Government of India
Ministry of Commerce & Industry
Department of Commerce
Directorate General of Foreign Trade

Trade Notice No. 14/2023-24 Dated: 12th July, 2023

Members of Trade and Industry EPCs/ FIEO

Subject:- Curriculum for Skilling and Mentorship Obligation for Status Holders as per Para 1.30 of FTP 2023 – reg

Members of Trade and Industry may refer to Para 1.30 (b) of FTP 2023 regarding Skilling and Mentorship Obligations of Status Holders, wherein it was specified that a model training program of a minimum duration of 6 weeks would be put up in public domain for guidance.

2. Accordingly, a curriculum for the industry-led Skilling and Mentorship initiative is being notified by the Directorate as annexed to this Trade Notice for the guidance of the Status Holders. Members of Trade and Industry may please adhere to the detailed guidelines and objective of the program.

3. Any difficulty/challenge faced in implementation may be brought to notice to this Directorate. This is issued with the approval of competent authority.

(Deepak Jhalani)

Deputy Director General of Foreign Trade


Model Curriculum

Skilling and Mentorship Obligation for Status Holders as per Para 1.30 of FTP 2023

“To improve the trade ecosystem by enhancing the available skilling opportunities, Status Holders are being made “partners” in providing mentoring and training in international trade.”

1. Objective:

  • The program aims to encourage export oriented entrepreneurship by bridging gaps between established industry and budding entrepreneurs. This is envisioned to be achieved by establishing a thriving knowledge ecosystem where industry professionals, mentors, and entrepreneurs can collaborate, share expertise, and drive innovation in international trade.
  • Status Holders will endeavor to provide skill up gradation/ training in international trade as detailed below:
Category of Status Holder Number of Trainees per year
Two Star Export House 5
Three Star Export House 10
Four Star Export House 20
Five Star Export House 50

2. Program Overview:

2.1 It has been long felt that many potential Indian entrepreneurs face challenges in identifying & developing popular global products, exploring new markets, and establishing sustainable trade relations. One of the reasons for these challenges is the lack of a sufficient ecosystem for generating and sharing functional knowledge.

2.2 Status Holders, who have expertise and experience in international trade, are well-positioned to address these challenges.

2.3 Status Holders may consider collaborating in their clusters with industry partners to develop meaningful mediums to realize the intended outcomes.

3. Role of DGFT Regional Authorities (RAs):

3.1 DGFT RAs are expected to drive the initiative by getting in touch with Status holders in respective jurisdictions and encouraging them to implement the programs in intended spirit.

3.2 Status Holders may also get in touch with DGFT Regional Authorities (RAs), in case, any difficulty is faced as well as for any other support which may be needed to maximize the impact. Support of DGFT RAs may also be sought in identifying new IEC holders to be mentored under the program andto provide support in getting in touch with relevant stakeholders including State government, Customs Authorities, ECGC, Banks etc for better exposure.

3.3 The aim should be to provide practical exposure to budding entreprenuers in the field of international trade to bridge the gap in understanding the ecosystem.

3.4 Regional Authorities may annually hold Status Holder conventions to recongnise contributions and felicitate active Status Holders who train/mentor more participants than that mandated. Similar recognition at national level will be considered by DGFT based on feedback from DGFT RAs and participants.

4. Detailed Guidelines

4.1Target beneficiaries & selection of beneficiaries:

  • The interested individuals as well as budding entrepreneurs may be selected for the
  • Applicant may be asked to submit an application outlying their background, aspiration and reason for participation.
  • Detailed eligibility requirements, selection criteria, training curriculum etc will be at the discretion of the Status Holder. Status Holders may design the mentorship initiative as per the needs of the industry/sector that they function in while considering indicative subject matter as given in the next section.

4.2 Indicative subject matter:

It may be noted that a Massive Open Online Course has been developed by DGFT in collaboration with Indian Institute of Foreign Trade with course topics including fundamentals of international trade, regulatory framework, product identification, logistics, trade finance etc. The repository of resources is available online at DGFT website ( under the “Learn” section. The same maybe used for training the participants under this initiative.

Further Status Holder may plan suitable orientation and interactive sessions with their in-house experts/employees encompassing various practical facets of International Trade Operations to enrich the understanding of the beneficiaries.

4.3 Practical exposure and field Visits

Practical exposure maybe provided by introducing the beneficiaries to various divisions in the setup of the Status Holder such as international trade compliance division, marketing division, logistics division, material handling division etc. Filed visits to prominent trade-related facilities, such as their manufacturing facilities, warehouses & packaging facilities, testing facilities and other relevant facilities as deemed appropriate may also be undertaken

4.4 Partnership with Industrial Partners:

Industry may forge partnerships with leading export houses, trade associations, and industry experts to provide mentorship, workshops, and guest lecturers to the participants.

4.5 Partnership with educational institutions:

Industry may also collaborate with educational institutions of repute specializing in international trade/economics to offer resources, research insights, and industry case studies to the participants for better understanding and knowledge.

4.6 Feedback and Monitoring Mechanism:

Industry may conduct a regular feedback sessions to assess the progress of participants and address any queries or concerns. The Mentors and industry experts will also provide constructive feedback, guidance, and mentorship throughout the program. Industry may use assessments and practical assignments to evaluate participants’ understanding and application of the concepts covered.

4.7 Recognition:

Industry may consider awarding suitable recognitions in form of certifications to the successful trainees.

4.8 Reporting:

An online facility will be created where status holder will be able to report their actions taken under the initiative.

5. Intended outcomes

By the end of the 6-week mentorship initiative, participants are expected to have gained a comprehensive understanding of international trade and will also get insights into specific industry & its clusters, supply chain & logistics, trade regulations and industry best practices. The program aims to accelerate the professional growth, expand networks, and enhance the knowledge and skills of participants involved, leading to more successful and sustainable international trade endeavors.

Note: The program structure can be further tailored to suit the specific requirements and preferences of the industry and participants involved.

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