October 20, 2016

Functions of the Banks Board Bureau

1. To be responsible for the selection and appointment of Board of Directors in PSBs and FIs (Whole-time Directors and Non-Executive Chairman);

2. To advise the Government on matters relating to appointments, confirmation or extension of tenure and termination of services of the Board of Directors of the above mentioned levels;

3. To advise the Government on the desired structure at the Board level, and, for senior management personnel, for each PSB and FI;

4. To help banks to develop a robust leadership succession plan for critical positions that would arise in future through appropriate HR processes including performance management systems.

5. To build a data bank containing data relating to the performance of PSBs/FIs and its officers;

6. To advise the Government on the formulation and enforcement of a code of conduct and ethics for managerial personal in PSBs/FIs;

7. To advise the Government on evolving suitable training and development programmes for management personnel in PSBs/FIs; and

8. To help banks in terms of developing business strategies and capital raising plan etc.

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