ITR 1, ITR 2, ITR 3, SUGAM (ITR-4S), ITR-4, ITR 5, ITR-6, ITR-7 in excel, word &  Pdf Format for A.Y. 2011-12 / FY 2010-11

New Income Tax Return Forms for Assessment Year 2011-12. CBDT notifies New Income Tax Return Forms for the Assessment Year 2011-12. This year CBDT has introduced separate ITR 4 (SUGAM (ITR-4S) for those who are filing Presumptive Business Income tax Return.  CBDT has also renamed ITR I to ITR-1 SAHAJ.

We have uploaded below ITR  1- Sahaj, ITR 2, ITR 3,  ITR-4, SUGAM (ITR-4S), ITR 5, ITR-6 and  ITR-7 in  Pdf  Format applicable for Assessment year 2011-12 and Financial Year 2010-11. In addition to these we have also uploaded ITR 2, ITR 3,  ITR-4 and  ITR 5, ITR 6 and ITR 7 in Word Format.  We will soon upload all the ITR and acknowledgement in Excel Format also.

Applicability Download in Word format Download in PDF format Download in Excel format
Indian Individual Income tax Return ITR-1 SAHAJ ITR-1 SAHAJITR- 1 Sahaj (Hindi)

Print Specifications for SAHAJ & SUGAM

Common Questions for SAHAJ & SUGAM

FAQ’s on SAHAJITR-1 SAHAJITR-1 SAHAJ (ZIP)   For Individuals and  HUFs not having Income from Business or ProfessionITR-2ITR-2ITR 2 (Hindi Form)



For Individuals/HUFs being partners in firms and not carrying out business or profession under any proprietorshipITR-3ITR-3ITR 3 (Hindi Form)


ITR-3   Sugam – Presumptive Business Income tax ReturnSUGAM (ITR-4S)SUGAM (ITR-4S)SUGAM (ITR-4S) (Hindi Form)

Print Specifications for SAHAJ & SUGAM

Common Questions for SAHAJ & SUGAM

SUGAM (ITR-4S)   For individuals and HUFs having income from  a proprietory business or professionITR-4ITR-4ITR- 4 (Hindi Form)


ITR-4   For firms, AOPs and BOIsITR-5ITR-5ITR -5 (Hindi Form)


ITR-5   For Companies other than companies claiming exemption under section 11ITR-6ITR-6ITR 6 (Hindi Form)
ITR-6   For persons including companies required to furnish return under section 139(4A) or section 139(4B) or section 139(4C) or section 139(4D)ITR-7ITR-7ITR 7 (Hindi Form)
ITR-7 ITR –V Acknowledgement for ITR-1 SAHAJ, ITR- 2, ITR-3, SUGAM (ITR-4S), ITR-4, ITR 5 and  ITR 6 ITR –V Acknowledgement

We will upload remaining ITRs in Excel, Word and PDF format very soon. Keep visiting this page.

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