Prequisite: TRAN 2 Form can be filed only if TRAN-1 and GSTR 3B of the relevant tax period is filed.

Step 1. Navigate to the TRAN 2 Form page of the desired tax period after logging in , Select the < Financial Year> and < Month>

Step 2. Table 4 of TRAN 2 Form would be enabled if records were declared in Table-7(a) (7B) of TRAN 1 and Table 5 would be enabled if records were declared in Table-7(d) of TRAN 1.

Step 3. Enter details of opening stock in Table 4 and Table 5 as declared in TRAN 1. Please ensure that all the HSN/goods are declared in TRAN 2, in the opening balance in the month of July, 2017, irrespective of the fact that these have been sold or not in the first i.e. July, 2017 tax period.

Step 4. Declare the details of sold goods from such stock in the first tax period and the Central/ State and integrated tax paid on those goods and compute the ITC allowed and state this value in the applicable tables. ITC allowed should be less than or equal to (=) 60% of Central Tax or 30% of Integrated Tax.

Step 5. While filing Tran 2 Form of subsequent tax periods, the tax payer has to only declare the details of goods supplied/sold and the tax paid and ITC allowed. The opening stock gets auto-populated from the earlier tax period closing stock. And the closing sock is auto computed from the opening stock and the supplied quantity in the tax period.

Step 6. Save after entering each record in tables of TRAN 2 Form.

Step 7. After entering all the records click “Preview” to download the pdf with draft summary values of TRAN 2. Verify the correctness of the entered data. If satisfied click “Submit” to freeze your declaration. Please verify thoroughly before submitting.

Step 8. Download the summary of your submitted TRAN 2 Form for your record by clicking on “Preview” again.

Step 9. Click on file with DSC or EVC and select the authorized signatory to file TRAN 2 for the tax period.

Step 10. After successful filing the message and email with the ARN number will be sent to the taxpayer.

Step 11. The claimed ITC of central and state tax would be reflected in the ITC ledger of the taxpayer after filing of TRAN 2. It has to be noted that the ledger entries get posted after filing of TRAN 2 and not “Submit” (as is/was the case in TRAN 1).

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One response to “Step by Step guide for filing Form GST TRAN 2 form”

  1. suresh Jain says:

    While filing Trans-1 , message appear that data save with error. While we contact helpline they suggest to register your central Excise no in business details. After adding Central excise number by making amendment in non core field and verification does not complete due to system error shown . We have also mailed to helpdesk with screen shot but resolution have been done so far. What to do and how we can file Trans-1 as last date is 27.12.2017

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