The current Financial Year is coming to an end and time of Filing of income Tax Return is approaching. Every professional should acknowledge that filing of Income Tax Returns does not mean the end of process of Return filing. The process is considered complete only when the assessee gets the claimed refund and no other formality is left pending / unanswered / unattended on the Income Tax Portal.

It becomes the duty of every professional towards his clients to help them exercise their right to get their return successfully processed. After submission of return the status of return has to be tracked after couple of weeks regularly till the return is processed in all aspects.

The following steps to be performed after submission/filing of the Income Tax Return:


The return is not picked up for processing by Centralized Processing Centre (CPC) until it is verified either by:

a) E-verification

E-verify the return by logging in to the income tax portal at, by choosing the option for e-verification through:

  • Net banking
  • Aadhar OTP
  • EVC


b) Submission of Hard Copy:

Send a duly signed hard copy of ITR V to Centralized Processing Centre (CPC) Bengaluru at the address:

– Income tax Department, Centralized Processing Centre, Bengaluru – 560500.


Follow up steps:

To know the status of the return filed after e-verification are as follows:

1. Login to the Income Tax Portal and go to the ‘Dashboard’ option and then in ‘View returns/forms’ select Income Tax Return’ the status of the returns filed for the respective years will be displayed.

2. There will be two options:

> Either return is processed (No action required)

> Or Return is Defective/ Invalid/ Rectification Rights transferred to Assessing Officer (An appropriate action is required)

3. To check whether any demand or notice or e-proceeding has been raised by the Income Tax Department, go to the ‘Worklist’

In this module all the pending actions have to be completed/ complied with at the end of assessee and any outstanding demands can also be seen. Go to ‘For Your Action’ option and all the outstanding demand, notice or e-proceeding with the details such as assessment year (AY), section code (under which the notice has been served), demand identification number will be reflected.

4. If any Demand or Notice or E-proceeding has been raised then verify all the return details first by yourself i.e. TDS, TCS, Advance Tax Paid, Form 26 AS to ensure that the data filled in Return is correct.

  • If the Demand is correct – pay tax
  • if not correct then submit reply to the demand within 30 days.


If any Compliance is displayed then click on compliance portal to know its reason of compliance or non- compliance. Submit response to the compliance portal as follows:

  • Go to the ‘Compliance’ module and then ‘View and Submit compliance’ for the fresh issues. Otherwise to view the response which has been previously submitted click on ‘View my submission’.
  • Before filing the response ensure yourself that all the details are correct.



This portal offers a paperless mode of lodging the complaints, uploading necessary documents, getting the complaint processed and track status of redressal of the same. It is an effective way of communication between the assessee and the Income Tax Department provided if it is used explicitly.

  • To submit grievance click on É-nirvan’ and then on ‘Submit Grievance’, fill in the details and click on ‘Submit’. Documentary Proof can be attached as well.
  • To view the status of previously filed grievance click on ‘Grievance Status’.
  • If your mail id is registered with IT Department you will get the resolution from IT Department by mail also, otherwise it can be checked on the portal.


check the status after a few days whether any further action is required or the return has been processed. Check the status of the refund (if any) and the same has been credited to your bank account or not.



At times refund is determined but not credited in Bank Account due to various reasons (Reason can be checked online), following are the steps to submit the refund reissue request:

  • Select ‘My Account’  àand Request type àNew request. Choose Request category as Refund Reissue and then click on Submit.
  • Now fill the required details such as Bank Account Number, Account Type, IFSC Code , Emil id, Mobile Number etc.., and submit either with signature or Aadhar EVC.



(Article is Jointly written by Advocate Sargun Babuta and Himanshi Garg who is Associated as an Article Clerk with S P Babuta and Associates)

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