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F. No.DGIT(S)/DIT(S)-3/AST/Scrutiny/Manual Orders Upload/110/2016-17

Dated: 21.03.2017

All Principal Chief Commissioners of Income-tax / CCslT (By Name)
All Principal Director General of Income Tax / DGslT (By Name)
All Principal Commissioner of Income-tax/CsIT/CsIT(Admin & CO) (By Name)


Sub:Time Barring Scrutiny cases pending to be uploaded on the AST System-reg.

Ref: E-mail dated 18.01.2017 on the same subject sent by this office

Kindly refer to the above.

2. With respect to the subject cited above, the time limit for uploading of manually passed orders on the AST system was extended by 60 days i.e. upto 01.03.2017. Even now it is seen that a large number of cases where Notice u/s 143(2) has been issued but Scrutiny order is yet to be uploaded in the AST system. The Chairman,CBD Thad desired that the technical reasons,if any, preventing the upload of Assessment Orders in the AST System may be examined by the Directorate and an additional time window may be provided to Assessing Officers to complete the upload.

3. Accordingly,the reasons for pendency in uploading of orders were enquired from the field formation and found that, in general, the orders had not been uploaded in the following cases:

SI. No Reasons Further Action by AO
1 Original & Revised Return both exist in cases selected for scrutiny and Scrutiny Order is passed on the Revised Return only. No further action by AO is required as the AST system will auto close the pendency
2 Cases referred to/pending with
No further action except for passing final order on the AST system as and when the case is referred back to the AO by TPO/DRP
3 Cases abated due to Search Action initiated u/s 132 (& where 153A notices are yet to be issued by the Central charges) No further action required as the AST system will auto-mark the cases as abated and pendency will be closed.
4 Cases where return is not e-filed in response to notice u/s 148 Manual orders to be uploaded before
5 Cases centralized/ transferred whereas PAN is not migrated or is under migration PAN to be expeditiously migrated and manual orders to be uploaded before 07.04.2017
6 Any other cases facing technical issues Complaints may be lodged on ITBA Help Desk and after resolution of the problem,manual orders to be uploaded before 07.04.2017

4. With a view to effectively manage and collect the demand(by way of refund adjustment or otherwise) and to ensure that al lthe demand sare available on the system, the Directorate has extended the time limit for uploading of manual orders upto 07.04.2017. It is therefore requested that the ADs may be instructed to take necessary further action as per the above table. There are no other technical reasons for Non-upload.

5. The summary of cases where Notice u/s 143(2) has be.en issued but Scrutiny order is yet to be uploaded is attached.The list of cases where manual order upload is still pending as on date is placed at the following path on i-taxnet for ready reference:

Resources-> Downloads-> Systems-> Instructions-AST-> Cases pending for Manual Order Upload

6. Complaints may be lodged on ITBA Helpdesk, in case any technical difficulty is faced while uploading the order in specific cases for resolution.

7. This is issued with the approval of Pr. DGIT(S)

Your Sincerely,

(Ramesh Krishnamurthi)

ADG(S)-3, New Delhi


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