The Layoff of employees by the corporates has become the bitter truth of the corporate world. Thanks to the pandemic! When you hear about a company laying off its employees, you feel insecure and demoralized. I have heard of a quote that says – ‘You are paid by how hard you are to replace. Not by how hard you work.’  I know it sounds blunt, that could be true!

But can you be irreplaceable? Can you avoid layoff forever?

Yes, you can. Just reskill yourself and face layoff situations!

1. Be indispensable

Be indispensable at work so that your managers count on you and try to attain a position in your company which is essential for the success of your department.

2. Keep yourself updated

Update yourself with the latest trends in your industry. It is always good to remain updated with the current industry trends.

3. Be a team player

It said that “You are either part of a team or you play alone for the rest of your life”

You need to have a healthy relation with your colleagues.

4. Monopolize your niche area

Identify the skill in which you are better than the others. Master that area, go deep into it so that you can lead in that domain and even guide others.

5. Take initiative

See what part of your senior’s job can be done by you. Take initiative and ask for more work. This shows your willingness and your interest.

6. Be solution-oriented

People like those who focus on “How” and not “Why”. Try to solve the situation instead of highlighting the problems.

7. Think differently

Try to look at things differently as compared to your peers.

Have a fresh perspective. If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.

8. Minimal support from seniors

Work with minimal support and guidance from your managers and seniors.

Gain their confidence that you can perform a particular task independently!

To conclude, be productive, committed and have a good attitude!

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