The Branch Manager
SUB: Statutory Audit of Your Branch for the Year 2020-21

Ref:- ****************, Dated: ******

Respected sir

You are Aware that we have been appointed as statutory Branch auditors of your Branch for the year 2020-21 Vide your letter No *************** Dated: **********

We are sure you will keep all the branch return mentioned in your H.O. circulars ready for audit soon after the closure of accounts as on 31st march,2021

In order to complete the audit furnish the report within the stipulated time limit, your whole-hearted co-operation in solicited

We therefore request you to kindly keep the following records/information /clarification ready and make the same available to our audit team on their visit to your branch

1. Balance sheet & Profit & Loss a/c as on 31st March, 2021

2. Internal Inspection Report for the year 2020-21

3. Statutory Audit Report for the year 2019-20

4. Concurrent Audit Report for the Year 2020-21 (if any)

5. Revenue Audit Report for the Year 2020-21

6. RBI Inspection report(Copy of vigilance enquiry or any special investigation reports)

7. Details of Suspense account with Reconciliation statement (year wise)

8. Copy of all latest returns filed by Branch for irregularities regarding advances and others

9. List of new sanction loan made during the year.

10. List of Bank Guarantee and LC up to 31st march,2021

11. List of accounts upgraded during the financial year.

12. List of accounts downgraded during the year.

13. List of early mortality cases for the year under audit.

14. Cash retention Limit of Branch

15. Manual Daily cash registered from 1st April,2020 to 31st March,2021

16. Bank Balance confirmation as on 31st march,2021 for all the Bank account held by the branch

17. Certificate of Physical verification of fixed assets for the year ended

18. Certificate regarding contingent liabilities as on 31st march,2021

19. Certificate of physical certification of security items as on 31st march,2021 and certifying difference if any between book balance and actual balance on physical verification

20. Statement of advances showing the classification –facility wise , security wise and as per prudential norms with the classification into standard , sub- standard Doubtful and loss assets

21. Account wise Details of Overdue/Matured Term Deposit Involving amount therein

22. Confirmation required of Debit and Credit of RBI other Bank

23. Details of quick Morality account during the relevant period 2020-21

24. Details of TOP Five Standard Large Advances (File Required)

25. List of top borrowers accounts accounting for 2% of the advances of the branch or Rs. 40 Lakh whichever is lower, covering at least 60% of advances of the branch.

26. List of Potential NPA Accounts – For quarter ending December.

27. Details of loan accounts restructured during the year.

28. Details of advances which are pending renewal for more than 3 months.

29. Details of advance accounts wherein stock statements are not received for 3 months.(I.e DP Register and Cross Verification with CBS )

30. Calculate DP as per Data available with branch in following format

S.No. Name of Party Account No Sanction Limit DP Calculate by Branch DP Calculate by SBA

31. List of NPA accounts wherein the valuation reports are older than 3 years.

32. List of non-corporate entities (Indiviual/HUF/AOP) with working capital limits in excess of Rs. 10 lakhs.

33. List of borrowers accounts which underwent CDR during the year.

34. List of recoveries in NPA accounts and appropriation thereof.

35. Details of legal expenses incurred and accounting in the books.

36. Details for furnishing various certificates by branch in Mannual

37. Due Diligence report – certificate required

38. Details of Red-Flagged Account

39. Details of NRI Account (nostro account) provide audit trail from CBS of all FCNR(B) deposits automatic renewed during the year. Further keep ready the evidence obtained from depositor for having satisfied that depositor is non resident.

40. Abridged Balance sheet as on 31-03-2021

41. Provide Audit Trail from CBS relating to inoperative accounts activated during the year under audit

42. Provide the list of saving accounts where in minimum balance has not been maintained by the depositor at year end, Keep ready the record of communication with depositor

43. Provide the list of exception report which are being generated by branch as per bank policy daily/ periodically

44. Keep ready the documents /files relating to legal cases filed against the bank by others.

We look forward to your co-operation in the matter

Thanking You

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