If you want to check Your details regarding articleship (completion of articleship and information relation to transfer during period of articleship) as per ICAI records then you can check the same by clicking on the following link and replacing the text- NRO123456 at the end of link with your own student Registration Number :-

♠ Click

♠ Replace NRO123456 with your student’s registration number

i.e. if someone is having registration Number WRO498212

He has to replace the NRO123456 in above with the text WRO498212

♠  Click the link again after replacement, which will look like as follows after replacement WRO498212

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204 responses to “Check online Articleship Status with ICAI”

  1. Mohit tailor says:

    Sir i submitted my articleship registration form 103. I received registration letter but registration is not possible due to a reason that the correspondence address and communication address are in different cities so whawhat document should be send and the amount is again send or not.

  2. paramananda routray says:

    sir i hv deposit my ca articleship completion form 108 sep2015 but i stil not recv my completion letter till now

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