SOP for claiming exemption from GST on imports for covid relief material has been issued. Anyone who wants to claim such exemption may please contact any of the nodal officers below.

Government of Haryana
Excise and Taxation Department
F NO: FTD-070001/47/2021-ADDL. ETC (GST)-ETD

Dated 7Th May 2021
E-office No. 225547

Standard Operating Procedure for claiming Ad hoc Exemption Order No. 4/2021-Customs

The Government of India vide Ad hoc Exemption Order No. 4/2021-Customs has exempted all goods falling under Notification No. 27/2021-Customs, dated the 20th April, 2021 and Notification No. 28/2021-Customs, dated the 24th April, 2021 for whole of integrated goods and services tax subjected to certain conditions as specified under the notification.

In pursuance of the Notification, Government of Haryana vide Order no. dated 28/18/2021- 5B&C/11325 dated 5th May 2021 have appointed Sh. Ashok Sangwan, IAS, Resident Commissioner, Haryana Bhawan, New Delhi as the nodal officer and Sh. Siddharth Jain, IRS, Additional Excise Taxation Commissioner, Panchkula as the Additional Nodal officer for issuance of authorization certificate for free of cost of import of Covid relief material.

The following procedure may be followed for application and generation of the certificate :-

1. Any entity, relief agency or statutory body may apply to the any of the officers below for generation of the authorization certificate.

Email Address and Phone Number

2. While applying for the authorization certificate any entity, relief agency or statutory body may fill the form as provided under Annexure A. It may be noted that the process is being automated, but till the time such process is being automated the application with the attachments may be sent to any of the officers (Sr. 4 or 5) above.

3. Once the documents are received by the office, an exemption certificate as provided in Annexure B will be generated and communicated to applicant. Once, the online process starts then the certificate shall be uploaded online so that all interested parties – applicant or custom authorities can check the authenticity of the certificate.

4. The goods brought in for free of cost distribution shall be directed to the warehouse in Gurgaon designated for this purpose by Deputy commissioner, Gurgaon.

5. Once a authorization certificate is issued and the goods have been delivered to the designated warehouse then the nodal officer nominated by the Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon and the District Excise and Taxation Commissioner shall within a period of three months certify that the goods so delivered were distributed free of cost.

6. Any challenges in the instructions above may be brought to the notice of the Nodal officer or the Additional Nodal officer.

Sh. Ashok Sangwan, IAS,
Nodal officer and Resident Commissioner, Government of Haryana
New Delhi

Copy to :-

1. Chief Secretary to Government of Haryana.

2. Additional Chief Secretary to Government of Haryana, Health Department.

3. Additional Chief Secretary to Government of Haryana, Excise & Taxation Department.

4. All In-charge Officers of Districts for monitoring Covid-19 preparedness

5. Principal Secretary to Government of Haryana, Industries & Commerce Department

6. All Deputy Commissioners in Haryana State

7. Shri Pawan Kumar, Advisor, Foreign Cooperation Department, Haryana.

8. All Deputy Excise & Taxation Commissioners in Haryana State.

Download PDF about Standard Operating Procedure for claiming Ad hoc Exemption Order No. 4/2021-Customs


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