Facility to submit Form C, E etc. online

Section 6 is charging Section. As per Section 6(2) subsequent inter-state sale transaction taking place by transfer of documents of title to goods, when the goods are in course of movement, are exempt. For this purpose the claimant dealer has to obtain Form E-1 from his vendor (if such vendor is first seller otherwise, E-II) and Form ‘C’ from the buyer. One ‘C’ form can be issued for one quarter of a financial year. Similarly EI/EII can also be issued on quarterly basis. Under Section 6A, branch/consignment transfer is allowed only if Form ‘F’ is produced, else it will be deemed to be a sale. Form ‘F’ is required to be obtained from transferee branch/agent. One Form ‘F’ can cover transfers affected in one calendar month.

Central Government has also substituted sub rule (7) to rule 12 with effect from 1st October, 2005. Form C or certificate in Form E-I or E-II will have to be submitted to sales tax department within three months from the end of the quarter in which sale is affected. In case of Form F, it is to be obtained on monthly basis and it is to be submitted to the sales tax department within three months from the end of the month in which goods are transferred to the interstate branch or agent.


  • With a considerable development in technology, all the relevant forms under Central Sales Tax Act like Form C, E, F etc. be allowed to be filed online. This will not only expedite the process of submitting the forms but also will save the time and streamline the process.
  • Form E-1 is issued by the seller of goods in case of first sales made. At the time of subsequent sale form E-II is required to be issued by the seller. It is suggested that Form E-I be allowed to be used as self declaration form by intermediate sellers in order to avoid exchange of various forms in the process.

Source- Pre-Budget Memorandum – 2014 on Indirect Taxes by The Institute Of Chartered Accountant Of India, New Delhi

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