CA Navneet Saraf

CA Navneet Saraf

Dear Friends,

I am Navneet Saraf. I have completed CA, CS and CMA by the age of 23. I am 3rd person all over India to complete all three courses by the age of 23. I completed my CA by the age of 22. Further, I have cleared all the three courses in first attempt. Also, I have been All India Rank Holder securing Rank 13 and 16 in CMA inter and CMA final respectively. Further, I have completed my graduation from Delhi university.

I would like to thank the Taxguru for giving me this opportunity to share my experience.

First of all, I would like to request my fellow future professionals to focus on the concepts. If you are clear on your concepts, you can answer what have been asked to you in the question instead of just writing what all you know. Moreover, if your concepts are clear, it will take you lesser time when you are revising.

Considering the vast course content, one needs to keep a track of time so as to complete the course. I had a habit of planning my schedule to keep a track of time. I made subject wise targets and then broke it into daily targets. This really helped to complete my course on time and give me time for revision. However, one should neither spend too much time on planning nor should make any vague plans. One should try to make a realistic plan in minimum time.

I was very particular about my notes. I made sure that for my exams I refer only one note. I decided about ‘from where to study, what to study and what not to study’. This helped me in the next revision. I had my CS final and CMA final exams back to back over a period of 20 days. Management of notes in this way helped me to reduce the burden of syllabus and study more effectively.

There is no alternative to practice/revision. The more you revise, the better it is. I did atleast 3 revisions of each subject. I also believe that 10-15 days before the exams are really crucial. One should try to wrap up the course before it. And try to revise all subjects during these 10-15 days. This would also act as preparing for revision during the exams. The institute also issues mock test and practice test papers. Solving these was a good way of revision for me.

Lastly, I would say take optimum sleep before your exams. You wouldn’t like to attempt your exams with sleepy eyes or with a headache. Also, once you enter the exam centre, relax your mind. Let it rest for a moment before the 3 hours battle.

I hope my suggestions are helpful to the readers. All the best for your future.


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