This article is not about GST Portal  Getting down/slowness of GST Portal or its capacity issue. We have  listed here many other issues which taxpayers are facing on GST PORTAL. These issues has made GST portal inefficient and give taxpayers poor experience when it comes to Return filing or getting/reconciling details from the portal –

1. Negative figure in GSTR 3B- Law is clear but Portal is still not ready for the same. Possibility of Negative Figure in 3B is cannot be ruled out. Definitely not provided because the technical team is not ready.

2. Headache of Jumping to screens while searching in B2B – While searching particular Invoice in B2B in GSTR 1 Screen, You can view only 5 invoice in one screen in B2B in GSTR 1 Imagine if you have 450 invoice of diffrent GSTIN then there you have to Click on screen at-lest  90 times.

3. Incapable to provide viewing if 500 or more invoice- For more than 500 invoices you can’t even see invoice on portal. Needless to say, In this case, you can’t share screen shot to vendors that you uploaded his invoices for proof.

4. Limited Login time – Why limited login time ? IT portal used to give 45 mins in one login. But GST Portal is too limited . Sometimes while New registration Application or refund application , It takes hours Frequent log out will waste hours

5. Editing Figure – On GST portal, even editing a number is not simple. First backspace has no impact on changing figures. You have to re-write whole figure again. Can It be as simple as excel.

6. COPY PASTE – Copy paste facility is must. We do not create content on your portal most of the times.

7. CREDIT LEDGER / CASH LEDGER viewing- You can view on 6 months. Now for a Particular Financial year , You have jump 3 times to view full Credit ledger / cash ledger. Why cant give Full fledged experience? Isnt it irritating ?

8. My applications menu viewing- Same, You can see only 3 months DRC -3 OR REFUND applications So again Jumping Jumping… At-least year wise Index will help to find things easily .

9. Eway Bill Portal – DATE RANGE – Date range in Eway Bill Reports is of 5 days only which is impractical and exceptionally low

10. Amendment in B2B Amendment in B2B / B2CS Invoice allowed only once while in Export Invoice it is allowed multiple times.

11. GSTR -1 summary generation In GSTR-1 Summary generation takes 10 minutes for generating GSTR-1 summary, irrespective of number of invoices

12. EMSIGNER problem – Still having to perform https:// 127 . 0 . 0 . 1 : 1585 even after 4 years for DSC use

13. Back Button leading to diff screens – On every page the behaviour of back button is not the same. In fact for switching to another GSTR 1 / 3B – the selection process is too long.

14. EXCEL UTILITIES FOR REFUND APPLICATION- Statement 1a & Statement -3 . while making json from Excel , this excel utilities are BIGGEST headache to work upon . Different date formats for different sheets. GSTR1 takes 11-June-2021 while for RFD01 it is 11-06-2021.. Sometimes It changes date to mm-dd-yyyy if date is below 13

15. PAGE ANIMATION- Also the page loading animation, the screen dims and lights up as the page loads. It is very irritating on the eyes specially when the site is running very slow. even sometime page gets black & white and logs out

16. FILE SIZE ISSUE Ownership documents include Index copy, & Sale deed . Address proof Municipal Tax receipt . But only 100 Kb given. Why cant it be 5 MB FILE SIZE ?

17. DATE OF GRANTING Even When Registration is granted – date printed on certificate should be from date when Registration is applied, not when granted. This shows technical person is unaware about tax laws

Please add more points if you think to add

Request @Infosys_GSTN & @Infosys to hire PROFESSIONALS for working on portal. When you are developing portal for Tax be it GST or Income Tax , you need inputs from Tax professional at ground level, to make it successful.

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  1. Raju says:

    What to do if GST got inactive in 2019, is it possible that I can get same number if I filed now or any options are there, please send me the details to my email


    To 16-06-2021
    Honourable Union Minister of Finance,
    Union Government India, GST Council,
    134, North Block,
    New Delhi – 110 001.

    Respected Sir/Madam,
    Sub: Union Government India – Disaster Covid-19 – Relief Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown.

    All Over Tamilnadu State Total 38 Districts. Lockdown – Major Relief 27 Districts Only, Balance 11 Districts in Tamilnadu Lockdown Continued Till 21st June 2021 due to Covid-19 Pandemic.

    Kindly Consider Alternate GST Revenues – GST Taxes – Corporate Tax, and Wealth Tax – Petrol and Diesel…

    Request To All # -Union Government India #GSTAmnestySchemewithITC Late Fees Rs.500 Nil Return 0 ( No Late Fees ), Composition Dealers Optional for GSTR- 4 2017-18, 2018-19 Continue due to Disaster Covid-19 2019-20 & 2020-21. Kindly Waiver Late Fees. GST 1,4,9,10. Kindly Extend All GST Returns, IT,MCA upto Six (6) Months. Reopen Cancelled GSTIN. Allow Revocation of Cancelled GSTIN Allow Full ITC To GST Dealers. Save All India People, All the GSTPs, Tax Professionals, Tax Payers, MSMEs.

    GST Portal and GST Network 1st July 2017 To 15th June 2021. 4 Years 11 Months 15 Days Completed. Infosys Team – GST Server Problem, OOPs, Technical Glitches Continued, Monopoly, Without Customer Service. All India Rural and Urban Areas All the GSTPs, Tax Professionals Faced Lot of Difficulties and More Pressure.GST Portal Without User Friendly. Without GST Revision Return Options.

    More GST Notifications, Circulars. Disaster Covid-19 Lockdown and GST Late Fees
    2020 – Financial Problems
    2021- Survival Problems

    One Nation One Tax More Forms More GST Late Fees. Destroyed Tax Professionals, Tax Payers, MSMEs. Tamilnadu State and Other States Unique Identification. Culture, Language, Business, Standard of Living, Architecture, Temples. People, Etc

    GST Portal Finally Destroyed Our Tax Profession, Goodwill, Life, Money.

    CBIC Collects Late Fees of Rs.1516.34 Cr during April 2020 To Feb 2021.
    Rs.13000 Crores of GST Late Fees Collected under #GST upto February 2021.

    Tamilnadu State – TNVAT Old CTD Portal – More User Friendly.

    New IT Portal 7th June 2021 Starting Problem – Infosys Team. All Over India All the CAs, Tax Professionals Last One Week Faced Lot of Problems.

    GST Portal Due Dates Sunday Holiday,- Working – Sunday Holidays and without Festival Holiday Without Rest.

    2017 To 2021 GST Portal and GST Network Failure. Server Problems Continued, and Without Improvement.

    GST Customer Service Centre. All Languages Press
    1. Tamil
    2. Malayalam
    3. Telugu
    4. Kannada
    5. English
    6. Hindi
    Without GST Subject Knowledge only Time Passing Call Centre People.

    Thanking You

    Your Faithfully,

    R.Ramesh M.Com GSTP

  3. Anilkumar says:

    The DSC wouldn’t work if you are using Firefox but will work in IE. Some functionalities will work in one browser or other. Not working in all browsers.

  4. Komal says:

    How to resolve HNS issue now except tally no other software can generate JSON according to GST portal HSN guidelines and it’s almost impossible to enter each HSN manually they can’t just randomly update Portal without any concern .

  5. Nilesh Lakhani says:

    While we want to add the business place in our cerficate, this is very lengty process and oftenly have to follow up from officers to approve this application.
    Further the process period will be taken 15 days to approve this business place addition, this is realy a headech.

  6. nagaraja m h says:

    While Filling GSTR 1 Where E Invoice Is Applicable We Cant Download E Invoice Excel Sheet On Ready Base And Some times Its not Downloaded At All.

    And We Cant View And make Corrections to B2B invoices Where Invoices Are More Than 500

  7. Chetan says:

    Even after filling all correct data to file GSTR 1, it shows “There are still unprocessed invoices in B2B section”, but actually there is nothing to do from our side. Need to remove this immediately.

  8. Navinchandra Deshmukh says:

    Revision of GSTR-3B should be allowed, atleast once. This will help the taxpayer to revise his return and pay the additional tax amount, if any, in time and avoid interest payment.

  9. Srilatha says:

    1. Downloading 2A/2B files: downloading month wise 2A /2B files is also a tidious task to reconcile the data. Year wise selection is more effective.
    2. Amended invoices are reflected in another tab why not it show on the same page like in TDS returns to give correct picture of the invoice.

  10. CA D K Upendra says:

    Even after online payment, debit to bank acc, payment window shows “under process”. We have to wait for 10-15 mnts especially during filing dates. Very strange behavior. Should be set right forthwith

  11. Melvin says:

    Since April 2021 gstr-1, the portal does not accept “other than active” gstin. For big firms, where multiple gstin registration are there, it is very difficult to rectify by making all such transactions as B2C. Why can’t gstr-1 be filed as it is. The receipt of goods services should have restrictions on ITC and not the vendor reporting in GSTR-1 as B2C

  12. Nagaraju says:

    What to do if GST got inactive in 2019 is it possible that I can get same number if I filed now or is any options are there please give me the suggestion

  13. Nagaraju says:

    What to do if GST got inactive in 2019 is it possible that I can get same number if I filed now or is any options are there please send me the details for my email

  14. RAKESH GOEL says:



    Another problem is seen in the portal to generate the GSTR-1 summary. The portal is auto-generated the GSTR-1 summary after few minutes with incomplete data. After filling up all data we have to wait for 10 minutes to regenerate the summary of the GSTR-1. It is a time-killing matter for a tax practitioner.

  16. S.RAMAKRISHNAN says:


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