prpri Investing – A Big Challenge in the Modern World Investing – A Big Challenge in the Modern World

Investment advisors often make grand statements that the basics of investment haven’t changed in centuries. This thought might stand true regarding tips like ‘one should buy low and sell high,’ but when it comes to all other aspects, investing has changed a great deal with time. Possibly, the most intimidating challenge which modern-day investors struggle with is the volume and sheer speed of information. For a mutual fund investor, especially deciding whether to continue with a particular scheme or switching between different schemes (debt/equity) poses a headache. However, with the advancement of technology and the rise of Artificial Intelligence, products such as Algrow have helped customers to get higher returns while safeguarding their investments.

Today, even small corporates generate an unceasing stream of information, from everyday price fluctuations in the stock to corporate announcements and more. When the information floods in, it could be very difficult to pick out what’s important. How do you go about staying invested as a long-term investor? With time, some investors learn to mesh out crucial information. Then, they develop their own pool of reliable sources which match their investment profile. For others, there are products such as Algrow a smart algorithmic investment that’s based on artificial intelligence which is completely independent of human prejudice. It’s an ideal investment product which automatically switches to an equity fund when the market is low for promising returns and to a debt fund when the market is high, thus protecting your funds.

Even investors who’re always up-to-date regarding market movements could get in trouble in case of inaccurate information or when uncertainty hits the market.

These inaccuracies could be in the form of malicious rumors, financial frauds or even honest mistakes on the part of the corporations. Since the financial markets are accustomed to the continuous stream of information, uncertainty or an interruption in the flow could prove to be worse than the bad news.

Typically, an investor hopes to get higher returns and accumulate wealth in the long-term. The end goal is never to safeguard the investment when the markets are high, but when they’re low. As investors, we forget is that we cannot define the market phases for achieving a reliable result. Volatility in the market is inevitable. What’s more, basic investment tools don’t provide enough ways to safeguard investments during a collapse and achieve higher returns during the market upturn. But with Algrow, investors can achieve higher mutual fund returns, especially when compared to a SIP. 

The Bottom Line

Algrow protects an investor’s money by investing/switching to a debt fund when the markets are high.

During low markets, Algrow invests/smartly switches to an equity fund for greater returns.

So, the investor’s capital is safeguarded against every form of market volatility. He’s free from concerns regarding unanticipated market corrections.  There’s also a possibility of getting higher returns than delivered by Fixed Deposits and Debt Investments.

 The Algrow team has carefully selected the funds by cross-checking multiple fund performance parameters. The underlying funds constituting Algrow are well-researched and curated Mutual Fund schemes from reputed fund houses like HDFC, Aditya Birla Sun Life, L&T, Canara Robeco, etc.

Being professionally managed by expert fund managers with an exceptional track record, these funds manage a large corpus. Quarterly reviews are conducted with the fund managers regarding their execution strategy, and thorough checks are implemented.

With Algrow, there’s also a probability of experiencing outperformance as compared to direct equities or any market-linked asset class in the long-term. All these features make Algrow a new-age investment that’s worth considering. It’s time to take the modern approach towards investing, especially when it’s backed by credible data and research. So start safeguarding your investments and get higher returns with Algrow.

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