The year 2016 has witnessed some largest FDI transaction in India, indicating the global confidence in Indian markets and this trend is certainly to continue. Needless to mention, the boost these transactions have given to the Indian M&A landscape is eminent. Considering the decline in the growth of global economy and an upswing in Indian economy, Indian businesses are likely to dominate global and domestic M&A.

Mergers and acquisitions- the evolving Indian landscapeWith the backdrop of a well-developed M&A legal and regulatory framework in India,
PwC presents their analysis in form of this report that covers the various aspects that a corporate would consider while attempting an M&A transaction.

This tailored guide thoughtfully covers the essential dimensions governing
the transactions:

  • M&A from an Indian perspective: its benefits and growth drivers
  • Indispensable aspects of a transaction
  • Developments impacting M&A transactions

Click Here to download your own copy.  We hope you find it insightful and relevant to your business.

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