On a review of the syllabus for the Final Course, the Council has decided to exclude the following topics from the Final Examination to be held in November, 2011 and thereafter:-

Paper 1 Financial Reporting

– Inflation Accounting

Paper 5 Advanced Management Accounting

– Time Series Analysis; and

– Test of Hypothesis.

Students are advised to note the change

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5 responses to “Exclusion of certain topics in the CA Final Examination to be held in November, 2011 and thereafter”

  1. de cette source says:

    In fact, you don’t need to enter all your expenses in detail. Because each business can utilize different accounting procedures, the comparable ratios might give a better picture than what is really on the books. The course can provide you a great help to learn and know more about the different business functions starting from financial reporting to managerial or cost accounting.

  2. hetal thakkar says:

    this is not posted on ICAI site

  3. Ankit says:

    this has been excluded from exams since two term…nthng special about this announcement..

  4. Smriti says:

    Is this on the website yet?

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