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All the Regional Councils & Chapters of ICSI

The Council of the Institute in its 183rd meeting held on 8th-9th November, 2008 has approved the new training structure as under.  

I.       Duration of training 

It was decided that the present period of training of 15 Months may be continued. It was decided that students should be free to undergo training wholly or partly with a Company Secretary in Practice or a Company registered for imparting training.  

II.     Training Programmes 

The three programmes at different stages of the course would be conducted as under: 

a).      Student Induction Programme (SIP) – Duration – 7 days, to be completed by the students within 6 months of registration to the Executive Programme (Intermediate Exams ) covering the following areas:- 

1.                 English Speaking Skills.

2.                 Personality Development and Life Skills – Basic Concepts.

3.                 Introduction to Course Contents, Electives and Opportunities both in practice and employment.

4.                 Communication Skills, Writing ability-drafting etc.

5.                 Usefulness of Reading Newspaper

6.                 SWOT Analysis

7.                 Computer Literacy (Basics) 

b).      Executive Development Programme (EDP) – Duration 8 days, after passing the Executive Programme (Intermediate Exams) covering the following areas:-

 1.      Personality Development – and Life Skills – Advanced Concepts (Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making Skills, Team Spirit, Negotiating Skills)

2.       Computer Literacy and Training (Advance)

3.       General awareness of Indian/Global economy, business conditions, Regulatory Insight, Capital Markets, and opportunities 

4.       Organisation Structure, Role of ROC/CLB/SEBI/ SAT /Stock Exchanges/RBI/ CCI/ TRAI/NCLT/NCLTA

5.       Drafting of Minutes, Notices, Resolutions, Advance business tools such as internet browsing, video conferencing etc.

6.       Etiquettes, Inter personal skills, Communication skills, Office culture;

7.       Significance of training and Code of conduct applicable during training period 

c).      Management Skills Orientation Programme (MSOP) –Duration 15 days after passing Professional Programme (Final Exams) covering:- 


1.                 Leadership skills, Innovation, latest trends in management   thoughts.

2.                 Business strategy, Corporate restructuring through Mergers & Amalgamations, Take Over, Valuation, Competition Law, Consumer Protection.     

3.                 Cross border transactions, global business scenario.

4.                 Major tax laws, Double Taxation Treaty Agreements, Service Tax. 

5.                 Corporate Governance, Business Ethics, Sustainability.

6.                 Meetings, Secretarial Standards, Important provisions of Company Law.

7.                 Capital Market related topics, Regulatory insight, Exchange related issues.

8.                 Projects covering diverse areas including corporate laws.

9.                 Intellectual Property Rights

10.             Arbitration, Conciliation, Alternate Dispute Redressal    Mechanism

11.             Corporate Compliance Management

12.             Areas of Practice –Existing & Emerging

13.             Understanding  Financial Statements

14.             Art of Advocacy, Court craft, Pleadings

15.             Board Room behaviour, Drafting of Chairmen’s Speech, Directors’ Report

16.             Networking skills and business behaviour

17.             About ICSI and Code of Conduct

18.             Any other Topic of Topical interest. 

As far as practicable, the mechanism for MSOP should be through Case Studies, Story Telling, Group Discussions, Role Playing, simulation exercises and the like so as to provide a real-life particle exposure. 


1.           Behavioral Sciences

2.           Listing Compliances, Case Studies

3.           Sick Companies and solvency laws

4.           NGOs /Micro financing/Cooperati ve Societies

5.           Part IX Companies

6.           Practical aspects of Criminal law

7.           Inspection and Investigation, Compounding of offences under various laws Companies Act, FEMA, SEBI

8.           VAT-Procedure & Practice

9.           Laws relating to Intellectual Property Rights

10.       Taxation – Corporate Taxation, Personal Tax Planning & Management, Filing of Returns

11.       Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Funds

12.       International Trade & Policy

13.       Banking & Insurance

14.       Cyber laws

15.       Stress management 


It is proposed that the student Induction Programme (SIP) and Executive Development Programme (EDP) may be implemented w.e.f. 1st June, 2009 and TOP & ADP may be discontinued from the said date. 

The contents of the SMTP modules are being revised and the same will be made available to the Regional Council/ Chapter after their printing. 

Action on the other recommendations of the Task Force will be intimated in due course.  All Regional Councils/ Chapters are requested to confirm implement of the Schedule.  

Thanking You, 

Yours faithfully, 

( N K JAIN )

Secretary & CEO


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