GSTR-1: How to handle Error: “invoice pending in DOC section”

Once you enter the data in section 13 of GSTR-1 and click on save, the below message is shown.

`Request accepted successfully. Please refresh after 30 seconds to check the updated data’

If you submit GSTR1 before it gets processed, then you will see message “invoice pending in DOC section” as the data entered in the document section is still being processed. Hence, wait till processing of data of this section is finished. You may find status of completion of processing by clicking refresh button.


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2 responses to “GSTR-1: How to handle Error: “invoice pending in DOC section””

  1. M L GUPTA says:

    This also happens if your invoices are prefixed by ZERO. Once you delete the zero, error will vanish and you can submit successfully.

    m l gupta

  2. R.Venkateswarlu says:

    sir please expalin composition dealer invoices how to see GSTR-1 and one invoice different rate of taxes how to upload GSTR-1

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