Periodicity for Paying Tax and Filing Return under PT Act for the F.Y. 2021-22 Instructions:‑

1. Periodicity of the PTRC dealers who are required to Pay Tax and File Return Monthly or Yearly under PT Act is published by the Department and the list is kept in the Excel sheet attached under the head “PTRC Periodictiy_2021-22”.

2. Obligations to File Returns for those dealers whose name appear in the list mentioned in Point No. 1 above are created by the Department. Dealers are requested to file returns

3. Periodicity is created only for the dealers who are registered under PTRC Act and currently in ACTIVE status.

To check the status of PTRC registration, kindly visit the departmental portal as described in the following path. >> Know your Tax Payer >> Enter PTRC TIN with suffix P >> click “submit” button.

4. For checking periodicity for the year 2021-22, kindly visit “PTRC_Periodicity_2021- 22”

To check the status of particular PTRC_TIN kindly follow the below given steps.

Press Ctrl+F button >>> New window >>> Enter PTRC TIN with suffix P >>> Click on”Find All” Tab.

5. Dealer are advised not to approach any Departmental Authority for the Change in the Periodicity. No such request/application in respect of Change in the Periodicity will be entertained by the Department.

6. For determining Periodicity, Payment made and returns filed on or before 10-04-2021 against F.Y. 2020-21 are considered. Therefore, no modification will be made in the Periodicity on the basis of Payment made or returns filed after 10-04-2021 against F.Y. 2020-21.

7. No action will be taken on any mails sent, or Service Tickets raised by employers or representatives thereof, seeking change in the Periodicity.

8. Further, all Departmental Authorities are hereby informed that no changes in the periodicity for 2020-21 are allowed and the same shall be brought to the notice of all employers under their respective Jurisdiction.

9. The Department reserves right to verify facts and act as per the provisions of the Law. The Decision of the Department will be final.

Download Periodicity of the PTRC dealers for F.Y. 2021-22

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