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CESTAT e-Filing Software User Manual explains about New User Registration, User Home Page Navigation, Filing,  (Petition/Appeal) Filing – Petitioner, Application Filing – Petitioner/Respondent and Document Filing (Additional Document Upload on

User Registration

1. Click on ‘New User’ button for registration on e-Filing website –

New User

2. New User Registration page:

For trial e filing Users Should use default OTP i.e. 1234

User has to fill all fields

3. Logon to CESTAT e-Filing website

Users registration will be verified by the department and then will approve or reject accordingly.

user credentials and captcha

4. Login – Disclaimer

Login - Disclaimer

5. Dashboard :

edit Profile


Fresh Filing

I. Original Filing:This menu has three submenu (i.e. A. Fresh Filing (New Appeal), B. Filed Cases, C. Draft case)

A. Fresh Filing (New Appeal):-In this user has to follow eight steps for filing of a case [step-1: Check List]

complete the checklist

A. Fresh Filing (New Appeal): [step-2: Basic Details (pt-I)]

basic details

save & next button

A. Fresh Filing (New Appeal): [step-3: Appellants]

step, please select No. of Applicant

A. Fresh Filing (New Appeal): [step-4: Respondent]

After filling in the details

A. Fresh Filing (New Appeal): [step-: 5 Counsel/Representative Details]

add respondent details

A. Fresh Filing (New Appeal): [step-: 6 document upload]

document type

A. Fresh Filing (New Appeal): [step-: 7 Fee Details]

Fee Details

A. Fresh Filing (New Appeal): [step-: 8 Final Preview]

Final Preview

success message

I. Original Filing: (B. Filed Cases)

Filed Cases

I. Original Filing: (C. Draft Cases)

C. Draft Cases

II. Application Filing: This menu has three submenus (i.e. A. Application Filing, B. Filed Cases, C. Draft case)

A. Application Filing :- In this user has to follows eight steps for filing the Application. [step-1: Basic Details]

step-1: Basic Details

A. Application Filing :- [step-2: Party Details]

step-2 Party Details

A. Application Filing :- [step-3: set priority]

step-3 set priority

A. Application Filing :- [step-4: Advocate]

step-4 Advocate

A. Application Filing :- [step-5: Upload Document]

step-5 Upload Document

A. Application Filing :- [step-6: Final Preview]

step-6 Final Preview

A. Application Filing :- [step-7-8: Payment and Receipt]

step-7-8 Payment and Receipt

B. Filed Cases :- Here user can see all filled applications

user can see all filled applications

B. Filed Cases :- Here user can see all draft cases list and can be edit and Finalized.

draft cases list and can be edit

III. Document Filing: This menu has three submenus (i.e. A. Document Filing, B. Filed Cases, C. Draft case)

A. Document Filing :- six steps are to be followed to file additional Document . [step-1: Basic Details]

can be searched by case

A. Document Filing : [step-2: Party Details]

Document Filing

A. Document Filing : [step-3: Upload Documents]

selected document, click on

A. Document Filing : [step-4: Advocate Details]

if counsel is authorized

A. Document Filing : [step 5: Final Preview]

pre-viewing all the details given

A. Document Filing : [step 6: Receipt]

document diary No. will be generated

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