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1st August 2014

My dear colleagues,

It gives me immense pleasure in addressing you on taking over the responsibilities of the Chairman, CBDT.

2.  I am thankful to all of you for your greetings and good wishes.

3. I realise that I have a challenging and difficult task ahead during my short tenure.  Thanks to the efforts of cur predecessors and all of as the Department has grown from strength to strength. As a result, the expectations of the Government, the stake holders, taxpayers, public at large and our own employees have increased tremendously. I am sure that all of us will rise to the occasion and live up to their expectations.

4. Our immediate challenging tasks include reaching the not so easy’ target for Revenue collection without undue harassment and high handedness; improving the overall image of our department as a friendly, professional, non adversarial and competent organization focused on Revenue collection, tax payers services and ensuring strict compliance with direct tax laws.

5. Internally we have the most important task of rolling out the cadre restructuring which is half way through. You will agree with me that several small and major difficulties will arise in the ‘last mile’ of the implementation. I am sure that all of us will work together to ensure that they will be resolved smoothly and we enhance our efficiency, career prospects, taxpayers services and compliance levels.

6. We have several major initiatives in the pipeline or under implementation such as ITDA, DW&BI, NJRS, HRMS, Cyber Forensic labs, etc, which can completely change the way the department functions. Hence, there is a tremendous need for each one of us to participate in these processes whole heartedly.

7. Some of the areas which require our immediate and earnest attention apart from Revenue Collection are: quicker and reasonable resolution of the requests/grievances of the taxpayers, early resolution of disputes, effective assessments analyzing all the facts and avoiding high pitched assessments, promotion of compliance, sending strong message by dealing with tax evasion and tax frauds firmly effectively and quickly, widening the tax base, etc.

8. I look forward to your cooperation, suggestions and participation in taking our department to the next level and contributing our best in cur nation building,                               •

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

(K.V. Chowdary)

Central Board of Direct Taxes &
Spl. Secretary to the Govt. of India.

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  1. R.L.GARG says:

    The Chairman

    Your above mentioned to all the Tax Officers is very encouraging if implemented particularly clause 4 & 7.

    Some of the Tax officers take it for granted that harrassing the Assessees us their birth right, in fact they forget that they also fall in this catagory before some other authorities.

    Handling friendly and without motives will give more respect to them in the oublic life in reality.

    It appears that there is no accountability of officers to decided the assessments in right prespect instead of just showing heavy tax demands. The A.O. should be made answerable if there orders are reversed in appeal which amount to unnecessary harrassment to the Assessee and lot of wastage of time of the Senior officers of Department. Perhaps they fell that cost is compensated on account of holding the money of Assessee till the decision is effected.

    Once again thanks to the chairman for his positive thinking towards the ASSESSEE

  2. C A K C AGARWAL says:

    i request to the chairman, that the harassment to the assesses should be stopped immediately. During the period of scrutiny,unnecessary detail, same detail in the different ways,whenever the assesses appear to submit the required detail to the assessing authorities, a fresh list for the information is again given to the assesses. NOW A DAYS,SOME ATMOSPHERE HAS CHANGED DUE TO E FILING,AND THE NEW ASSESSES ARE TRYING TO SUBMIT THE RETURN WITH FULL HONESTY, AND NOW IT IS UP TO INCOME TAX DEPT, TO CONTINUE AND INCREASE IT

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