Q. Tell me something about yourself that I didn’t know from reading your resume.

Don’t just repeat what’s on your resume. Think of a talent or skill that didn’t quite fit into your employment history, but that’s unique and reveals something intriguing about your personality or past experience.

“You wouldn’t know that I’ve managed my own small portfolio since I was sixteen, but I believe that it’s important for you to understand my interest in investment sales. I’ve averaged a 12 percent return over the past eight years.”

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  1. RAHUL says:

    Truly very informative article & cleared all the FAQ related to the questions raised by interviewer.Can’t wait for the part-3.

  2. Dileep kumar says:

    xcellent skills bro

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  4. senthil kumar says:

    Thougt provoking articles. I requested several my friends to go through this article (not only candidates but interviewers too.)

  5. Shriram Wagh says:

    Very Nice & helpful..

  6. dhiraj shanklecha says:

    Seriously a must read article for all the freshers. Thanks Abhishek for the concern you have shown.

  7. CA Abhishek Jain says:

    Thanks to all of you…

    the last 2 parts will be available shortly on TaxGuru..

  8. srinath says:

    This is really good. A very informative content.

  9. RANGA says:

    Very informative & helpful article. It is very Nice

  10. CA. Subhash Chandra Podder says:

    Thanks for the Article .

  11. CS Bharati Shah says:

    Nice and very useful suggestions. Appreciate your efforts.

  12. janu says:

    Thank u for publishing this informative Article which would be very useful for our future. Waiting for more articles like this.

  13. Chintan says:

    Very nice article…really helpful….

  14. Jayesh Jain says:

    Q&A are really well written. Definitely would wait for the other Q&A coming up.

  15. Manjunatha says:

    Thank you very much for suggestions.

  16. YAGAY and SUN (Consultants) says:

    Nice Show Brother! Keep it up.

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