pri DSC Token not appearing (Select your USB Token Certificate List) -RESOLVED DSC Token not appearing (Select your USB Token Certificate List) -RESOLVED

You certainly lose your spirit after spending a long time to prepare a return just to see, or to say more aptly ‘not to see’ the DSC users name in the utility for signing the document. Then you conclude that somehow your PC does not support the facility to sign using a DSC. This just puts an additional work to borrow another PC each time you need to digitally sign a document. Here I am sharing a tip that just completely eliminated the issue.

The tip I referred is a really short one; Making sure you have installed the specific DSC Token Tool and the same is OPEN while inserting the DSC.

  • Few examples for the Token tool I mentioned are Proxkey, ePass2003, emSigner. The first time you insert the DSC, your PC will automatically ask to install the Tool or else you can always install by clicking autorun on the pendrive (disc) thorough Windows Explorer.
  • The next step to make sure before connecting the DSC is to keep the specific Tool, you installed above, OPEN (I am not sure about whether using a Tool other than the default one will make it work or not). The Tool will notify when you insert a DSC and also display details such as Name, expiry date, etc. of the DSC Token within the Tool.

Once both of the above points are ensured, you are ready to go. You are now ready to use the Income tax Department’s DSC Utility or the emSigner for GST or such other signing utility; And from my limited experience this is a failproof plan. Hope this article was of use to you and do let know any mistakes or better solutions through comments.


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  1. M.Vishwanadham says:

    When tried to sign using my DSC , the system says insert DSC in the USB port and proceed further. Already my DSC was inserted in the USB

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