What is the NGO Darpan/Niti Aayog Registration?

NITI Aayog, National Institution for Transforming India comes into existence on 1st January 2015

Any Voluntary Organization/Trust/Society/Non-Profit Organization (Section 8 Company as per Companies Act, 2013) required to get themselves registered in Niti Aayog/NGO Darpan Portal to keep themselves updated with the latest new government schemes receiving grants under various schemes.

It is mandatory to get register with NGO Darpan to get approval for government grants & Funding under the government scheme.

Benefit of NGO Darpan/Niti Aayog Registration?

√ If you want to avail yourself grants from the government then it is mandatory to get You registered under NGO Darpan/NITI Aayog

√ The Government provide assistance in the forms of funding or other grants.

√ Unique Id that helps to improve goodwill and the credibility of NGO.

√ Enable Seamless flow of data from the government to various NGOs around the country.

√ Department will coordinate with the NGO Darpan to share various upcoming Schemes and important Information.

√ Apply online for NGO grants.

Who can apply for NGO Darpan/Niti Aayog Registration?

√  Non- Government Organisation

√  Voluntary Organization

√  Society

√  Trust

√  Charitable Institution

How to apply for NGO Darpan Registration?

Through the online portal of NGO Darpan Registration, you can apply for registration. Link: https://ngodarpan.gov.in/index.php/home

Sign up with a unique mobile no and email address and create a user id and password. Next, opt for the registration and provide all the required details of your VO/NGO.

What are the documents and details required for NGO Darpan Registration?

√  PAN Card of Voluntary Organisation/NGOs

√  Address Proof of Voluntary Organization/NGOs

√  Date of Registration of Trust/Society/NGO.

√  Adhaar Card/PAN Card of the Member of the governing body.

√  Trust Deed/Society Registration Certificate/Certificate of Incorporation of NGO

√  A valid unique Mobile and Email address of every member.

√  A detailed note on source of income or funding received or proposed to receive.

√  A detailed note on the activity of governing body did or proposed to be done.

√  Details of three members of the governing body who are on the executive committee will be designated on the below post.

    • Chairman/President or equivalent post
    • Secretary General (In-charge of Operation or equivalent post)
    • Treasurer/ Financial Trustee or equivalent post

If your documents are satisfactory and meet all the needs of the registration then it takes 3-5 days to get the application approved. When your application gets approved then a unique ID will be issued which will be used in the future for all correspondence purposes with the government.

What documents have to be uploaded after creating the NGO/VO’s account?

After getting registration and receiving any grant it’s mandatory to maintain accounts and provide that information to the ministry after the end of the financial year.

  • Submit Annual Documents
  • Annual Returns
  • Audited Statements etc.


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