Today a very dangerous and a critical situation of COVID 19 is going on around the whole world and the number of deaths and cases are going on increasing day by day and this has thrown all the countries economies into a very much backward moving situation. In this timing there is a lot of career time waste for the growing generations.

The President,
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
SUB: Please have some change in the exam pattern but not in the exam dates
Our Institute had in last few days had conducted a live webinar for to answer the doubts raised by the students and had given a very good and comforting response to the same. There was a presence of all the main members of our Institute who had gave their opinions on the questions raised by the students.
Today I am here to say about that, that The President of The ICAI Respected Atul Kumar Gupta has claimed that exams will be there 100% in July only and with an utmost security and care for the students and the papers will be given with a contact less medium and the entry will be given only after proper checking and all. But the place where problem seen by me and many more students is the place outside the examination center where all the students gathers before the exam timing.
As said by The Respected President of The ICAI that entry will be there with a proper care and security, it looks like that there will be a lot of time needed to check each and every one and so students will be gathering there before the entry time. If someone infected with Corona, not knowing of his infection, comes there then that person can’t be traced till the entry checking and in the meantime he can pass on his infection to all the students present over there and also some checking staff also can get infected.
Also many of the parents of students are asking of that what if there children gets infected with this dangerous situations reactions or if looses their life?
We all are not asking of to change the dates from July to November but are asking for to have written proof of the safety of our life and if that can’t be give then some kind of change in the examination pattern.
There is one suggestion I got is that The ICAI should go one for having Online exams. Also there can be fully MCQ based papers with having certain time limit both for paper and for also answering each question. Like if the experts feels that this question should be answered within this specific time then that much time limit should be set off for answering that question which would help in knowing the efficiency as well as the main thing is checking the knowledge level of the students.
Also there can be another pattern with some portion of MCQs and some Constructed Response (essay type) questions.
This idea of online examination is a very much sensible and if there remains a threat of copying then this timelines will break them and also the locations will be traced that no group of students are there gathering at a place and attaining papers and also there can be different series of papers which will also make question numbering different.
There are many Global Institutes taking their exams in the form of fully MCQ based or major MCQs portion and some portion of Constructed Responses questions which includes the exams like CFA, CPA USA, CMA, CAIA, FRM, CIPM, etc. This all of the Global Institutes are having computer based examination patterns and so we should also upgrade to such a kind of paperless examination system and with the help of todays technology we can get the results as soon as the examinations get over by having answer keys attached with the same.
I on behalf of all the students request The ICAI to give a written declaration on our safety and if goes wrong what will be the return helps they are going to give to the affected ones and their families.
I Thank our Honorary Prime Minister Narendra Modi sir for his help to all of us till time and am requesting them to have their vision on this and to get the Indian study system as well as examination patterns upgraded.
Please give your opinions to this if you all think that this should happen as this is in favour of all ie. the one who was telling to get exams held in July itself, the one who was telling that due to this danger of Covid 19 Virus the exams should be pushed back to November, also for ones who were telling that how we will be able to reach the examination center without proper transport as it is very far from my destiny and I have to cross the state borders and also other problems too.
The ICAI is also not able to get a proper judgement on the reopening of the examination center correction window and it is saying of that the exams will definitely happen in July end itself. By this all kind of non guaranteed dates and cares it is pushing students in a great confusion of getting a perfect timetable to do all the revisions and readings.
We should ask for both the things; the one is the absolutely guaranteed dates and the other is a written guarantee for the students care and security in this critical situation of Covid 19.

Get your opinions on this if you think of the same to be helpful.

(Article is been updated on 09.06.2020 as we removed one PARA of the article based on Comment from one of our reader)

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  1. Shwetha says:

    Firstly, this is a global pandemic and we cannot take it for granted.
    What is more important is life . I’m sure ICAI is in favor of students in this as they always have been. However,
    Many students might be asymptomatic or may come from containment areas. On the bigger picture it would be very tough to maintain social distancing and follow all measures in all centres and take such a huge risk by conducting exams.

    Secondly, students have been endlessly preparing for their exams without a certainty of when the exam is going to be held.
    As CA is an exam which cannot be taken easily and has to be prepared with preplanned timetables it has been causing a lot of stress for students with continuous changes in exam dates not only for July exams but also for November exams.

    ICAI has given an opt out for students and also given uncertainty for those who are not ready to opt out.
    Since students are already in a pressure of multiple date changes, now the option lies with them.
    However, as a student myself I feel in such times ICAI should not leave the decision at students discretion as they might be forced due to various factors to appear for the exam .

    Also, the whole idea of making this descriptive exams into MCQs and online pattern sounds absurd and would put students in dire confusions and stress.

    Kindly request ICAI to take a single strong decision keeping in mind both the students health and the situation of second wave of the pandemic which is yet to come.

    The most important thing here is, even if students want to write their exam which is fair from their side, They might have had a normal cold or fever for which they would have self medicated for the exam purpose. Either ways no one would go to the exam with a running temperature .

    The decision should be purely taken by ICAI and should be taken pretty fast.

  2. Palak says:

    I do not understand the viewpoint of these Students. Why are they continuously claiming postponement and cancellation. If they are not safe and can not give exams, just merely skip this term and appear for the next.
    What’s the harm to them where students of safe zones are willing to appear.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tht was a good letter indeed….
    Am sorry to say this but am not agreeing to the view points of yamini and jhalak of postponing the exams to Nov or in 2021.
    As a student persuading CA….changing of exams leads to depression among students including me….it’s not a factor to be avoided….
    As the corona cases are rising as we all know…it’s quite difficult of conducting exams offline due to safety measures….and online due to network issues….
    As I would suggest cancel all exams of may according to the no:of times they have appeared and the level of exam(for example a student who is currently repeating for foundation second time or something must free pass and a student to say in inter or in final according to level maybe second group second appearance yes)…
    Well this is not an exact solution but due to this time people especially repeaters have lost one chance we must show fair and justice for those group who suffers a lot….I am not putting down the students who are non repeaters but it’s their first chance..and they have to experience how tough each exam is and it’s preparation.

  4. Yamini varma says:

    It is not at all fair to Change the pattern of exams at the very perk stage , it is even okay if the exams were postponed . Changing of pattern is completely going to trouble students . If this is what expected from institute this is going to be the foolish expectation. Many students are suffering with network problems, due to their locations and In this situation changing to the McQ pattern and online examinations is not at all correct.

  5. Jhalak says:

    I think ICAI should postpone exams till November 2020 or should take in 2021. Online exams will be an issue for those having very poor network in their area.

  6. SRUSHTI says:

    MCQ at CA intermediate and final level won’t work .Written exams are the one by which students are given marks . By MCQ pattern it isn’t right .so exams should be either be postponed and shall be conducting in November or in 2021.

  7. SRUSHTI says:

    I think exams should be held in November .in today’s situation it is risky and dangerous to students health and also there are many difficulties to students .some are being made quarantine and also many other will be quarantine during the exam dates,then how these students are going to appear for exam.Instead the exams should be postponed .

  8. Lavanya tripuntri says:

    Yes,it is absolutely by day situation becomes worse. Iam from GHMC area here situation is too bad .in this situation how can we attend exams.plz we are requesting sir to change ur decision. by change the exam pattern or postponed the exams .
    Stay home stay safe.

  9. Varshini says:

    Can someone clarify on whether the lockdown days should be considered as working or not for students who are on exam leave..

  10. CA SNEH A SHAH says:

    CA exams must be taken at right time..I agree this is not the right time but if it’s not taken or go with online or multiple questions than what about hard work all students go through for passing exams..CA is the toughest course in exams and it requires to be fair for all..

  11. Khemrajkharel says:

    According to me conducting exam as usual (nor MCQ neither online)in Nov 2020 is a better option as there are number of problems and difficulties now to conduct exam by ICAI and students to attend the exam. As many of us are in Home town(I AM IN MANIPUR) where there are no CA exam centre my exam centre is in Bangalore. We spend or spending more than 35 to 40 days on quarantine. I think ICAI should think of us and many others facing difficulties like this too

  12. Khemrajkharel says:

    According to me conducting exam as usual in Nov 2020 is a better option as there are number of problems and difficulties now to conduct exam by ICAI and students to attend the exam. As many of us are in Home town(I AM IN MANIPUR) where there are no CA exam centre my exam centre is in Bangalore. We spend or spending more than 35 to 40 days on quarantine. I think ICAI should think of us and many others facing difficulties like this too

  13. G l Lavanya says:

    Conducting exams in July not safe at all
    Because there is no proper transportation,no hostel facility, online exams pattern…..Not practical….At present situation….
    Most of the students interested to postpone exams to November 2020

  14. Neethuponnuz says:

    This is absolutely crct day by day covid 19 situations r going students can write their exam in this situation…

  15. Smeeta Pinto says:

    A decision which is fair to all should be taken. We all know that CA is one of the toughest examination. By conducting the examination consisting of MCQs only, will it be fair to subsequent batches??

  16. Khalid aakhunji says:

    Pls don’t put half truth, like CPA USA and etc. are conducting online exams, candidates are required to go to the center where the appears online, they are not giving exams at home.
    So, there would not be any difference as to online exams and offline (written) exams.

  17. leeba varghese says:

    The best way is to conduct online exams at the candidates home.. there are many technology improvements to find the breach if committed by students or else.. postpone the exams is only way. Al candidates cannot die if the infection is spread.. even with society … We can all see in news where the deceased person’s body has been thrown for burial more than cat dies at street.. a institute should nt take risk with life of people. Career is more important ,only when there is life.. there can be a career

  18. priya soni says:

    It’s just not about exam on July or Nov or dec…but it is time to think for all the students who are there in India and all of their problem to come till exam hall and the risk of having the disease…its a high time ICAI should take action of changing the pattern otherwise result of it would be seen in coming days and we will just hav no option rather than saying it was not a good action of taking exam by icai

  19. Hariharan Sankar says:

    The revised pattern of exam is not advisable for the following reasons.
    1) It is too late now to go for a revised pattern especially at Inter, Final level.
    2) Even if introduced, it would create lot of tension in the minds of students as to their preparedness facing a new system.
    3) If introduced without proper testing, assessment of student, one who has already based on existing system and another based on new system, will create lot of anomolies in the Standard of passing.
    4) As Chennai High court put forth today, Will the CA, or CMA institutes take up the responsibility of any untoward incident due to corona among students coming for exam?
    5) The best solution will be, not to conduct any exam, till the situation is brought under control.

  20. So.d says:

    India is having a record no of Corona cases every day.. its 3rd only following USA and Italy as per every day records..
    What is the point in taking examination like this?each and every person will have some risk for sure no matter what precautions are taken..
    Also all educational institutions have been ordered to remain closed till 15th August..till further notice.
    I think this term should be skipped and merged with nov term
    I know many students have been taking preparation but one must understand one can’t do anything that may prove fatal for him his family and others and their families too..

  21. Anish says:

    As far as the course is concerned, it’s a professional course, not a SSC or HSC class examination, there are states who conducted 10th and 12 Std examination at school centers very smoothly. When Compared to the age difference icai students are mature enough to handle their safety. We can’t push further with the timeline. We can’t sit home and ask for our safety to any institution. That time has passed. Future is in our hands.

  22. Foram says:

    Exame must be postpond. Safety matters above all. And covid has also mske us emotionaly week, in this situation it is not possible to concentrate on exam preparation.

  23. Manisha Gupta says:

    All the teachers at the center sign the copies after coming very close to us. They also collect and distribute the admit cards once they are signed. At every cost there is a full chance of the students getting infected. The teachers could also be a carrier. How can we be sure that the table and the chair that is being used by other students on the alternative days is sanitized properly? Online exams is a good option. We can get the cameras installed so that we can be monitored properly. It’s high time ICAI makes some serious decisions.

  24. PRASANT says:

    Why don’t you accept you have to live with Covid.
    Cancellation isn’t the solution, it’s only us students at loss. Moreover by medical terms a full proof vaccine minimum time required is one year. So if you want to cancel take it until there’s a vaccine else there’s always a risk for COVID 19.

    This is CA exam. There is a particular pattern for which we students have prepared. Changing the pattern over night isn’t a solution. Huge time goes into a specific type of preparation. Please be logical over MCQ immediately. This isn’t CAT that only AI software for checking the frauds during exam will do the work.
    Entire system needs a deep change and time for students to adapt with relevant and sufficient questions to adapt.
    Moreover, I am just hoping you are aware the range of income group students that are involved in CA course, not everyone will get a laptop, required internet connection or even a proper environment to write exams.

    I hope you be more logical and sensible with your demands.

  25. Dheeraj says:

    Please dont declare the exams on july end it is more dangerous for all students and teachers so please dont take huge risk once if life goes u cant achieve anything so better to wait till the reduction of caronavirus

  26. Venkateshwar Rao Pappu says:

    Sugesting to conduct CA examination online is not feasible as most of the students do not have PC or Laptop.We have to learn to live with COVID 19 till the medicine is invented

  27. C.DURGA LAHARI says:

    The lines were absolutely true and such an assurance needed to be given by ICAI since the condition is getting worst day by day .. Hope respected president of ICAI provides a clear cut information regarding this …

  28. K sindhuja says:

    We cannot expect that the corona curve will flatten in november. Its better to conduct exams in july itself by taking certain protective measures .
    1. ICAI has limited centres across india. Students on an average will get one centre for one district. By increasing no. Of centres we can maintain social distance
    Also many of the major cities are under red zones .
    2. When it comes to matter of students outside exam hall prior to exam checking can be done with socila distancing as like for darshans in temples much before exam time

  29. Sanjana says:

    Your point is as if every student doing CA has access to laptop/computer and network that is strong enough to sustain an online exam. No now don’t tell everyone has mobile data. A 2g mobile data is not same as network needed to write exam. What if in middle of writing exam, network is cut off? What should such student do? And if you say students can go to call center or somewhere else fr writing exam, then that is again a public space that risks student’s life. It is no better situation than public place like exam hall. And even if ICAI gives written guarantee, what can you even do with that guarantee paper if you get COVID-19?? Go to court to sue ICAI? All this is just good in theory not practical. Either we have to take risk and write exam or ICAI must just postpone it. That’s all.

  30. XYZ says:

    Hi… I completely agree with this… It can be a major issue for all the students as well as their families, for which ICAI will not take any responsibility. The students from small town/villages will have to travels to cities to give their exams. It will be very hard for them to find a place to stay. Also, the commute in big cities can be an issue for the students. I am currently working in Bangalore and my exam centre is 12 kms away. I cannot go home[uttar pradesh] as there is a chance that I might get infected before reaching there and also that i might infect my parents. Online exams should be given a serious thought by the institute. We don’t want ICAI to delay the exams but to conduct it online or else take full responsibility of all the students appearing for the examination country wide. Kindly consider this. I support all the issues mentioned in the article above. We should make sure that this article reaches ICAI president for the benefit of students.

  31. Ramachandran G P says:

    It would be prudent to hold the exams in Nov, 2020 by which time the curve is expected to flatten. Holding the exam in Iuly / August 2020 is highly risky as the pandemic is predicted to peak during this period. Holding exams during this period could cause problems over which the ICAI will have no control. Loosing 6 months is not a deprivation that students should really brood over if it can mitigate the risk of students getting exposed to life threatening Coronavirus attack. The rhetoric of the president that he will hold the exams in July guaranteeing full safety to students is fool hardy. On line examination is not an option in the existing examination system.

  32. Abhrakesh Mankad says:

    If parents are that much worried then let the student take drop in this exam. Is there any guarantee that student will not suffered other than COVID19 ?
    If parents of .medical students ,police team,and other warriersstarts asking for such guarantee where the Authority stands?
    These are foolish and useless expectations from ICAI

  33. BNPatra says:

    There should be objective type questions which is sufficient to judge the merit of a student.Camera should be installed with each candidate’s computer to avoid malpractice.

  34. Megha says:

    Absolutely correct…conducting exam in July or August will gng to bring irreparable losses to candidates n their families…exams shld b cancelled…

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