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As you all are aware, the ICAI’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) policy requires members to comply with the CPE Hour Requirements. Which includes Structured and Unstructured learning.

Also Read- CPE hours requirement for 2014-16

ICAI: CPE hour compliance date extended to 31.03.2016

In the above context, this is to bring to your attention that even reading of certain specified articles in CA Journal shall be held eligible to gain CPE hours of unstructured learning.

One can claim the CPE hours for Unstructured learning by filing a Self Declaration Form with the ICAI after the end of every calendar year.Current Block for Compliance of CPE Hour is from 01.01.2014 to 31.12.2016. Members who have not filed self deceleration for Calendar Year 2014 file the same now.

Completing CPE hours on time also become important as recently ICAI has imposed penal consequences for non compliance with CPE Hour Requirements which can be checked on link given below :-

Penal provisions for non compliance with CPE Hours requirements for ICAI members

Illustrative format to Claim CPE Credit of 10 Hours P.A. of Unstructured learning for the calender Year Ending on, 31.12.2014 and 31.12.2015


Illustrative format to Claim CPE Credit of 10 Hours P.A. of Unstructured learning for the calendar Year Ending on, 31.12.2011, 31.12.2012 and 31.12.2013 for earlier block of 2011-2013

(Republished with amendments on 15.01.2016 )

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3 responses to “How to get 10 Hours of CPE Credit of unstructured learning for 2014 & 2015”

  1. ghadeihemanta says:

    A member holding COP in the year 2015. How much CPE hours requirement ?

  2. Abuzar says:

    Kindly send the Self Declaration form for claiming unstructured cpe hours to decentralised office of ICAI at email ID with a copy

  3. AMTI MEHTA says:



  4. SRINIVAS says:

    Declaration form for claiming FREE 10 hours CPE of ICAI is requested hereby.

  5. Vallabhdas Raichura says:

    What are the CPE hours requirements for 2014-16 period for the ICAI members over 65 years of age. All the websites yield no information on this subject.

    Please guide at the earliest.

    January 30, 2014

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