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Each one of us including myself at some point amidst our journey of top notch employments have felt that I’m more deserving than everyone else when the season of promotions sets in. 

But there is a change of plan, life utters out loud in public, dreams get shattered and someone else, who you thought is nobody gets the recognition that you thought you deserved.

You have two options here, either keep feeling that slap times and again straight in your face, develop hate to the core for the new born competitors for life and keep low about it or be that ferocious lion that you are and just acquire the following little candies in your basket to be the polished shining version of yourself and experience the places life takes you to:

1) Be the Leader

Use your courage to develop likes from the within the team by working cohesively. Acknowledge the contribution of others and appreciate their good in public to develop their cooperation for the time when you do the criticism.  Being able to get things done is even difficult than doing it on your own. Accept the substandard work when you have no other choice but delegate appropriately and skillfully in a way to challenge the talent that you have. Always remember subordinates’ opinion matter.

2) Observe before being told

Every organisation has certain core values and culture that matters the most to them. Care for them. Show the management that you can relate to the values their business is based upon. Observe the boss, seniors and the peers to develop an understanding of the surroundings before you are told and tamed to act in a certain manner. The former will bring laurels while you’ll feel uncomfortable in the latter.

3) Let your inner guide move you

You’ve been told multiple times and you’ve told this to others yourself that failing is not the end and one has to rise above failures and be determined to reach the goal. Practice it. Move unaffected or rather less affected by the obstacles and be the winner more often than you see failures.

4) Follow the HCE policy

Forget the cheap success formula of licking shoes to asses, Be Happy, Confident and Egoless in everything you do. This theorem applies to every aspect of your life whether professional or otherwise. If you choose to be happy, you’ll be least affected by the negativity and such people around, Confidence will bring out the best of you and being Egoless will make you the apple in the eye of even haters, let alone your fans who’ll fetch you rewards.

Follow these short crisp tips and get ready to rise above the odds………

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