In this article we have compiled the details of release of Schema of ITR Forms for AY 2015-16 , Schema of Forms (Other than ITR), Schema of Form BB (Return of Net Wealth) for AY 2015-16 and ITR Validation Rules for AY 2015-16 from the details we can make out that department has updated the same even on 24.09.2015 and still not willing to extend the due date. Here one more thing to mention is that Many CA Firms use third party software’s for ITR preparation and filing and these software vendors take minimum two to three days to update software based on new schema and validation rules.

Schema of ITR Forms for AY 2015-16

ITR Schema Release Date Updated on Change Document
ITR-1 23/06/2015
ITR-2 29/06/2015 01/09/2015 Version 1.4
ITR-2A 29/06/2015 20/08/2015 Version 1.3
ITR-3 01/08/2015 20/08/2015 Version 1.1
ITR-4 01/08/2015 20/08/2015 Version 1.1
ITR-4S 23/06/2015
ITR-5 02/08/2015 19/08/2015 Version 1.1
ITR-6 07/08/2015 22/08/2015 Version 1.1
ITR-7 01/08/2015 22/08/2015 Version 1.1

Schema of Forms(Other than ITR)

Form Schema Release Date Updated on Change Document
Form 10B 24/09/2015 Version 1.1
Form 10BB
Form 29B
Form 3CA-3CD 20/08/2014 24/09/2015 Version 1.3
Form 3CB-3CD 20/08/2014 24/09/2015 Version 1.3
Form 3CEB
Form 61B 27/08/2015
Form 64
Form 6B
Form C

Schema of Form BB (Return of Net Wealth) for AY 2015-16

Form Schema Initial Release Date Updated on Change Document
Form BB 15/07/2015 05/09/2015 Version 1.1

ITR Validation Rules for AY 2015-16

ITR Release Date Updated on
ITR-1 23/06/2015
ITR-2 29/06/2015 24/09/2015
ITR-2A 29/06/2015 24/09/2015
ITR-3 01/08/2015 24/09/2015
ITR-4 01/08/2015 24/09/2015
ITR-4S 23/06/2015
ITR-5 19/08/2015 24/09/2015
ITR-6 19/08/2015 24/09/2015
ITR-7 01/08/2015 06/08/2015

(Compiled by Taxguru Team )

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    Even if at last date is extended on 30 Sept. then the purpose is not fulfilled, because work is started in hurried way and from 28 and 29th sept site will be busy, may be crashed again. Govt should consider the reason, why various PIL filed in states all over India.

  2. ASHWIN GALA says:

    Over & above this, There are also hiccups in following :

    1. New digital sign with aadhar link

    2. Issues of Java Version , Computer Security level , Internet Browser alternatives, etc.

    Due to all this our half of the day is now lost in solving errors arising due to all this.

    But alas ! who is there to understsnd this practical issues.

    This is Govt. of the beaurocrats, by the beaurocrats.

  3. harshika says:

    The Government has changed but the bureaucrat are the same and functioning in the same autocratic way – what cbdt can do is ampally clear from back log in i t dept. cbdt can issue instruction/ circulars but can not get work done from people under .its unbelievevable that after paying such a high salary/ perquisites/ increments/pay commissions / etc it find poor chartered accountants to complete the job within specified time even after all these updatios.high courts is also thinking in same fashion is again a matter of concern

  4. VENKAT says:

    “Of late IT dept and Finance ministry is doing all sort of non sense and undue hardship to assesses and the auditors”. “nonsense” is too srong a word. This may be for assessees having compllicated problems. for simple IT mreturns there is no problem.

  5. Narayana swami FCA says:

    The Baboos and Politicians are said to be SERVANTS OF PEOPLE of this country. But both are making life miserable for those who are law complaint. Similarly it is the duty of the assessee to employ proper staff and prepare their books of accounts and submit them well in time for audit and filing of IT returns. But they are not doing it and in the last week of SEPTEMBER they turn up to the CA offices for completing the formalities. Every year this is the practice. I WILL STRAIGHT BLAME THE CA s for this. They are not ready to tell that it is not OUR head ache. They exploit the articles and paid staff by asking them to work for 24 hrs to met the dead line. CAs should accept work in proportion to the staff they engage . Several of them are dependent on part time accountants and tax consultants and are afraid of telling them the facts and asking for decent remuneration. This was the creation of the Old 3 CB Form which lot of CAs were simply putting NIL/NA and giving attestation .

        1. Suraj says:


          I am totally agree with you. CAs should change their way of working. Late comers should be penalized. CA profession nowadays is mis-understood by the society. Sometimes I feel pity on Articles and paid staff that they do not enjoy personal life in functions or festivals as we also do not. After that CA sitting next door always try to undercut the fees to get the work. We are only responsible for this situation. Even clients settle the bills after ages as other CAs wont mind on it. Everyone pays doctors, lawyers fees in advance or immediately on work which is not the case with us.

          There are so many dates laid down by the GOVT to be followed by CA professionals and assessees also, then why should not ICAI comes forward to specify any dates to or GOVT that all ITRs, schemas, forms whatever Govt documents should be ready by June 1 or so…. after that it will valid till the date of completion of audit. Argument that then leave CA practice is totally incorrect.

          Its our profession only which is socially backward. We never participate or cut our participation in family events. ICAI please look into this.

  6. NARESH DHARIA says:

    Well Done Tax Guru Team…..

    Govt ought to understand the CHANGES are not expected at the last week of due dates towards submission of the Tax Audit Reports….
    New Section 194DA has been added in clause 34(a) under Form no. 3 CD on 24-09-2015….


  7. ST says:

    The mockery part from CBDT in case of change of version is very good. You cannot ascertain whether there is any change in version or not than from the version one has prepared the xml for uploading.

    It is only when one downloads the zip file and unzip the utility one can know whether there is any change in version or not.

    Further, one is in blank what changes they have made in the software from the previous version. One need to recheck the entire tax audit report as well as ITR in the new version.

    Very good work is being carried on by our beloved CBDT. Keep it up.

  8. CA Seshadri says:

    It tis frustrating when we depend upon IT software.May be these details could be placed before various High Courts when they come up for final hearing on the WP filed .Till 28’th 29 th we have to keep our fingers crossed .

  9. ADV. S PRAKASH says:

    sir the words are not sufficient to express my gratitude for TAX GURU for the services in specially INCOME TAX.Mr CA Sandeep Kanoi a really CA who is working all the 24 hours for the betterment of the profession and keeping very high values for the reporting of the facts and problems of the tax professionals.Your above artical is an eye opener for the department and all the persons who are fighting for the extension of the time for filing Tax audit reports. THANKS YOU ONCE AGAIN TO THE ENTIRE GROUP OF TAX GURU.

  10. v venkatachalam says:

    Of late IT dept and Finance ministry is doing all sort of non sense and undue hardship to assesses and the auditors
    This is at the peak . they keep on changing till 30 th sep and yet they expect you to file all the returns
    Everybody expected when modi government assumed office, it will be hassle free in all the tax compliances
    Now it has become further worser

  11. GRA says:

    The Unmatched Service Rendered by Tax Guru team of professionals are commendable! Thanking you all and Congratulations for your valuable service to CAs and Cs and other Advocates and Tax consultants , I also specifically than MR. CA Sandeep Kanoi for his untiring work !

      1. SARVJEET SINGH says:

        “Of late IT dept and Finance ministry is doing all sort of non sense and undue hardship to assesses and the auditors”. “nonsense” is too srong a word. This may be for assessees having compllicated problems.
        conclusion: date should be extended

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