Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said on Wednesday that the government has not given up on reforms.  More reforms will be unveiled in the 2011-12 Budget, said the Prime Minister. He, however, blamed the Opposition for delaying the introduction of crucial Bills in Parliament.

“No, we have not given up on reforms. We will persist. . . I sincerely hope in the (upcoming) Budget we will see a clearer picture of the reform agenda,” Singh told editors of the electronic media.

The government has been working on a host of reform initiatives, some of which have already been successful, Singh said.

“We are working on a Food Security Bill, the Right to Education is now a reality. . . The Integrated Child Development Services is a reality and also the National Rural Health Mission,” the Prime Minister said.

“In the same way, I believe we are going to have a fresh wave of infrastructure investment with the help of PPP (public-private partnership) model”, he further said.

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