What is Form 16?

Form 16 is one of the most crucial documents for every salaried individual. This certificate is issued under section 203 of the IT Act for tax deducted at source from salary. It is a detailed record of Income Tax deducted from the salary of the employee by the employer. Also,known as a Salary Certificate since it also contains all salary components as well as tax deducted from it. Even when there is no tax deduction from the salary of the employee, this document is issued to all salaried individuals.

What is Form 16 Generator?

As a company you are mandated to send Form 16 to all your employees. The Form 16 Generator is a tool which simplifies an employer’s efforts to generate Form 16s for all their employees. It takes excel spreadsheet as input and generates a PDF document for each of your employees. H&R Block’s innovative Form 16 generator is already downloaded and being used by 1000s of companies. It’s completely FREE for generating up to 500 Form 16s (No hidden fees).

Link to Download Form 16 Generator


The key features of H&R Block’s innovative FORM 16 GENERATOR are:

  1. Generates Part B, 12BA and Form 12BB.
  2. Simplifies Part A and Part B merging.
  3. Enables digital sign for generated Form 16s.
  4. Allows to ‘password protect’ the generated Form 16.
  5. Facilitates to customise the software as per your needs.
  6. Enables linking of Form 16 to file the Income Tax online.
  7. Cover page with a link to e-file taxes for each process.
  8. Auto email Form 16 to employees with a single click.
  9. Helps clear database with a single click.
  10. Options to choose a password.

The key advantages of Form 16 Generator are –

  1. Fastest software in the industry.
  2. To generate 25,000 Form16, it will only take 15 minutes.
  3. Dashboard to manage the companies with multiple TAN’s.
  4. Option to generate Form 16 for all or a single selected employee.
  5. Generate, merge, sign and password protect your Form 16 with a single software.
  6. Each of the above utilities can also work independently.
  7. Employers need not physically sign every Form 16.

If you are looking for an innovative, time-saving and easy to use tools to facilitate Form 16 for their employees, H&R Block Form 16 Generator is your product.

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