Ans. No candidate shall be permitted to finish the Test until the expiry of 90 minutes of the commencement of the test.

Q.8 What is the passing criteria?

Ans. Candidates are required to secure a minimum of 40% marks in each part, i.e., Paper-1, Paper-2, Paper-3 and Paper-4 separately as the case may be, and 50% marks in aggregate of all papers put together for passing the Test .

Q.9 Will there be any negative marking?

Ans. There will be no negative marking for wrong answers.

Q.10 When will be the admit cards issued for the CSEET to be held in the month of November 2021

Ans. The admit cards have already been issued and can be downloaded from the website of the Institute.

Q.11 How can students download the admit cards for the CSEET scheduled to be held on 13th November 2021

Ans. To download the admit card, candidates need to enter their Unique ID and date of birth. The link to download admit cards is available at the website of the Institute and a communication has also been sent to the students registered for CSEET.

Q.10 Which are the items that are prohibited during the CSEET ?

Ans. No candidate shall be allowed to keep with him/her any Book, Study Material, Handwritten or Printed Notes, Mobile Phone, Headphone, Earphone, Pager, Digital Diary, Calculator, Blue Tooth device, Laptop, Palmtop, Smart Watch, Health Band or any other electronic device or gadget. Candidates are also not allowed to use Pen/ Pencil and Paper for the Test. No person, other than the bonafide candidate, shall be present for the test. Candidate should not converse to any one during the test or read questions / answers aloud.

Q.11 Can a candidate use sheet / blank paper for rough work during the Test ?

Ans. No paper, note book, etc is allowed during the Test.

Q.12 Kindly inform the technical requirements to be arranged at my end for appearing in the examination?

Candidate has to ensure that following technical requirements are available at his Desktop /Laptop (mobile/ tablet is not allowed) for appearing in CSEET:

1.Operating System – Windows 10 (Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions) OR Windows 8/8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit) (all editions) OR Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) (all editions) Note – Up-to-date Service pack, device drivers, security patches in test taking system

2. Processor: 2 core (4 vCPU) or above with 2.2 GHz or more clock speed.

3. RAM: 2 GB or above

4. Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 and Above

5. Browser – Chrome – Download latest from

6. Web camera: Resolution 640 x 480, 15 frames per second (fps)

7. Microphone: (Standard 3.5 mm jack/internal)

8. Graphics : Minimum of 64 MB of graphics memory (Internal/External)

9. Multimedia support : sound card

10. Internet Connection minimum per user :

    • Upload 1 Mbps
    • Download 1 Mbps.

11. Recommended internet speed per user · Upload 2 Mbps · Download 2 Mbps.

12. Net Framework – v4.5.2 – download from

13. Antivirus – ‘any make’ to be disabled – can be reinstalled post examination

14. Enable web cam and mic under Chrome settings – Extensions

15. Disable ad blocker/pop up blocker under Chrome Extensions

16. Download Any Desk – – this will be helpful for the helpdesk team to take remote access for any support needed to download the above.

17. Candidate to have administrative privileges on the laptop/desktop to enable installation/uninstallations.

18. Uninterrupted power supply to run the system continuously during the test.

Q.13 Shall I be allowed additional time if there are disruptions due to power failure or network related issues during the course of the test?

Ans. Candidates shall be allowed a maximum additional time of 15 Minutes to compensate the time loss if there are disruptions due to power failure or network related issues with the permission of live proctors. It is recommended that the Candidates shall fully charge their laptop or UPS attached to their desktops beforehand

Q.14 What will be the process to be followed before appearing in the CSEET ?

Ans. The candidates appearing in CSEET shall be remotely proctored, from the control room of the Institute, as per details given below:

1. Download and installation of SEB Lite (Safe Exam Browser using the link sent to the candidates through email preferably before the Mock. (SEB Lite shall not be uninstalled till completion of CSEET )

2. Login using the credentials by the candidates as sent to them by email and SMS before the Test.

3. At the beginning of each session, the candidate undergoes an identity verification at 2 levels,

Level 1 : Capture of facial photo. During the Test, the AI tool constantly monitors the picture of the candidate taking the Test with the facial photo captured initially for any mismatch. In case of any mismatch, the system will capture the anomaly and notification to candidate / live proctor is also instantly displayed.

Level 2 : Candidate will need to display Admit Card and Valid ID Proof (PAN / Aadhar / Any other valid Govt. Approved ID) in orginal. Proctor will instruct the candidate to display the Admit Card / ID after the logging in to the Test.

Q.15 I am a person wearing spectacle, but in Admit Card photo is without spectacles. Will there be a problem in taking the Test?

Ans. The facial mismatch is done by capturing the photo live at the commencement of the test and system will capture both the images for record.

Q.16 Which actions of the candidates shall be considered as violation of rules against which Live Proctors are empowered to take action ?

Ans. If candidate is violating any rules during the test or trying to adopt any unfair means, the system will automatically collect data based on the following parameters and will immediately alert the online live proctor :

  • Focus changed to a different window: Candidate tabs out of the test taking window.
  • Browser not supported: Candidate is using an older browser version
  • Webcam is disabled: Candidates web cam is disabled
  • Face is not visible in the camera: Candidate is not focusing on the screen.
  • Several faces in front of the camera: There are other people along with the test taker.
  • Face does not match the profile: Candidate taking the Test is not the same person whose photo was captured in before starting the Test and as per the Admit Card.
  • Microphone muted or its volume is low: Candidate has muted the microphone Conversation or noise in the background: System has captured background noise.
  • Screen activities are not shared: Candidate has stopped screen share activity
  • Second display is used: Additional display like extended monitor has been connected.
  • Full-screen mode is disabled: Candidate has disabled full screen mode

Q. 17 How the Live Proctors shall be controlling the conduct of CSEET?

Ans. There shall be Live proctors. A session that is in progress, shall be watched online :

  • Proctor can chat with a test taker in an active chat session.
  • Proctor can communicate with test taker via microphone (sound only) or the camera (video + sound) modes
  • Session saves photos of the test taker’s face and periodic (every minute) snapshots of the test taker’s webcam and screen
  • Each session is finished either by the test taker, or automatically after the end of the allotted time, or by the proctor. All audio, video, text messages and recorded events are saved in the system and are attached to the session protocol
  • At the end of the session, the proctor leaves a comment (Positive or Negative) depending on the conduct of the test taker during the test taking. If there were no violations during the session, then the proctor makes a positive conclusion and confirms the session.

Q.18 If any candidate wants to chat to live proctor, how to proceed.

Ans. The candidate can wave his/her hand in front of Camera / Webcamera.

Q.19 Where I can contact in case of technical issues before the commencement of the Test ?

Ans. In case of any technical issues during the Test process, candidates can reach out to Help Desk Number 9513850025, 9513765358 to resolve their issues. The helpline number will be operational from 9th November 2021. Please send your technical issues to

Q.20 What will happen if there are disruptions during the course of the Test?

Ans. The issues faced by candidates during the test, viz. No network connection, network disconnection due to Wifi disabled, no internet connectivity, Power cut, etc. In such a scenario, the candidate will be allowed to login again and continue from the last question attempted. Remote proctor shall keep tab on such instances.

Candidates shall be allowed a maximum additional time of 15 Minutes to compensate the time loss if there are disruptions due to power failure or network related issues with the permission of live proctors.

Q.21 Will there be a Mock Test before the CSEET?

Ans. Candidates may attempt a mock test of around 1 hour. Mock test for November 2021 Session is proposed to be held on 9th, November 2021. The mock test will be conducted for candidates to familiarize themselves with the remote proctoring process. Detailed information about appearing in the mock test shall be sent to candidates separately.

Q.22 What is the process to be followed by the candidates after login but before attempting the Test?

Ans. I. Please read through the instructions carefully. In case of any doubt or question about functioning of the Test Window, candidates may seek advice/guidance from the Remote Proctor on duty. No query/ies over phone shall be entertained after the commencement of Test.

II. Each question is followed by four alternative answer marked as A, B, C and D. The candidate shall choose the most appropriate answer to each question and mark the same through click of mouse against the appropriate answer. Chosen answer will be highlighted and will automatically be saved. The questions may be answered in any order within the stipulated time.

III. Candidates can make changes in their answer already chosen/marked by simply clicking the other answer option of their choice at any time before conclusion of Test or before FlicLi(NLQJ L13(1 ’17(‘ Button.

IV. Candidates shall not click “END TEST” button followed by warnings with “PLEASE CONFIRM” button until they have completed all the questions of all sections of the Test and intend for submission of the Test. The Test shall NOT RESTART once “CONFIRM” button is clicked.

V. Countdown clock will start on commencement of Test and the same will be displayed on the top right hand corner of the Test Window for the remaining time available to a candidate for the Test.

VI. During the Test the candidates can use the “Marked fo Review” option by clicking on “Marked for Review” button, if they wish to review or revisit the question later.

VII. In case of restarting / shut down of computer due to technical reasons, immediately report the same to the Proctor on duty. Answers already marked and time of the test will be saved and the candidate will be able to resume the test from the exact point that last appeared before him/her.

Q.23 Shall I be allowed to attempt the questions in any sequence/ order?

Ans. Yes. Students may attempt the questions in any sequence/ order.

Q.24 Kindly let me know the method of taking the test in detail ?

Ans. The navigational instructions shall be as under :

I. Click “Start Test” button below to start the test.

II. Select the correct answer for each question. Then click “Next” button to move to the Next Question.

III. Click on “Previous” button to move to the Previous Question.

IV. You can Bookmark any number of Questions by clicking on “Mark” (for rev ew) button; you can remove the Bookmark by clicking on it again.

V. You can change your response for any question before submitting the test by marking the new response (Radio Button). You can unattempt any quest on by using the “Clear” button to mark the Question unanswered.

VI. Every time you select an option or a particular question, following changes can be seen on Question Panel.• Questions that are Not Visited, are marked in “WHITE” color.• Questions that are Not Answered, are marked in “RED’ color• Questions that are Answered, are marked in “GREEN” color.•

Questions that are Not Answered & Marked for Review, are marked in “ORANGE” col or.• Questions that are Answered & Markedare marked n BLUE” color with a tag

VII. After completion of your est, click “End Test” button to submit the test. End test button will be visible ONLY in the “Last Question”

VIII. Your “Test Summary” will be dsplayed once you click on “End Test”

Q. 25 What are the precautions to be taken by the candidates while attempting the Test?

Ans. 1. The webcam must be installed strictly in front of the system on the top of the monitor, to show your face clearly. Any other forms of camera installation are not permitted and will be liable for necessary actions.

2. The Candidate’s face must be fully framed, and no partial or complete exit from the camera’s field of view is permitted.

3. The candidate’s face should be in the centre of the webcam’s field and eye contact/focus on the screen throughout the duration of the test.

4. Candidate should ensure that his/her face is evenly lit, and there should not be light source behind candidate face.

5. Hair, clothing, hands, or anything else should not cover the face area at any point in time, throughout the test duration.

6. Sunglasses not to be worn during the test. Only transparent
and non-reflecting lenses/glasses are allowed.

7. The Candidate should take the test in solitude and there should not be anyone else in the room apart from the test taker.

8. It is prohibited to leave the workplace during the examination, and such an act may result in termination of the examination, or other actions as deemed appropriate.

9. There should not be voices or noise in the background throughout the duration of the test. Candidate shall not converse to anyone during the test or read question(s) / answer(s) aloud.

10. The exam must be taken in safe exam browser with a full screen window. You cannot switch to other applications (including another Browsers/Browser-Tab) or minimize the browser.

11. All programs e.g. skype, zoom, etc. or applications like MS Teams etc. that use the webcam, mic & screen share should not be used during the test.

12. The materials and contents of the examination should not be recorded in any way.

13. Do not use unfair means during examination like mobile, other app support, using google etc. It can result in disqualification. Read and follow Instructions to the candidates.

14. After completing the exam, please follow the exit sequence to come out from the safe exam browser. Press Alt+Esc key together in sequence to come out from the safe exam browser (SEB). Alt+Esc key shall only be pressed after final
submission of your test.

15. Antivirus should be disabled, uninstall or should allow the web camera and mic to run through chrome browser.

16. SEBLite shall not be uninstalled from your computer / laptop until your examination is over.

Q.26 What will be Login credentials (Login & Password) for Mock Test?

Ans. There will be Generic Login ID and Password for all the students and students can login for the Mock Test as per their batch time.

Q.27 Can I use mobile hot spot for internet?

Ans. Yes, if requisite speed is available. (Min 512 Mb, preferred 1-2 GB). Mobile shall be kept out of your reach during the test.

28 Can I use mobile or Tablet for the Test?

Ans. No. Mobile Phones and Tablets are not allowed. The candidates should use Desktop/ Laptop with requisite specifications.

29 Which are the preferred browsers to be used ?

Ans. Chrome – Download latest from

Q.30 How do we know that my Desktop or Laptop meeting the system requirement for CSEET?

Ans. Mock test is intended to familiarize students to the test environment an also validate the compatibility of the hardware. If a student encounters any technical issue, can contact technical support notified on the email sent to all the candidates and in the admit card (All Working Days from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, excluding Sunday).

Q.31 Can a candidate login before or after Start time?

Ans. Candidates are advised to login 30 minutes before start time to go through Instructions Page. But s/he will be only allowed to start the Test at the exact time of Batch Start Time. Candidates will be not allowed to login after 15 minutes of the Start of the Test

Q.32 What do if c ndid e’s system got crashed or interrupted in between in between the Test?

Ans. After starting the Test, in case a student gets Genuine Disconnection from Server due to Power or Internet failure, in such case he/ she is able to login again after 2-3 minutes, the examination shall be resumed from the Instance of the Time of Disconnection. All his/ her previously attempted answers will remain save and he/ she can resume attempting further.

Note: – Exam will start from the time and Question where it is ended and clock will continue till the prescribed time .

Q.33 What to do if candidate’s system got crashed or interrupted in one device? Can the candidate login from another device?

Ans. Yes, after starting the Test, in case a student gets Genuine Disconnection from Server due to Power or Internet failure, in such case he/ she is able to login again after 2-3 minutes from another device. The server will allow only one device for the Test at a time.

Q.34 Invalid Login ID and Password error reported while logging in?

Ans. Please cross check Login ID and Password, you are entering correct details. Please check the case sensitivity in keyboard and if still facing same issue please call technical support team at the helpline numbers.

Q.35 I am not allowed to start the Test while logging in?

Ans. Check for Internet Connectivity. Please check your Batch Schedule for your respective subjects in Email or Admit card to ensure you are Logging in to correct batch time. If problem still persists, please call technical support team at the helpline numbers.

Q.36 My Test Page shows error message- “Question Paper is downloading” or” Contact Test Center Administrator”. What to do?

Ans. Check for Internet Connectivity. Logout and Login after 2-3 minutes with proper Internet Connectivity. If problem still persists, please call technical support team at the helpline

Q.37 How will we come to know which are the questions left unanswered?

Ans. There will be a panel left side on computer screen showing all the question numbers in different colour which will indicate the questions Answered, left unanswered or marked for review.

Q.38 Can the candidates change their Answers?

Ans. Yes, during the exam any time candidates can change their answers.

Q.39 How to submit the test?

Ans. “END Test” button to end the Test will appear in the last question only. By clicking the end test button candidate can submit the test. The End Test Button will appear only after 90 minutes of commencement of the Test.

Q.40 How to contact ICSI for support and assistance related to the Test?

Ans. A Candidate can register their queries with the ICSI or can also contact helpline number on all working Days, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM excluding Sunday.

Q.41 What are the precautionary measures to be taken for power Failure! Laptop Battery discharge?

Ans. As the test duration is 2 Hours and one should have sufficient power backup! charge in the Laptop! Desktop! etc. to run for 2 hours’ duration. It is advisable to fully charge the UPS/ Battery of Laptop! Desktop etc. well in advance. One should also get such device connected to Power while appearing the Exams, so that there shall not be any failure! disruption of power during test.

Q.42 During the exam, can a candidate take assistance from live proctor, in case of any need ?

Ans. If any candidate is facing any technical issue, only such queries are to be asked from live proctor.

If any candidate is having any issue regarding question paper, such queries are not to be asked from live proctor. Candidates are advised to send such queries! concerns, after the test is over, to Joint Secretary, Directorate of Examinations, ICSI at for consideration.

Q.43 How to contact help desk ! live proctor, if any candidate is facing any issue! problem while appearing in the test ?

Ans. Till the candidate is not logged in, he!she can use phone!mobile to contact helpdesk for resolving the technical queries and assistance for login.

After login and test process has commenced, then candidates cannot use phone! mobile. During the test process, candidates should use only chat box or built-in mic of system to contact the live proctor for any assistance. The candidate can also wave his! her hand before web camera.


Q.44 What should be attire of candidates appearing in test ?

Ans. It should be decent and presentable. Candidates should wear such clothes presuming as if they are physically sitting in Exam center and appearing for the test. Candidates are advised to sit properly and comfortably on table! chair in right posture to appear in test. They should not lie-down on bed or do not sit in awkward positions.

Q.45 What should be setting in the room from where candidate is appearing for the test ?

Ans. Setting of room should be maintained in exam like environment, disciplined and without any disturbances. Surroundings of room should be neat & clean. During the exam, live proctor may ask the candidate to show the 360 degree view of the room.

Q.46 What is 360 degree view ?

Ans. All around rotating the Camera for taking picture ! view of the surrounding of the candidate where he !she is appearing for the Test.

Q.47 At this time, if any candidate does not have microphone for the Test, can he/she use Bluetooth headset?

Ans. No. All Software and Hardware requirements as prescribed are to be arranged well in advance for the Test.

Q.48 Whether drinking water is allowed during the Test

Ans. The Candidates can keep drinking water in transparent bottle during the Test.

Q.49 Is bio break ( use of Toilet) allowed during the Test ?

Ans. The candidates will not be allowed to take bio-break ( use of Toilet) during the test. If any candidate takes any break during the test, will be treated as resorting to unfair means.


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