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Withdrawal from Provident Fund before Completion of 5 years taxable?

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Withdrawal from Provident Fund (PF) Account before Completion of Five years taxable?

Withdrawal of Provident Fund may attract Income Tax. The Income Tax Department recently told EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organisation) to deduct Tax (TDS) from the withdrawal amount, if the withdrawal happened before completing five years of subscription. Tax officials have cited a rule in the 1961 Income-Tax Act that taxes PF withdrawals by employees before completing five years of contributions into the EPF is taxable.

In most cases, the accumulated PF balance is withdrawn at the time of retirement, and therefore, not taxable in the hands of the individual. However, in certain cases like change in employment, an individual may even withdraw the PF balance earlier. The point one needs to remember is that the amount received from such PF is not exempt from tax in all cases. Only under the circumstances listed below will the amount withdrawn from PF be eligible for such exemption from tax.

  • If the employee has rendered continuous service with the employer for five years or more. Again, if the balance includes amount transferred from the individual’s PF account maintained by previous employer(s), then the years of continuous service rendered to the former employer(s) would be included for the purpose of computing the five-year period.
  • If the employee has not rendered continuous service of five years, but the service is terminated by reason of the employee’s ill health or discontinuance of the employer’s business or reasons beyond the control of the employee, the amount will be tax-exempt.
  • Another tax-exempt case is when, on the cessation of the employment, the employee finds another job and the the accumulated PF balance is transferred to his individual PF account maintained by the new employer.

In short, where the PF amount is withdrawn before five years of continuous service, it may be taxable in the hands of the individual as if the fund was not recognised from the start of the contributions. In such a case, payment received by the individual in respect of the employer’s contribution along with the interest accrual thereon is taxed as “salary”. Interest on the employee’s contribution is taxable as “other income”. Payment received in respect of the employee’s own contribution is exempt from tax (to the extent not claimed as a deduction earlier).


I-T provisions provide that the trustees of a recognised PF or any person authorised by the regulations of the fund to make the payment of the accumulated balance to the employee should deduct tax at source while paying the amount. Further, the person liable to deduct tax has to issue the certificate of tax deducted at source (Form 16) within the specified time frame to the employee depicting the details of taxes withheld from the accumulated PF balance and also comply with other salary-related compliance necessities. So the next time you think of withdrawing your PF, you must as an individual also assess whether the same is taxable or exempt.


I worked with a private company for four and years and nine months. I have given a provident fund (PF) withdrawal request to my ex-employer. Will the PF amount be taxable?

We understand that the PF maintained by your former employer was a recognized PF. As per the provisions in the Income-tax Act, if the employee has rendered continuous service with his employer for five years or more, then the withdrawal of accumulated balance from such PF is not taxable at the time of termination.

Since the period of your services with the ex-employer is four and a half years which is less than five years, you shall be liable to tax on the amount withdrawn from your PF. In addition to the normal tax payable by you, you will be required to pay all the tax concessions availed by you so far on account of contribution to such recognized PF. Further, the total employer’s contribution plus interest thereon, which was not taxed earlier, shall be taxable as profits in lieu of salary.

However, if the accumulated balance in your PF account is transferred to your recognized PF account maintained by the new employer, no tax liability shall arise due to such transfer.

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  • Janaki

    I had worked in an organization form July 2010 to August 2013. Then I have taken break for almost 2 yrs. I rejoined in another firm on 2015.

    I have not withdrawn the PF from my previous company. If I withdraw PF now, will that be taxable?
    Please reply.

  • sandeep

    Sir m working in hotel and its been more than 4 years and i will be completing 5yers by june this year i need to withdraw some amount from my pf account which is around 15000 only do i hve to pay tax on it as m not withdrawing the whole amount . Plz reply as i will wait for your precious reply . Thank you

  • Srithi Baid

    Hi, I have worked in a private organization from from Oct, 2012 to May, 2015 and have taken break till January, 2016 and joined a new organization in January, 2016. Can I still transfer my pf account and will my pf amount can be tax exemptable still?

  • Shubham Pandey

    I had worked for a Central Govt. PSU for 1.5 years. Now I have switched to Central Government job where there is no PF since employees joining after 2004 are contributing in NPS. So I cant get it transferred here. Also, I have not completed 5 years of continuous service. Will I have to pay tax if I withdraw it or it may be exempt under the clause of reasons beyond the control of employees. Please reply.

  • K S


    I have been emplyeed with an organisation from April 2011 now I have resigned and I will be relived by march 2016. In this case If I transfer the funds to PF account with new employer and withdraw it in May 2016 (Since 5 years completed with 1st employer). Will it be possible and not taxable on my part.

  • Hussain


    I want to WITHDRAW my 8 Years PF amount as I am unemployed from 2 months.
    If I raise withdraw request, then will I get 100% of PF amount OR only 75% now and 25% later after 58 year???

    News as on July 2015: Government plans to cap premature withdrawal of PF money at 75% of total amount
    Is the above rule is in implementation??

    On withdraw request, Now will we get 100% of PF amount or only 75%???


  • Nailesh Soni

    Dear Sir,

    I am doing job since 2.6 yrs in this company but i need money so i will withdraw my PF balance or not??

    Please guide me…



  • balaji

    Our company maintained PF in trust since inception (2006-2011 June). From July 2011 the amount was transferred to EPFO and thereafter It got deposited with EPFO only.
    I have completed 9 yrs service in the same company and still continuing. Now I want to withdraw amount from EPFO for purchasing of house (based on the rule that I have completed 5 yrs of continued service). When enquired in EPFO by personally visiting the officer, he said I can apply as I have completed 5 yrs.

    But my company HR gave an info that we can withdraw only after 5 yrs of completion from the month of transfer to the EPFO , i.e – from July 2011 – July 2016.
    The EPFO officer who is so much experienced also didn’t say about this when we told him that it was earlier under trust and now with EPFO

    Is this true? Pls guide with the facts.

    U can drop your reply to my email pkbalaji@gmail.com

    Thanks in advance

  • Don


    I completed my service at a firm in India on Sep 1st 2015, after completing almost 4.5 years of service. I complete 5 years in Apr 2016.

    I have now moved outside the country and gainfully employed.

    Should I wait to complete 5 years ie make a claim on the PF post April 2016 to avoid taxation?

    No additional employer contribution will be made in India, however I would have completed 5 yrs of money with PF accounts.

    Kindly advise

  • jitendrasingh

    i have worked in one organisation for 4 years, 11 month and 20 days (only 10 days less for completing 5 years)

    if i am withdrawing the PF whether it is taxable or not?

    If taxable how much taxable ?


  • srinivasan

    Dear Sir,
    I have worked in one org for 5yrs and 3 months and after one year i have transferred to other organization, Can i now withdraw for purchasing a plot or construction purpose.

    Kindly advise..


  • Sakshi behl

    Is it same for coal mines provident fund? if some has withdrawan coal mines provident fund before five years and has resigned?


    Whether GPF contribution made by Government employees is eligible for deduction while calculating Income tax? If yes, whether any terms and conditions are there?


    I left the job in Aug 16th 2015 and it will be 5 years in Nov 15th .can I wait till 15th Nov and withdraw my EPF amount so that it will be tax free.Please advice.




    I am working in a institution above 33 years. My query is if i am withdraw rupees three lakhs from my PF account whether it is taxable or not?


  • Shiva

    I have company PF and SA accumulated for about 12years with the company in india and then I was transferred abroad and become localized employee of the company with local salary. I am not contributing nor employee is contributing. My PF and SA is still in company’s PF. Since I am NRI with no income in India, I am not filing any tax return in India. If I withdraw PF and SA in India will I have to file tax return in India. My company confirmed that they will not do any TDS.

  • leo

    I resigned my job on 2014 nov. from previous company (total service is 4.5 years only).

    In my PF, ECPF, and VPF (voluntary provident fund)all accoumulated around 7 Lakhs (i saved more money in vpf).

    Now i approached for PF final settlement to my previous company. but they asking form 15G. upto 2015 march, i paid tax for the account transaction from (April 2014 to 2015 march

    Two month back i joined in abroad. so as a NRI holder cannot get form 15G.

    In my case how much tax they will detect, Detection will be on full final settlement amount or only in interest? or only in PF and ECPF?

    IS there tax detectionj on VPF amount also?

    That final whole detected tax amount can i refund from IT department? how much % in tax for 7Lakhs?

    • Jaidev

      Firstly, very useful article but lil confusing too. I could see flood of queries here but no answers given by the writer or Taxguru portal. So its just 1-Way talk sans any response. very discouraging. I have a question too but then no point of writing here.. alas!

  • Suman Chakraborty

    I’m a school teacher in a govt aided school in West Bengal. I joined my job on 23.08.11. But my head of the institution started my GPF from March of 2013. Due to his ignorance, he insisted that it should be started in the new financial year 2013 not in September 2012. What kind problems may occur due to this and how can this be resolved.Please help.

  • Anonymous

    Is PF withdrawal double table.

    I have served in X company from Aug2010 to Mar2014, and then while moving to the new company I have opted for PF withdrawal. Then I joined new company April 2015.
    I have got the PF settlement from my previous company tax deducted as below in August 2015

    Income tax payable for FY 2009 – 2010 —————> 0
    Income tax payable for FY 2010 – 2011 —————> 3892.00
    Income tax payable for FY 2011 – 2012 —————> 5678.00
    Income tax payable for FY 2012 – 2013 —————> 6405.00
    Income tax payable for FY 2013 – 2014 —————> 7296.00
    Total————-> 23271.00

    And now when I am filing my IT returns for FY 2014 – 2015, Should I again add the PF settlement to my current Taxable salary? If so I will be paying income tax for same money 2 times. Point to be noted here is the Tax has been already deducted for PF settlement amount.

    Some of the people suggested that I have to include the complete PF settlement amount and pay the tax with respect to tax slab.

    In my earlier company I was in 10%(2.5 to 5lakhs) slab

    Now I am in 20%(5 to 10lakhs) slab, so adding my PF settlement amount is taking me into 30% slab, and the tax payable is coming to 63,000.

    If this is true then the below is the my statement reg it.
    I have withdrawn PF settlement of 262324, and tax payed by previous employer is 23271 and got a cheque of 239053, not I include it my IT returns it says I have to pay 63000 more tax.

    So on withdrawal of 262324, I am going to pay 23271 + 63000 = 86271.
    More than 30%.

    Can anyone solve this?

  • http://taxguru.in ravi manocha

    Dear Writer

    I have withdrawn one of my PF amount from my 2004 PF account which is not linked to my current account. This PF was active from 2004 to 2005.

    My employer has deducted the TDS @ 10%. I have to file my ITR now. I want to know do i need to take the PF amount under salaries, if yes it will be further taxable for balance 20% (as per my Tax slabs), if not then I am getting the refund of 10% TDS deducted.

    Please advise.






  • Guru

    I have received the PF amount in 2015 april for my previous employment period 2013 ~ 2014. In 2013 end I switched company and for the financial year 2014 ~ 2015 I have settled the tax for income. But when I tried to efile the returns I was able to find the previous pf amount being shown as an income and also the tax deducted from source for it. I also received the form16 document from my previous employer for the pf amount and the tax had already been deducted and credited the remaining account. Now I need to know if I need to include this pf amount into my income for 2014 ~ 2015 and pay the difference. But the difference amount is huge.


    I left my job where i was EPF, i worked there for 2 years. Again i joined a new organisation within 15 days where CPF is applicable. Can i transfer my all EPF balance to CPF Account ? If No then is it attract tds while withdrawing epf balance money as i left job before 5 years? what is the procedure for withdrawl of epf money?

    Waiting for your valuable advice.
    its very urgent.

  • Dikshit

    I had withdraw ed my PF from previous company ( where i worked for 2 years). They had already deducted 10% as TDS from the total amount. Do i still need to add the amount that i received under my taxable income from my current company as the earlier company had already deducted the TDS


    Still i am working in job i have some problems how to withdrawl my present pf amount


    Sir i am working in private instuite how to withdrawl my pf amount

  • dhana

    I was working with an organisation for three and half years .Three months back I got no know that I am pregnant and it is a critical one.So have to leave the job.
    Now if I wants to withdraw the PF amount ,it will be taxable? Or it will be considered as ill health ? Do I need to give any proofs for this?

  • P S Padhee

    Hi. I have been working with my present company for 2 years. Prior to this, I had 4 years of work experience. The old PF is yet to be transferred to my new company’s PF account. I want to withdraw my PF(the old account by definition has completed 5 years in operation). I have the following queries:
    1. Is withdrawal from old account while I am still working legal
    2. If no, then can I transfer the same to existing company, and then withdraw citing the reason(in my case, buying a house)

  • Dave


    I have worked at an academic institute for about 3 years and changed the job. My previous employer had CPF whereas my new employer follows New Pension Scheme. Is is possible to transfer my PF money to NPS as it is or I need to withdraw the amount and have to pay tax. Further, I am having my PPF account so is it possible to transfer CPF money to PPF? Please advise.


  • Dipeshwar

    I transferred my PF account from Employer 1 to Employer 2 when I moved companies. I had worked at Employer 1 for two years and at Employer 2 for four years. When issuing a cheque for my PF withdrawal request, Employer 2 erroneously deducted tax, since they forgot to check that the account had been funded for more than 5 years. Now, they are asking me to claim the excess tax in my return.

    The problem is that I do not reside in India, do not have any income here and hence, do not file a tax return. What other options are available to me? Is the company liable in this case to give me the tax amount, since they made the mistake? Please advise. Thank you.

  • ramadevi

    If a person renders service for 4 years and 6 months; but does not withdraw the PF immediatley; he withdraws after another one year (total time in PF 5 years and 6 months), will such withdrawl be taxable (as he is withdrawing after 5 years)?

    If yes, Will it be taxable if he withdraws after attaining 60 years age, which is another 6 years away.

  • manish ranjan

    dear sir

    i have left the company(psu) after 2 year of working i withdrawn the pf of my service 2012-2014. is this amount taxable i this financial year 2015-16

  • kakoli

    I have been working in an autonomous state govt organisation in contractual mode , which was for 5 years. But the authority terminates me after completion of 4 years . I want to withdraw my PF. Do I need signature of the higher authority for withdrawal of my PF or with my termination letter , can I apply in PF department for complete withdrawal of my money?.


  • Lavanya

    I resigned from Axis Bank and getting relieved in 10 days. I have total service of 4yrs 8months. I applied for PF withdrawl.
    As m service is less than 5 yrs, PF amt is subject to TDS.
    As Im not taking any job, im eligible to submit 15G.
    My doubt is to whom I have to submit 15G?
    When I enquired with our bank PF Trust,they saying we have a separate Trust for PF, so you can not submit 15G.

    Kindly clarify and help me how to avoid TDS on PF

  • Anish Chacko


    I worked for 3 yrs in an MNC and joined another company at which I worked for 4 years and 6 months now. I had done by PF transfer from my first company to the one which I am working at present.
    So altogether I worked for 7 years and 6 months without withdrawal of PF amount.

    If I resign from the present company and apply for PF withdrawal, will I be taxed ?
    Please let me know.

  • Vinay satpute

    Dear Sir
    I am resign from my previous co on 15 march 2015 & fill Pf withdraw form on same date
    At that time this rule is not enforce
    I am not received my pf amount till date
    It may be received in next mont, Is they deduct Tds on my pf amount

  • Umair Malik


    I have worked in a central PSU for 4 years 11 months and 03 days to join another central PSU. I have not withdrawn the PF till date which make my PF account more than 5 years. If, I withdraw my PF now, the amount will be taxable or not. Kindly help.

  • Sanjay

    Dear Sir, I worked for an MNC organization for for yrs. after leaving my job I did not applied for my PF withdrawal and left my PF account dormant for 1 year so that it could complete 5 yrs.Now It has completed 5 yrs (4 yrs job + 1 year dormant). My question is if I withdraw my PF tax will be deducted or it will be tax free as I’m withdrawing after fiver yrs of pf subscription date.

  • Abraham Kurien

    I joined a private company 4 months after retiring at the age of 60 years from my PSU employer.The appointment was “will retire from the services of the company on completion of 65 years ” and accordingly PF was deducted along with the equal contribution from the company deposited in my account.I will therefore retire from the services of the company after completing only 4 years and 8 months in service (less than 5years). My queries are as follows
    (1)Will TDS be deductible on receipt of payment from PF and will I have to pay income tax on this amount ? (2)Can I leave it in the PF account and seek refund after completing 5 years only to circumvent the relavant tax rules.?

  • Raman Vig

    Dear Sir,

    After a service of 4 years and i have withdrawn all the PF balance and left the job for higher studies. Withdrawal PF is taxed at the @ of 10 % as a TDS. I have total take home salary including PF is 4 Lacs in FY 15, Can i claim refund of TAX while filing the return.

    Raman vig

  • Suresh Bangera

    Hi Sir,

    I have worked with a company for 4 years and 4 months from Jul-2010 To Oct-2014, now I am working for another company where I am not deducting my EPF. I am in need of money for medical treatment of my mother. If I submit my EPF withdrawal form in the month of Aug-2015 will it be taxable & TDS on same is applicable or not ?.

    Waiting for your advise,

    Thank you,
    – See more at: http://taxguru.in/income-tax/withdrawal-provident-fund-account-completion-years-maturity-taxable.html#sthash.JLwgxxkT.dpuf


    Respected Sir,

    I am working in a private organization and both employer’s as well as employee’s share gets deducted from my CTC. Duration of service rendered is two years. Now there are two scenarios :

    First, if due to some reasons if company asks me to resign and then if I surrender my p/f, would it be taxable and how much ?

    In second scenario, if I resign on the grounds to start my own business and then surrender my p/f, would it be taxable and how much ?

    Waiting for your reply which can also be sent directly to my email id which is daljit31@rediffmail.com

    Warm regards,


  • Arjun

    I worked for 28 months with the first company and 15 months with the second company. I got the balance accumulated in the PF account of the first company transferred to the second company’s account. Now though I have joined the Govt. of India and have been working there for 30 months. If I want to withdraw my PF money would tax be deducted.

  • Darshan

    Hi Sir,

    I have worked with a company for almost 3 years and 9 months, now I am planning for my higher studies and hence I cannot contribute for the EPF now on. So as per the rules if I withdraw my PF before 5 years of continues work TDS is applicable but my question is, can I continue my PF account for the rest 1.3 years without paying the PF amount every month and withdraw the balance amount once 5 years is reached so that TDS will not be applied??

    Waiting for your advise,

    Thank you,



    I am working in a company from 2007 onwards. I want to withdraw PF for my marriage. Can I do so and what is the procedure for that? Also what will be the taxability of such removal?

  • Narayanan Kutty


    I have completed 5 yrs of continuous service but my PF subscription commenced from the succeeding month of joining. For eg I joined 15 jun and subscription commenced from Jul. Would the period be computed from date of joining or from subscription month for calculating 5 yrs?


  • pinky

    I worked with an organization july 2011 to sept 2014.since i have not withdraw my PF and its almost 3 years 3 months. if i withdraw my PF now TDS will deduct or not.or if i withdraw my pf after july 2016 than also TDS will applicable. pls suggest me so that i can withraw my pf amount as early as possible.


    I have worked in company for 2years after that i have resigned and i have applied pf withdraw on march 2015. I got pf amount 30149/- only .
    But as per employee and employer 780+780 deducted for 22 months.and 2 months 1210+1210 deducted as per new pf circular.
    So i suppose to get 39000/- But i got 30149/-
    I want clarity at wt type of deductions done.


  • Abhishek Sharma

    i have worked with company for four years, but now i want to withdraw PF, is some tax will be deducted?

  • Anju


    I worked at a company for 3 years (2008-2011) and then changed. I withdrew my PF in 2014 December which was 6 years after the PF account was created. Does this attract income tax? And how much do I have to pay as tax?


  • Bhadran

    i worked in a PSU for 4 years and seven months . . Now i changed my job and joined in Government Service where there is GPF . i am planning to close my EPF account since there is no provision to transfer the amount to GPF . If i close my EPF account after 5 years , is the amount taxable ?.

  • vikas

    I worked with an organization march 2011 to Nov 2013.since i have not withdraw my PF and its almost 4 years 4 months. if i withdraw my PF now TDS will deduct or not.or i i withdraw my pf after march 2016 than also TDS will applicable.

  • pooran negi

    pls need your sugggstion
    i worked my last company 2006-2007
    i not still not withrow pf amount
    but one year befor when when i apply for pf they i not get it
    at pf site when i check it its status not showing.
    what shoud i do.


    Dear Sir,

    I have worked in a company for 17 years and resigned in the year 2006.Now, I am getting some pension from my old PF Account.

    After a gap of 4 years, I have again joined my old company with a new PF Account Number and worked for 4 years and 3 months (Less than 5 years) and resigned.

    Please clarify whether now I can claim the full balance standing in my new PF Account without any connection with pension I am getting from my Old PF account.

    Please reply immediately with case laws in this regard if any since the matter is VERY VERY URGENT.

    Hope you wil do the needful.

    Thanks with regards


  • Ratan Mani

    If I left my service after completion of 4 Year of service and I withdraw my PF after 1.5 Year of left service (total Period from joining the service to Withdrawal of PF is 5.5Years)in this case the PF will be Taxable or Tax Free.
    Please clarify me.

  • Lokesh Garg

    Dear all,

    you may message us personally at garglokesh92@yahoo.in

    We will provide solutions as soon as possible.

    Regards !

    Excel Consultants Team !

  • manu

    I have a question?
    I am working for an x company and after 9 months i was on bench(loss of pay). after 1 year i am changing company(got job). does this lop has any effect on my PF as well as my experience letter. could you clarify this?

  • Jagadeesh

    I work for a company for 26 months and then moved to a new employer who happen to be Wipro. I came to know that Wipro EPF is not maintained by Government EPF organization, instead it is operated by their own trust. Also, I came to know that transfers from Government EPF to Wipro EPF would be painful and has to go through lots of delays and document obligations. Is this true? Is withdrawal is the best option for me?

  • Sumit

    I have a quick Qs.

    1. Is adhar number needed for any PF withdrawals?
    2. I have to withdraw PF’s from my previous employers whom I have left in 2005-2008, 2008-2010 & 2010-2013. Can you help me relaying the correct procedure please.

    Best regards,

  • sachin


    Please help me with this query.I was working with a company for three years and ten months.Now I have filed a request to withdraw my PF.Can you plae explain how much of tax will be deducted and from where I will get details about the amount deducted.

  • Surya

    Dear Anjali,
    Tell your company HR to attach correction in name letter on company letter head and mention the names in the company record,Pf record and bank record and correction in name should be as per your bank records.

  • Anjali

    I was working with a company 3 years 3 months & then i left the company. i filled the form to withrawal my PF .since from 1 yrs i didn’t received my pf. & contentiously getting the same online status.

    STATUS for Member ID: KRKCH00218900000000434

    Claim ID : KRKCH150200012893
    Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (KRKCH00218900000000434) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim.

    Claim ID : KRKCH150200012900
    Status : Claim Form 19 for PF Settlement AGAINST Member Account No (KRKCH00218900000000434) has been rejected. Rejection letter is under dispatch/ dispatched to address in your claim form.

    Reason of rejection: The reason of rejection is not available in database. You may please contact RO/SRO KOCHI for further details

    * * Data available since last six months. * *
    * * KOCHI data availaible from 11-11-2014. Last updated on 11-05-2015 at 08:31 am * *
    * * Approval Details on PPO and Scheme Certificates will be made available soon.. * *

    i spoke with my company HR and she asked me to send my 10th markehseet , as she has made mistake on my name and thats the reason its got rejected. i have already sent one months back. could you help me to understand when i will received my Pf. please help me

    Thank you

  • Bhiutras Meher


    Can any one help me to understand this below transaction online PF transfer status.
    And how much time it still take to transfer this transfer amount.

    I got the message from EPFO on 03/09/2014 saying that:-
    “Member ID: DSNHP00174920000006780-112 PF Claim ID: NHP140750001400 Settled Amount: Rs XXXXX.00 Sent to A/c No.: 30100649549 (IFSC Code SBIN0001122)-EPFO”

    Sr No Member Name Previous Account No. Current Account Status of Claim Employer Printable Form 13
    1 BHIUTRAS MEHER DSNHP00174920000006780 WBCAL00403940000000600 02 July 2014 Claim Form Submitted .
    17 July 2014 Claim Form Approved by Previous Employer .
    Current Status :Your request is In Transit between EPFO Out and In Office. Details

    When it will be credited to my PF account.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Bhaskar Iyer

    i have resigned by job in January and iam expecting my settlement
    whether I will get both my pf and epf settlement, if yes when I will get the same

  • Brajesh Pandey


    It is almost 3 years and 6 months Since I left my exempolyer now I want to withdrow my PF amount.
    Kindly suggest how can I proceed?

    Kind regards,

  • Shradha

    Hi, I have completed 5years as PF member(with two organizations), but due to some reason the PF from my first organization was not transferred to my second organization and when I withdrew the PF from my First organization tax has been deducted, can you please suggest how can I claim it!

  • k r sharma

    I have completed nearly 4 years in a foundation. Now I want to withdraw Pf. is it possible? how much of Pf i can wirthdraw?

  • Srinivasan

    I have completed my 60 years on 16th Arpil of this year. Employer wants me to contiune for few months. I have completed only 4 years and I dont think I will be able to contiune for one more year due to personal committments plus due to health condition. Unfortunately cluse 41 of the finance bill wants the trustee of PF to deduct TDS if 5 years are not completed plus the specific case DOES NOT FALL UNDER RULE 8A OF SCHEDULE IVA. Rule 8 A exempts if the discountenance, is due to circumstances beyond the control of employee. Retirement due to completion of 60 years will tantamount to circumstances beyond the control of the employee and exempt under Rule 8A?

    Note On Relevant Clauses of Finance Bill 2015
    Clause 41 of the Bill seeks to insert a new section 192A in the Income-tax Act relating to payment of accumulated balance due to an employee.
    It is proposed to insert a new section 192A so as to provide that notwithstanding anything contained in any other provisions of this Act, the trustees of the Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme, 1952 framed under section 5 of the Employees’ Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952, or any person authorised under the scheme to make payment of accumulated balance due to employees, shall, in a case where the accumulated balance due to an employee participating in a recognised provident fund is includible in his total income owing to the provisions of rule 8 of Part A of the Fourth Schedule not being applicable, at the time of payment of accumulated balance due to the employee, deduct income-tax thereon at the rate of ten per cent.
    It is further proposed to provide that no deduction under the aforesaid section shall be made where the amount of such payment or, as the case may be, the aggregate amount of such payment to the payee is less than thirty thousand rupees.
    It is further proposed to provide that any person entitled to receive any amount on which tax is deductible under this section shall furnish his Permanent Account Number to the person responsible for deducting such tax, failing which tax shall be deducted at the maximum marginal rate.
    This amendment will take effect from 1st June, 2015.
    Clause 49 of the Bill seeks to amend section 197A of the Income-tax Act relating to no deduction to be made in certain cases.
    The existing provisions contained in sub-sections (1A) and (1C) of the aforesaid section provide that no deduction of tax shall be made under the sections referred to in the said sub-sections in the case of a person specified therein, if such person furnishesto the persons responsible for paying any income of the nature referred to in specified sections, a declaration in writing in duplicate in the prescribed form and verified in the prescribed manner to the effect that the tax on his estimated total income of the previous year in which such income is to be included in computing his total income will be nil.
    It is proposed to amend the sub-section (1A) and sub-section (1C) of the said section so as to give the reference of section 192A and section 194DA also in the said sub-sections.
    These amendments will take effect from 1st June, 2015.

    Exclusion from total income of accumulated balance
    8. The accumulated balance due and becoming payable to an employee participating in a recognised provident fund shall be excluded from the computation of his total income—
    (i) if he has rendered continuous service with his employer for a period of five years or more, or
    (ii) if, though he has not rendered such continuous service,
    the service has been terminated by reason of the employee’s ill-health, or by the contraction or discontinuance of the employer’s business or other cause beyond the control of the employee.
    Retirement is supposed to come under the head “other cause beyond the control of employee”

  • vishal


    i will be completing my 3 years o service in May 2015 and i wish to withdraw my EPF balance as will be contuining iwth my education. will my balance be taxed?


    I have completed 13 years as contnuous service span in PF Trust.Now,I would like to take non-refundable loan from the PF trust for purchase of a house.Please clarify wheather this amount is taxable?

  • Vinoth

    Hi Sir,

    I worked in Private limited company from 2010 to 2013 in this period they deduct the PF every month on my salary. Now i am decided to withdraw my PF amount.

    But i having a problem they not sign withdraw form. i asked them more time there is response.

    What Can i do now ?
    there is any possibilities to withdraw my PF amount without Employer signature.

    Kindly help me that amount will help to my family.

    Please do the needful.

  • varun

    hi – i have been contributing the PF to a trust since 2004 – 2008 and then i moved outside india on secondment and continue to contribute the PF till 2012, i am still working outside India but my secondment is over. Want to understand if i withdraw my PF today, will it be taxable?

  • Samuel


    I worked for an organization for 4 yrs and 10 months 20 days suddenly they terminated me saying restructuring their organization.I have an idea for withdrawing my PF amount.I am not going to work further.


    now they are telling that they will deduct 30% amount as tax.is it correct for just 40 days that too they sent me out and deducting 30% of my amount wht i have to do

  • Arvind

    I have resigned my job 3 months ago. When I asked my ex-employer for PF withdrawal, they are saying once UAN is alloted PF withdrawals cannot be made. Please let me know if I can withdraw or not? Thanks in advance.

  • nikhil

    Dear Sir,

    My am into new employment wherein company is not deducting any amount for PF.
    In my old organisation, PF was deducted wherein my service was for more than 5 years. My question to you is:-
    1. If I withdraw this amount will it be taxable?
    2. If I do not withdraw this amount for certain number of years what will be the outcome?
    3. If I withdraw this money after 5 years and during this period there is no existence of my previous employer what will be the outcome since I came to know that on withdrawl slip a signature is required of employer?
    4. From the PF amount deducted, certain amount goes into PF and balance into pension scheme. What will be the outcome from taxable / non taxable point of view?

    You reply will be eagerly awaited.



  • Anuj

    One of my client who is expat comes to india on secondment in 2009 and PF is deducted in india from his salary but in june 2013 due to DTAA, PF is not deducted from his salary.

    Now, he withdraw such sum from his PF account.

    My ques is whether the withdrawl is taxable or not.

  • AD

    suppose if the new employer does nor maintain PF Account & the employee has joined the new organisation and the employee has worked for less than five years in his old organisation.

    Does is he liable to be taxed even though he does not wish to withdraw amount from his PF Account and he continues to render service to his employer of more than 5 years. Afterwards he wants to withdraw the money from his PF Account so will he liable to get taxed????

  • bharat prakash mishra

    I worked in an organization till four months and after that left.
    My P.F amount was being deducted from my payment for that working period.
    So please conform me that Can I claim to take my amount refund.
    Please suggest me.
    Awaiting for your reply.
    Bharat Prakash.

  • sumit

    i have worked 29 dec 2009 to 26 march 2012 in a company and pf contribution from jan 2010 to apr 2012 and leave the job and join in other company on 12 apr 2012 and leave the job on 30 nov 2014. the pf contribuion for this company from may 2012 to dec 2014. Last company pf will be transfered in latest pf account.now i withdrowl my pf from PF departement.they donot deduct any tds from this pf amount .can u tell me that this PF amount will be taxable or not

  • prabhu


    i am working in private firm and now i am joining a new firm

    i amcompleting 3 years with my current job

    what will be the tax didcuted if i withdraw my pf and also pls confirm me w

    will it be taxeble i i dont trnasfer and keep my pf pending

  • sanjeev

    I`m working with a private organization from last 9 year, How much tax i need to pay if i left the job after nine year to my PF.

  • Andy

    Dear Sir,

    I worked less than 5 years and now my current status is that i am a non resident indian , i just left my employer and am unemployed . I am withdrawing my providend fund from my previous employer but they want to deduct TDS due to tenure less than 5 years. However, i am in Canada and there is a tax treaty between india and Canada specially in case of non resident . Please advise under what clause of the income tax act can i point to them for no tax deduction. Also if tds is unavoidable can u p,s advise which slab i should be considered.


  • Jaffar Sadik

    Hello Sir,

    I was salary employed in IT company and worked for 3.5 yrs resigned and joined in another IT organization. I didn’t transferred my EPF to current organization still with old company and about to complete 5yrs. I would like to go for withdrwal my EPF, so is it taxable? How I can get avoid taxable?


  • Nirmal Kaur

    Hi Sir,
    I have resigned from my previous job after 9 years, 11 months, at that time i have submit my epf share, It was contratual job. Now I have joined new govt. job. Can i collect full amount of my account of that 9 year, 11months period.

  • Prav

    Hello Team,
    I have completed 6.5 yrs of service and now self employed. I have resigned in 2013. Wish to withdraw settle my EPFO account. I am located in pune where my epf is of KA.. I neex to clarify few doubts;
    1. Do I fill only the form 19 and attest it from my previous employer or from designated official. Will I get full amount after settlement.
    2. Waiting period is already over for me as I left job in 2013. But it is still way before my account gets inoperative.
    3. Can I send the above form and cancelled cheque and what other doc to concerned office. Will it be fine to send via indian post registered AD.
    4. How long will it take for refund..


  • Shailesh kumar

    I worked in privet company for 2 years 9 month. my pf amount was collect in pf trust of company. now i had withdraw my pf amount today but there is deduction of tds @ 20%. my question is how to get refund of this tds amount.

  • Mayank

    I have worked in an organization for 3 years joined as a fresher and after that I joined new organization but neither i have transferred or withdraw my PF yet. Now I want to withdraw this previous PF( whish is a company’s PF Trust), as overall I have completed 5+ yrs but only 3 yrs with the previous company ,so would it still be taxable( since i have not continued 5 yrs with the same organisation though completed overall 5 yrs with 2 different organization)
    Please respond.

    Mayank K

  • Rajesh J

    I have worked in an organization for 4 years and 4 months. I know as per rule if I withdraw my PF it will be taxable as I have not completed 5 years. However, if I withdraw after a year or so, would it still be taxable.

    Please respond.

    Rajesh J

  • Ajay Gupta

    I worked in a company for 7 years. After that I resigned that company and joined Govt. organisation on contract basis but on contract basis no P.f. deducted.
    I have neither withdrawn nor transferred our P.f. amount till date.

    Now i want to know can we deposit P.f amount regularly on existing P.f.account no.

  • Soumyo Chatterjee

    I work in a private institution. My EPF account is more than seven years old. Recently I have withdrawn some amount from my EPF account for marriage of my brother. I want to know whether the amount is taxable or not?

  • Amit Kumar

    Hi Sir,

    I have worked in an organization for 4 years and 4 months. I know as per rule if I withdraw my PF it will be taxable as I have not completed 5 years. However, if I withdraw after a year or so, would it still be taxable.

    Please respond.


  • Swapnil

    I have just left one company and joined another.
    I served four and half years in previous company.
    I want to withdraw my PF, please advise when I should do it.
    Should i withdraw now or after completing 5 years, so that TDS is not deducted?

  • Vivek

    I am currently working and making voluntary contributions to my EPF accoount which I claim for tax exemption. Now if I leave my job before 5 years and do not take up any other job for some reason, say higher education, will the withdrawal I make be subject to tax deduction. Kindly reply as it as an urgent situation. Thanks,

  • ahmad

    I have resigned from my company and at the same time I owe the company leased car and have taken some of general purpose advance as well. Can I adjust PF I mean what ever I owe to company is the adjustment possible? Need advice on the same?

  • Devender Kumar


    I have submitted the PF withdrawal application.
    on checking out the status i get this

    Claim ID : PUPUN141xxxxxx

    Claim ID : PUPUN14100xxxxx
    Status : Claim Form 10C for Withdrawal Benefit AGAINST Member Account No (PUPUN003422400000xxxxx) has been approved. Payment is under process.

    Now is there i am expecting 2 payments?
    one for Form 19 and one for 10C for Pension funds?

  • Muthu Kumaran . J

    Sir ,

    I worked with private BPO company for 37 months . My contribution to my pf account is 550 pm . After two months from my retirement from that company i have applied for my pf withdraw as i need money for my family member hospitalisation .

    Once i have applied i recieved a email from my corporate team that as i didnt complete 5 years service they will deduct TDS from my pf amount . Because of my family suituation i confirm that still i have to withdraw my pf .

    Once i confirm through my email i have recied only 5700 as my PF settlement . As per my knowledge 550*36= 19800 . I dont know how much they deducted as TDS . And also i dont know my employer have contributed for me or not .

    Iam not satisfied with the amount which i recieved and still i didnt take even single paise from my bank account .

    Can you please clarify me regarding TDS deduction .
    And how can i came to know that my employer has been contributed for me or not .

    Thanks in Advance .
    Muthu Kumaran.J

  • bhs

    I have moved to USA before 5 years of service completion with job in USA company. Now does PF withdrawal is exempted from tax in this case

  • keshav kumar

    plz give my ppf amount

  • manjula

    my neighbor work in one concern for 4 month they detected pf amount he actually work 4 years before is it he is eligible to calm the PF amount. he dont know the pf number also.

  • Santosh

    Dear Sir
    I worked for less than five years, but I have withdrawn the PF after 5 years of my service. My employer deducted tax at source showing Salary. Is it Correct? What shall I do? Can the tax be refunded back? Under which section will I claim exemption. Expecting a quick replay.
    Thanks & Regards.

  • Manish

    I left my previous job in Aug 2010. I neither transferred nor withdraw the PF. Now If I withdraw my PF , will I have to pay income tax.

  • Sushil

    what is the exact rate of TDS deducted on withdrawal of PF if worked in a organization more than 5 years?

  • Mayank Bhargava

    I left my previous job in May 2010. I neither transfered nor withdraw the PF. If I withdraw my PF after May 2015, will I have to pay income tax.

    Thanks in advance for helping

  • Happy

    Is there a provision which exempts PF withdrawal from Tax if a person leave the employment before completion of 5 yrs but after that remains unemployed for a period of 1 year or more.

    Also, what if someone does not complete 5 yrs of service with an employer but withdraws PF 5 years after the PF account was first opened? So someone completes say 3 years of service and then for the next 2 years he does not withdraw his PF and then after the five years are over then he withdraws the amount. What happens then? I think such withdrawal is taxable since the IT Act specifically mentions completion of 5 years of continuous service and it is of no relevance that the withdrawal was done from the account after 5 years from when the account was opened. Please clarify.

  • AnExpat

    I worked for 4 years in India and now I have moved to United States from last 6 months.
    I have withdrawn my PF and I dont think any TDS is deducted.

    I want to know do I need to pay any tax on this PF amount?

  • Rahul Bhagat

    Hi…I have been working in various companies since Apr 2005. On every occassion of changing my job, I had got my PF transferred. I am now with HDFC Bank for the last 2 years. I have not gotten my earlier PF transferred to this organisation. I am now thinking of quitting my job and start something of my own. I will be resigning in the next one week.
    Request you to please guide me with the following:

    1. Should I withdraw the PF that is lying with my previous employer or should I get it transferred. I believe, transfer would take 2-3 months. I might have left HDFC by then.

    2. In case I withdraw PF from my previous organisation, would TDS get deducted from it?

    Request you to please revert at the earliest.

  • nitish sharma

    I worked in a private firm for nearly 2 years & firm had own private trust for PF.
    I joined another company which did not have private PF trust.The company has deducted TDS from PF amount 3 months back ,I would appreciate if you pl suggest ,can I deposite the full amount of Previous PF & can TDS be refunded tom by the company or I.Tax deptt If I furnish full detail in my I.Tax return ?

  • ParsiMan

    Hello, I worked in India at an employer for 1 year 7 months during which I was paying into the Provident fund. I then moved overseas. I have been overseas for 6 years and now I have withdrawn my PF. The PF office has not deducted TDS. I would like to know if I need to pay any tax on my PF withdrawal for this year in which I have withdrawn, or is that that migration overseas is a reason for tax exemption?

  • Jayendra Chaturvedi

    An employee is employed post his retirement at age of 62 years on a contract for 3 years ,he received his pf as a result that contract is over ,is this pf withdrawl taxable ?

  • Nimesh


    I worked with Private company for more than 5yrs and now i want to change my job so i want to withdraw amount from EPF… and i have not transferred the EPF amount to my new job PF account.

    If i have withdrawn an amount from old PF account whether it is taxable or not…

  • raj

    I have resigned from my current job my date of joining is 07/08/2006 and my last date in the current company is 15/11/2013. I Want to with draw the amount.i was with the company for 7 years 03 months and 20 days .

    if i am withdrawing the PF whether it is taxable or not?

    If taxable how much taxable ?

  • Ashish

    I left my HCL in june 2011 and did not transfer the PF to new employer. In this case if i apply for Pf in july 2016 will it attract tax??

  • Amitesh

    I have left my previous company 1 year back but I have neither withdrawn nor transferred my PF a/c from previous to new employer. I wanted to know can I transfer my old PF a/c to the current one.
    Pl. help.

  • Ram Verma

    how much time will take after approval of claim form 10c for withdrawal benefit ???

  • Niyati

    Dear Sir,

    I want to know whether PF withdrawal is taxed on receipt basis or accrual ?

    Thanks & Regards,

  • VG

    Dear Sir,

    I was working with two company for more than five years.

    I had intimated my new company about old and pf.

    last year i withdraw money from PF but previous company deducted the tax on that, now they are giving me letter of continous of five year.

    Now how I can claim this TDS refund (under which section)along with my other income.

  • Somu


    I worked for a company for 5 years, now I re-located to another company in different city in India. Due to my personal situation I want to withdraw the money from my PF account when I talked to previous employer Finance departments they said that, there is Government rule that you can’t withdraw the amount as you are working in another organization inside India so you need to transfer your PF amount to current company organization PF account. This is what a reply I got from them and they are not processing my request. Is there is any rule like that(I don’t think so because my friends got their money). Please advise.


  • Saloni

    I worked for a company for 4 years (till March 2010), after which I left India. I am currently a non-resident for Indian tax purposes. I have now (in May 2013) withdrawn the monies accumulated in my ex-employer’s PF account and would like to know the taxation in my case i.e. should I not receive the employer’s contribution and interest on it (along with the enployee’s which is anyway tax exemmpt) without TDS, since I am no longer resident in India?

    Many thanks in advance

  • Ayyappa

    then if I withdraw my PF amount after 1.6 yrs, is it taxable or not ?

  • Ayyappa

    I have one query related to the PF.
    I was worked in my past company for 3.6 yrs. now i have continue the same pf for present company . but here they are opened new PF account.
    As per my knowledge , final pf amount is not taxable if you are continuing the 5 yrs.

    My question is here , my previous company pf account is X and my present company is Y. I have plan to continue my present company for 1.6 yrs only.
    then if I withdraw my PF amount , is it taxable or not ?

  • Shikha

    I have a query. I have worked in my organization for 30 months and now want to withdraw Pf as I will be leaving for higher studies.

    So now the entire amount of PF will add to my taxable income of this financial year and if my total taxable income crosses 1.9 lac then only i’ll have to pay tax otherwise it should be tax free. Am I missing anything here?

  • Munish

    Please help to confirm if any employee left the organization in 3.5 /4 years of his/her services but withdrawal his/her PF after 5 years (from his Date of Joining in the organization) then the same will be taxable or non taxable.


  • Kiran

    I joined a company in 2007 and worked there for three years and then I moved to US. If I withdraw my PF now ( 2013) will I attract income tax, even though I have not completed five years of continous service.

  • Abhishek Agarkar


    I had worked with a certain company for 1.6 years(May 07- Nov 08), as of today the company is not operational, also I have not withdrawn/ transferred the PF from that account to any other account. Now I wish to
    make an withdrawal, will I be able to withdraw the amount? If yes, i would like to know how? If no, i would request you to provide an alternate solution.


  • Amit

    Hi All, We process all PF/EPF refund cases and help in accurately filing with all details to make a refund a seamless process for a fee, you may mail us at info@apnacapital.com

  • Prabhu

    I have requested for PF withdrawal from my previous employer, but the Finance team of that company says PF cannot be withdrawn and only able to transfer when a person is employed. Is that true we cant withdraw our PF, if not can we able to take any legal action against the company?
    I have my previous employer PF account number and i checked its still alive. Please let me know how to proceed further.


  • Aashish

    Can anyone help with Purav’s query. I have the same question..

    RE:”In your article in the second last paragraph you have mentioned that ” Payment received in respect of the employee’s own contribution is exempt from tax (to the extent not claimed as a deduction earlier)” My question is that if an employee had earlier claimed deduction in respect to own contribution to PF then under which Head of Income will it be taxed?”

  • http://rajivgoyal.com Rajiv

    have not got pf from my employer.. what to do?

  • Sujit


    I have completed 4 years 3 months with my present organisation and have been rendered redundant as of 1st April, 2013. As this leaving of organisation is beyond reasons of my control (employee’s control) will I be required to pay Income tax on the EPF amount if I choose to withdraw it during May 2013? I do not have any alternate employment.


  • Srini

    Hi, kindly attend my below query:
    I have 4 years 6 months in present company and previous company I worked for 3 years. I have been continuing the contribution of PF from previous company to present company, while leaving previous company I have opted to transfer the PF to new account maintained by present company. Now I have resigned and would be leaving by end of March 2013.
    I have opted to transfer the Pf amount from previous company (worked for 3 years) to present company (worked for 4 years 6 months), will I be eligible for PF withdrawal and if so, will there be any tax implications.

    Kindly address the query.


  • Nashim Mullick

    I worked with a private company for three years(2007 to 2010). In my previous company PF-slip the DOJ mentioned as 01/10/2007. Now I am working with a new organasation since 2011 and I have given a provident fund (PF) withdrawal request to my ex-employer. Will the PF amount be taxable? As 05-years had already completed

  • Nashim Mullick

    I worked with a private company for three years(2007 to 2010). In my previous company pay-in-slip the DOJ mentioned in PF-slip as 01/10/2007. Now I am working with a new organasation since 2011 and I have given a provident fund (PF) withdrawal request to my ex-employer. Will the PF amount be taxable? As 05-years had already completed

  • http://taxguru.in sanjay

    Hi Sir,
    I was working with an IT company any my EPS No starts with (TH/THA/EXEM/ xxxxx/xxxx)and total tenure was 4.7 years( as off jan 2013).As i understand i can withdraw pf after 2 months i.e on march as per PF rules.My question is now if i withdraw on march 2013- will it be taxable ? If yes shall i wait for June 2013 as to complete total 5 year although my last day in the company was jan 23rd 2013.So can i submit a withdrawn request on July 2013 so as there will no tax on the PF amount withdrawn.Please guide.


  • http://taxguru.in sanjay

    Hi Sir,
    I was working with an IT company any my EPS No starts with (TH/THA/EXEM/ xxxxx/xxxx)and total tenure was 4.7 years( as off jan 2013).As i understand i can withdraw pf after 2 months i.e on march as per PF rules.My question is now if i withdraw on march 2013- will it be taxable ? If yes shall i wait for June 2013 as to complete total 5 year although my last day in the company was jan 23rd 2013.So can i submit a withdrawn request on July 2013 so as there will no tax on the PF amount withdrawn.Please guide.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • niyati

    I m currently working with axis bank since 4yrs this year is my 5th yr can i withdraw my PF i m not leaving my current organisation but i want to withdraw some amount is it possible, also if yes is the same taxable

  • Annie Madiki

    I have a query. I was with 1 company from Jun 2003- Aug 2004. And was with another company from Aug 2004 – Aug 2009. When i am trying to check status of my earlier company online, its stating that “No record found and it has data only for past 6 months”. Can you please let me know how to know status of my earlier company PF?

  • http://taxguru.com Balaji Krishnan


    I have resigned from my current job my date of joining is 17/03/2008 and my last date in the current company is 12/03/2013. ( my PF account was opened in 30/04/2008) almost i was with the company for 4 years 11 months and 20 days .

    if i am withdrawing the PF after 12/03/2013. like to know whether it is taxable or not?

  • XYZ

    I have worked for a company for almost one and half year then i joined another company i have filled the form to withdraw my PF its now almost two years i did not get my PF what to do?

  • Kiran

    I have worked in a company for almost two years 2008-2010, where I was maintaining a PF. I then moved overseas for almost 2.7 years durning which time there were no PF contributions. Now I have resigned and going for my higher education. Can I withdraw my PF in 2013 ( when I complete 5 years after I started my PF), without attracting tax (TDS). (Even though I have maintained the PF for 2 years (

  • Dinesh Saini

    I worked for a multinational from Jan 2006 to May 2008 where my PF was deposited being in Trust. Thereafter, I joined another company from June 2008 to Jan 2012. At the time of joining, I filled up Form 13 to transfer my PF to my current account PF account and one year later I also got the confirmation that PF amount of last company is transferred to current PF account. After 10 months of leaving my second company I filled up Form 19 and Form 10C. A month later I got confirmation that my PF amount is credited to my account but EPS is rejected. When I approached to RPFC office they said EPS is my first company is not transferred, therefore, it is rejected. First I have to get my EPS transferred then only I can withdraw this.

    They provide me one form to fill up and submit. On the form they have mentioned that if old account is with Trust then first Trust has to provide service information to RPFC. Then RPFC where first company (Trust ) deposited EPS will transfer to Second Account. Then again, I have to fill up 10C to withdraw the amount

    I am completely fed up with this long process, I requested the officer in charge to just give me my current EPS amount as EPS of my last company was not significant, he refused and said you will get only whole amount else nothing.

    Can anybody help me and also confirm if this is the only and correct process.


  • Vipin Bist

    Please answer to my query, In case of PF amount withdrawl including the transferred PF amount from previous employer after total 5 years (including tenure at both previous and current employer), but these 5 years include 1 year GAP in between employement at Previous and current employer. In that condition will the withdrawl is TAX eligible.

  • Akrishna

    One of my friend withdrawn PF and the previous company deducted overall TDS of Rs. 3 lacs. Can there be any possiblity to add the pf amount in currnet year income as other income and compute tax liability and claim refund from entire tds deducted from previous company?


  • http://taxguru.in ramamohanreddy


    I worked in a company for 3 years. After that I left that company and joined another company.Now i completed 3 years in the present company.
    Can transfer the previous company PF to present company PF account.

  • Mayank Gupta

    PPF amount if extended after a period of 15 years for a block of 15 years, you can withdraw a maximum of 60% only. You wont be able to withdraw fully


    Sir, I want to know ath followings:-

    (a) What is the minimum period or number of contributions required to get the benifit at the time of withdrawal from EPF. If someone is working in a establishment/company and cotributing towards EPF and resign from the company after a period of 05/06 months. Is he/she eligible to withdraw his/her contributed amount with other benifits? (b) What is the procedures to withdraw the amount from EFP in this case?and the same person is also working in another company.


    Sir, I want to know ath followings:-

    (a) What is the minimum period or number of contributions required to get the benifit at the time of withdrawal from EPF. If someone is working in a establishment/company and cotributing towards EPF and resign from the company after a period of 03/04 months. Is he/she eligible to withdraw his/her contributed amount with other benifits? (b) What is the procedures to withdraw the amount from EFP in this case?

    Thanks & Regards

  • mandar

    hi , if somebody leaves the job before 5 yrs & trf balance in PF to new employer’s PF & then withdrws aftr complition of balance years of previus employer what will be tax effect?


  • Shankar

    I have a query. I was working in a company that had their own PF. I resigned after 3 years. My new company is vary small and the salray does not include PF. Should I continue with my PF account in the old company? Will I get interest in it? Is leaving the PF amount safe? When can I withdraw the amount without any tax implication?

  • Surinder Arora

    I was employed with a company for three years.( 1998 to 2001). The company had their PF Trust. I resigned from my job with the company. With the next company I was on contact and therefore no PF. I did not withdraw my PF accumulations. In 2010 I got retired from the job after completing my 60 years of age. Now I have requested my previous employer for withdrawl of my PF accumulations. Please advise if the PF withdrawl will be taxable now , if yes then to what extent.

  • Kunal Chavan

    Can i deduct PF Contribution from two firms

  • rahuldev

    Can I withdraw my supperannuation fund (SAF) balance pre-maturaly? I am in service for 10 years, switching over job. The new company does not have SAF. The company may deduct tax at the applicable rate but whether it is permissible?

  • Babu Hironmoy

    I have resigned from State bank after a service period of 18 months. Now am I be able to claim refund of my Pension and provident fund accumulated amount? What shall be the procedure of claiming the fund? What will be the remedy if the employer/Bank delays the refund? Am I be able to lodge complain aginst them.

  • shashank

    service of 4years and more than 6moths would be counted as 5years as i work in pf office and also the rules governing pf maintained by epfo and by trust ( private employer) need to be same .


    I wish to know two things regarding P.F. liability.1) Do I need to deduct PF if I pay my parmanent Labour a wages of Rs.250 perday i.e. 7500/month?  2) Do Welfare cess @1% deducted in contract work can be adjusted with PF Liability?.

  • Sanjib Kumar Nanda

    When i was with my previous employer I have contributed in EPF for about 4 years and left the service in july 2009 & now with a different employer who is having its own trust. If i will withdraw my EPF & EPS from the previous employer,
    will it be taxable?
    If taxable what will be the percentage?

  • Nik

    Two years back I have worked in an organization for 4 year 9 months and then I took emplyment overseas. I would like to know if I withdraw my EPF now, would there be any TDS deducted?

  • nisha Paul

    I had left my previous organization 10th January 2011. Now I would like to apply for my PF withdrawl, May I know what will be the procedure. I had heard that need some extra documentation for withdrawl of PF after 1 year of leaving the service,

    Pls guide me  as per that I can apply for my PF withdrawl of  PF amount.

  • vikas rao

    I withdrew my PF after resignation from my previous company. The company did not have a PF trust and accounts were maintained at the PF office bandra, mumbai. The amount has been deposited in my account.
    However, I do not know if taxes have been deducted at source or I have to show the amount received while filing returns.

  • Rajeev

    I have recently withdrew my PF after resignation from the company. Is the money deposited by EPFO to my account is after deducting the taxes. I was reading that IT department has asked EPFO to deduct taxes on premature withdrawal.

    Rajeev Singh

  • bemoneyaware

    Your article was a great help in understanding EPF have referred your article in my own post

  • Manoj

    Dear friends,

    i want to understand the above mentioned Imcome tax implication on withdrawal of PF amount with in five years. want to understand two points. (1). As per India Income tax act 1961, Under which section, rules and Notification this has been indicated. (2). if so is this will be prospective effect OR retraspective effect, in this case is their any time line which clarifies how many years back data they can verify as per Income tax law. appreciate if any body try to clarify me.

  • Rakesh Kumar Gupta

    I have a query. I was a member of a recognised Provident Fund trust for over 20 years. On resignation, I joined a new company,in1998, where I became a member of The Employees Provident Fund Scheme 1952 (funds from Recognised PF trust were transferred by the ealier company into this account). I also became a member of an optional Provident Fund scheme run by the company for its employees. I resigned from the second company, in 2002, after working for 4 years. Will the balance (it has not been withdrawn to date) lying in the optional PF scheme be liable to deduction of tax at source since I did not complete 5 years service in the new company even though I have continuously been a member of aPF trust for over 24 years.

  • khadke N R

    which rate is applicable for TDS deduction (PF withdrawal before 5 years) under which section

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    under which section a PF Trust of an Company should deduct the Tax on pre mature PF withdrwl

  • Purav

    Very nice article. In your article in the second last paragraph you have mentioned that ” Payment received in respect of the employee’s own contribution is exempt from tax (to the extent not claimed as a deduction earlier)” My question is that if an employee had earlier claimed deduction in respect to own contribution to PF then under which Head of Income will it be taxed?

  • Deepashree

    Very articulate write-up.