CA Ashish Arora 

CA Ashish Arora

With the increase in work load and performance pressure, multi tasking is the only way left to complete the work in limited time frame. Though it has helped us a lot but possibility of making errors has also increased many folds. We work in a field were making error is easy but getting it rectified from government authorities is very difficult and time consuming. So the question arises is how to utilize your limited time so as to reduce errors and increase productivity?

It is not as difficult as is seems. All we need is to replace some habits with better one:

1. Slow Down

In today’s world, slowing down seems like a waste of time. But you will be surprised to find that it will probably not take that much longer time to do a task slowly than if you do it quickly. And you’ll be able to stay present more easily, to focus on each thing you do with greater efficiency.

As you move through your day, try to do task slowly when you can.

2. One Task at a Time

Multitasking causes us to be scattered, to spread ourselves thin, and to rarely enjoy the things we are doing. Multitasking is neither the most effective, nor the most efficient way to work. Multitaskers are more prone to errors and have decreased productivity levels.

Focusing on a single task at any given time will help you become better at anything you do. One task at a time, you do your work with full focus and dedication. You can become more effective at work, but you can also draw benefits in your personal life. Your time alone and with family can become more meaningful. You will be less distracted when reading. Even your meals can become tastier if you mindfully focus on each bite.

Take time each day to make a shorter list of your most important tasks. Focus on just a few things that you really want to accomplish for the day.

3. Take Breaks

It is good to take a lunch break and minimum two fifteen minute breaks throughout the day. Do you take yours?

Most people do not, and as such, they’re not giving their mind a true break from the stresses of the day. Use break time to walk around the building, sit outside, or just close your eyes and meditate. Do whatever you like during these fifteen minutes to clear your head and give your brain a rest. If you really can’t afford a fifteen-minute break in your day, then turn off your mind as you walk to the water cooler or restroom. Give your mind some kind of total break from the workday tasks. To function at peak levels on a consistent basis, regular breaks are essential.

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  1. S.R.N.Rajhendran says:

    Immeasurable Thanks;I find confirmation of what I am doing in my everyday life evolved over a period of years out of experience.Thanking you once again.

  2. CA Mahesh Gupta says:

    Very nice and valuable tips given by CA Mr. Ashish. I also support and follow the same rules. Pls keep it up.
    Those who are not following these rules, it may difficult to follow bur with little practice it may be easier for them to follow and get better results. Best regards

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