Every company having foreign investment (FDI), is required to report Reserve Bank Of India. Below two conditions need to be looked in to in case of FDI .

1. Foreign investment must be in compliant to FDI policy.

2. Securities issued must be in accordance with the Foreign Exchange Management.

As announced  in the First Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Review dated April 5, 2018 announced that, with the objective of integrating the extant reporting structures of various types of foreign investment in India, it will introduce a Single Master Form (SMF) subsuming all the existing reports. The filing of SMF would be online.

Under the head Single Master form FC-GPR, FC-TRS, LLP-I, LLP-II, CN, ESOP, DI, DRR, InVi are to be filed and submitted. The Reserve Bank of India (the “RBI“), on September 1, 2018, released a user manual (the “SMF Manual“) to clearly set out the procedure for filing a single master form (the “SMF“), which it introduced on June 7, 2018, to integrate the existing reporting norms for foreign investment in India.

What is FC-GPR?

  • Form FC-GPR: Issue of capital instruments by an Indian company to a person resident outside India
  • It is a form issued by RBI under Foreign Exchange Management Act,1999. When the company receives the foreign investment and against such investment the company allots shares to such foreign investor then it is the duty of the company to file details of such allotment of shares with The RBI within 30 days and for that company has to use the form FC-GPR (Foreign Currency- Gross Provisional Return) for submitting details with RBI.

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Details that needs to be obtained before starting the process of filing the Form:

Within 30 days from the date of issue of securities, the company shall file the Form FC-GPR with the RBI in Single Master. Before reporting the transactions the applicant needs to obtain the following details to avoid any hassle while filing the form.

  • Unique Identification Number from RBI by reporting of Advance Foreign Remittance.
    • KYC Report for the beneficiary if the beneficiary and remitter are different entities.
    • CS Certificate.
    • Certificate from SEBI registered Merchant Banker/ Chartered Accountant indicating the manner of arriving at the price of the shares issued to the persons resident outside India.
  • Disclaimer Certificate.
  • Statutory Auditor Certificate.
  • Board resolution.
  • LRN(Loan Registration Number) allotted.
  • Copy of FIPB approval (if required).
  • Details of Transfer of shares if any.
  • No Objection certificate from the remitter for the shares being allotted to the third party mentioning their relationship.
  • Letter from the foreign investor explaining the reasons for making subscription to shares by the remitter on his behalf.
  • Copy of Agreement/Board resolution from the investor company for issue and allotment of shares to the foreign investors, other than remitter.
  • Reason for delay in submission(if required.)

Detailed steps as to how to file Form FC-GPR with RBI:

Now that all the above information and documents are obtained, The Form FC-GPR can be filed using the following steps:

  • Step 1: Registration for Business User.
  • Step 2: Logging in to firms.
  • Step 3: Logging in to SMF and reach out to your workspace.
  • Step 4: Select the Return type.
  • Step 5: Common Investment details.
  • Step 6: Issue Details.
  • Step 7: Foreign Investment Details.
  • Step 8: Amount of Issue.
  • Step 9: Particulars of Issue.
  • Step 10: Shareholding Pattern.
  • Step 11: Submitting the Form.

Step 1- Registration for Business User:-

  • The applicant reporting for the transaction in Single Master form at FIRMS. A business user can use his login credentials for only the entity that has authorized him/her to report the transactions. If the person wants to act as a BU for another entity, he must register himself separately.
  • For registering as a business user go to the FIRMS website at https://firms.rbi.org.in
  • On the website open the Registration or for New Business User.
  • Now fill up the details in the form namely.
    • Name
    • User name (which should be unique)
    • E-mail address
    • Phone no.
    • Address
    • IFSC Code of the Bank branch to whom the reporting would be made.
    • Authority letter as an attachment
    • Company CIN/LLPIN
    • PAN Number
    • Entity name
  • After filling the details the BU has to submit the form.
  • After BU submits the registration form, the same will have to be verified by the AD Bank Branch concerned. The approval/ rejection of the same would be communicated through email notification to the BU.

Step 2: Logging in to firms:-

  • For logging in to FIRMS go to the website https://firms.rbi.org.in
  • There by using User Name and default password given via an email, the BU will be able to set a new password.
  • Logging in to FIRMS will lead the BU to his/her workspace.

Step 3: Logging in to SMF and reach out to your work space:-

  • After completing the submission process for the form of registration of new business user, you will be able to login to the firms (website for the same is https://firms.rbi.org.in) now you can Login into SMF and reach your work space (Screen Shot).

Dashboard of RBI

  • Now Click on the left navigation button you will be able to see many options and from  that select Single Master Form  (ScreenShot).

Menu of RBI

Step 4: Select the Return type- Form FC-GPR:-

  • On single Master Form Click on the drop down menu “Return Type”where you will be able to see different types of forms Select “Form FC-GPR” and click on the Add new return.The user will be taken to form FC-GPR. Where certain details will be pre-filled  like CIN, Company name, Pan Number etc. while some details like entry route and applicable sectoral cap/statutory ceiling will have to be filled (ScreenShot).

Select the Return type- Form FC-GPR

Step 5: Common Investment details.

  • Then you will have to file the common investment details. These details are common to all the returns that can be reported in SMF In FC-GPR form Fill up the common  investment details such as shareholding pattern, Date of issue of shares etc.

Common Investment details

Step 6: Issue Details:-

  • Issue details such as Date of Issue, Nature of Issue, Initial FC-GPR Reference No. in case of subsequent filing.Whether the change in the shareholding pattern due to this transaction being reported has already been accounted in the pre transaction shareholding pattern.

Issue Details

Step 7: Foreign Investment Details:-

  • Foreign investors details such as Number of investors General details like Name Address Country of residence Constitution/nature of the investing entity (Specify whether)

Foreign Investment Details

Step 8: Amount of Issue:-

  • In the FC-GPR form the next thing you will have to fill in the total amount of inflow and the total amount for which the capital instruments have been issued.

Amount of Issue

Step 9: Particulars of Issue:-

  • The next step for reporting the Form FC-GPR to the RBI the next set of details would be particulars of issues.
  • There would be an auto populated table for the consolidated particulars of issue.
  • Fair value of issue in rupees to be filled in as per the valuation certificate issued by the authorised person along with the attachment as “valuation certificate”.
  • And lastly, there would be a declaration by the BU.

Particulars of Issue

Step 10: Shareholding Pattern:-

  • Value of equity shares (on a fully diluted basis) other than Foreign Portfolio Investment and indirect foreign investment or Value of Capital contribution/profit shares, Foreign Portfolio Investment, and Indirect foreign investment- Value of equity shares (on a fully diluted basis)
  • Pre transaction values are auto-populated from the Entity Master (tab 3)
  • Post transaction values are auto-calculated based upon the details provided in the form. Post transaction=Pre transaction value of shares + Value of shares reported in the form.
  • The Business user shall ensure that the details are correctly filled in the form, so that the shareholding pattern which is auto- calculated is correct.

Shareholding Pattern

Step 11: Submitting the Form.

  • After filling in all details, click on the Save and Submit for submitting the form.

List of documents to be submitted along with Form FC-GPR:-

1. Declaration : As per the format given in the RBI user manual. To be attached as “other attachments”.

2. CS certificate: As per the format given in the RBI user manual. To be attached as “other attachments”.

3. Valuation certificate: As prescribed and applicable under FEMA 20(R). To be attached at “Valuation certificate”. For rights issue, valuation certificate is not required. A declaration (plain paper) may be attached that the rights issue to persons resident outside India is not at a price less than the price offered to persons resident in India.

4. Relevant acknowledgment letters for FC-TRS/FC-TRS filed for the original investment for rights or bonus issue. To be attached as “other attachments”

5. Board resolution : Only the relevant extracts. To be attached as “other attachments”

6. Memorandum of Association : if applicable. Relevant extracts to be attached as “other attachment”.

7. Merger/ Demerger/ Amalgamation: relevant extracts to be attached at the specified attachment “relevant approvals from the competent authority”.

8. FIRC and KYC : at the specified attachments.

Note that only following securities are considered under FDI.

  • Equity Shares.
  • Convertible Preference shares.
  • Convertible Debentures.

FAQs regarding the FC-GPR:

Q 1. Whom should I contact first with respect to Business User registration and forms filed in SMF?

Ans:  Contact your Authorised Dealer Bank first. Business User registrations and forms filed in SMF are processed at AD level.

Q 2. I have registered as an Entity user but cannot see option for filing Single Master Form (SMF)?

Ans: For filing in SMF, one has to register as a Business User, which is separate from Entity User.

Q 3. I am filing a form in SMF but the pre transaction values in Shareholding pattern are not correct?

Ans: The pre transaction values in the Shareholding pattern are fetched from the details in the Entity Master. Please verify the details in the Entity master.

Q 4. I have filed one form in SMF, but have not received acknowledgement?

Ans: All Forms in SMF are processed at AD bank level. Contact your AD bank to whom the reporting was made (as per the IFSC chosen at the time of Business User registration).

Q 5. I have filed one file in SMF, but I cannot file any other form and the error pop-up “Submitted forms are under approval”.

Ans: All forms in SMF are integrated with the Entity master and updates the shareholding pattern in the entity master upon acknowledgement. Therefore, the previous forms has to be completely processed before second form can be filed. Please check with your AD bank.

Q 6. What is the time limit for filing of Form FC-GPR?

Ans: You need to file the Form FC-GPR within 30 days of allotment of shares.

Q 7. I have more than 1000 shareholders to whom bonus or rights issue is made. How do I make filing in FC-GPR-SMF?

Ans: FC-GPR is required to be filed where the foreign investment is reckoned as an FDI i. e. only for those non-resident investors where the original investment is FDI. File form FC-GPR in SMF accordingly.

However, it is to be noted that merely filing of the Form FC-GPR does not discharge an entity of its duties in regards to compliance with the relevant laws, the same shall be considered complete only after the approval of RBI.

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    1. Ishita Ramani says:

      Hello Surya Prabha,

      Thank you writing to me. For FC-GPR filing for the first time, both registration as business user and Entity registration is mandatory.

      If you have any queries or difficulties you may reach out to me on +919643203209 or mail me ar [email protected].

    1. Ishita Ramani says:

      Hello Ma’am,

      Thank you for your comment. FCGPR can be filed multiple times with different allotments of share and can it be filed in the same user credential When the capital instruments issued are either partly paid up or share warrants where Form FC-GPR is filed multiple times for one allotment, as and when the remittance is received. All you have to do is enter the reference number, if any, which could be Ebiz application number or the acknowledgement number for the previously filed FC-GPR for that particular allotment.

      To know more you can get in touch you may call reach out to me on +919643203209 or [email protected]

  1. Pandu says:

    Does any one have format for No Objection certificate from the remitter for the shares being allotted to the third party mentioning their relationship.

    1. Harish Dham says:

      Acknowledgment receipt from RBI in respect of FCGPR filed in 2008 through AD PNB has been misplaced . AD is not making available a copy of acknowledgement as the account is closed and old records not available. For clearance of remittance from sale of shares abroad FCGPR has been filed through new AD but RBI wants acknowledgment copy and receipt number of approval of FCGPR filed In 2008 at the time of original allotment of shares which is not available. Please advice how to go about

    2. Ishita Ramani says:

      Hello sir,

      Thank you for your query. Well, whenever the RBI approves the form FC-GPR, the acknowledgement / approval letter is received via an Email from RBI. However, you may also download / check the same by using your FC-GPPR Login credentials.

  2. swati agarwal says:

    For FC-GPR filing, only registration as business user is enough or also need to do Entity registration?

    Any reporting to be done on ebiz portal?

    1. Ishita Ramani says:

      Hello Swati,

      Thank you writing to me. For FC-GPR filing for the first time, both registration as business user and Entity registration is mandatory. However, there is no need of making any separate reporting on Ebiz portal as under new reporting regime, ARF and FC-GPR have been merged into single FC-GPR form which is now filed in SMF.

      If you have any queries or difficulties you may reach out to me on +919643203209 or mail me ar [email protected].

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