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“Tajima” brand Embroidery machine whether vertical type or not – Regarding

Circular No. 42/42/94-CX (07/06/1994)

Circular No. 42/42/94-CX If the 'Tajima' brand embroidery machine is considered as vertical type then the fabrics embroidered on the said machine are to be classified under heading 58.05 attracting 'Nil' rate of duty....

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Circular No. 37/37/94-CX Dated 20/05/1994

Circular No. 37/37/94-CX (20/05/1994)

Circular No. 37/37/94-CX It has been represented that manufacturer of leather goods like Jackets/Wallets/bags etc, are being asked to get the central excise registration by the Central Excise Collectorates even though their clearances for home consumption is well within the exemption limit. It is further stated that they are being direct...

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Central Excise – Accounting, storage and clearance of scrap of metals – Procedure – Regarding

Circular No. 36/36/94-CX.8 (03/05/1994)

Cir. No. 36/36/94-CX.8 The Collector of Central Excise, Bombay-II has expressed certain doubts as to the accounting of scrap of metals and other materials arising during the course of manufacture of various excisable products, for the purpose of levy of excise duty consequent upon the changes brought about by Budget 1994-95. A copy of hi...

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Central Excise – Guidelines for launching prosecution under the Central Excise and Salt Act, 1944 – Regarding

Circular No. 35/35/94-CX (29/04/1994)

Cir. No. 35/35/94-CX Board has received the references regarding procedure to be followed in case prosecution to be launched where there is one. Adjudicating Officer for number of factories located under jurisdiction of different Collectorates....

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Certain Clarifications on invoice- based assessment Procedure-Regarding

Circular No. 34/34/94-CX (26/04/1994)

Circular No. 34/34/94-CX I am directed to state that after the introduction of invoice-based assessment procedure, a number of representations have been received from various quarters on the implementation of the new procedure. These representations have been examined and the following instructions for guidance....

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Circular No. 32/32/94-CX Dated : 11/04/94

Circular No. 32/32/94-CX (11/04/1994)

Cir. No. 32/32/94-CX I am directed to refer to Board's instructions contained in F.No. 289/10/91-CX.9 dated 18.3.91 under which powers have been delegated to the Principal Collectors of Central Excise to grant, in individual cases, the facility of payment of Central Excise dues in upto 12 installments on merits....

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Excise duty instructions Dated : 04/04/1994

F.No. 208/31/97-CX.6 (04/04/1994)

I am directed to refer to Boards letter F.No. 208/61/92-CX.6, dated 04/041996, whereby the Boards Circular No. 15/90-CX. 6, dated 09/08/1990 was modified so as to enhance the monetary limit for launching prosecution from Rs. 1 lakh To Rs. 5 lakhs....

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Central Excise – prosecution under the Central Excise and Salt Act,1944, Clarifications – Regarding

Circular No. 30/30/94-CX (04/04/1994)

Circular No. 30/30/94-CX Instructions contained in the aforesaid letter envisage that before launching any prosecution, it is necessary that the department should have evidence to prove that the person, company or individual had guilty knowledge of the offence or had fraudulent intention to commit the offence or in any manner possessed me...

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Use of Invoice w.e.f. 1.4.1994, Instruction – Regarding

Circular No. 29/29/94-CX (21/03/1994)

Cir. No. 29/29/94-CX I am directed to invite your attention to the provisions of Rules 52A and 173C of Central Excise Rules, 1944, as introduced by Notification No. 4/94-CE(NT) dated 1.3.94. These provisions come into force w.e.f. 1st April, 1994....

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Ammendment in Additional Duties of Excise (Goods of Special importance Act 1957) – Regarding

Circular No. 28/28/94-CX (08/03/1994)

Cir. No. 28/28/94-CX In continuation of this Department"s letter of even number dated 21.07.93 it is informed that vide sub-clause (a) of clause 63 of the Finance Bill, 1994, section 3(3) of the Additional Duties of Excise (Goods of Special Importance) Act, 1957 has been imposed to be amended so as to explicitly provide that the provisi...

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In today’s economic scenario the significance of taxes has increased and it now not limited to being a financial aid for the Governments. The Union or the Central Government imposes several taxes together with their state governments. Some of the taxes are also levied by local Municipalities as well. Excise Duty comes under the taxes which are levied by the Central Government as per the provisions laid out in the Excise Duty Act, Excise Duty Rules and Excise Duty notifications formulated by the Government.

Excise duty is an indirect tax which is levied on goods manufactured in India and are intended for home consumption. Manufacturing of the goods is the taxable event and the excise duty liability arises as and when the goods are produced. Excise duty is a tax on manufacturing that is payable by a manufacturer of goods, who passes the incidence on to their customers. The CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs) is the governing authority and it functions under Union Ministry of Finance’s Department of Revenue. Under the power conferred by the Central Excise Act, 1944, the Central Government levies taxes on production or manufacturing of goods. The excise tax rates are stated under the Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985.

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