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Clarificaiton regaridng the brand name provision in the general SSI Scheme under notification No. 1/93

Circular No. 71/71/94-CX (27/10/1994)

Circular No. 71/71/94-CX I am directed to refer to paragraph 4 of the Notification No 1/93 which provides that under this notification, exemption would not apply if the goods in question bear a brand name or trade name of another person. In this context certain doubts have been raised regarding the scope of the expression brand name an...

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The manner of preparation of invoice under rule 57GG-regarding

Circular No. 70/70/94-CX (24/10/1994)

Circular No. 70/70/94-CX I am directed to refer to the provisions of Rulr 52A as amended by Notificaiotn No.23/94-CE (NT) dated 20th May, 1994 according to which the duplicate copy of the invoice shall be used for taking credit under rule 57G and Rule 57T of the Central Excise Rule 1944....

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Circular No. 69/69/94-CX Dated 24/10/94

Circular No. 69/69/94-CX (24/10/1994)

Circular No. 69/69/94-CX It has been brought to the notice of the Board that there is a tendency on the part of some dealers to obtain Central Excise registration, merely for the sake of using their invoice for transfer of Modvat credit, even though the dealers do not have proper business premises or without any arrangemnet for receipt, ...

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Circular No. 68/68/94-CX Dated 24/10/1994

Circular No. 68/68/94-CX (24/10/1994)

Circular No. 68/68/94-CX I am directed to refer the provisions of rule 52A providing that the duplicate copy of the invoice shall be used for taking credit under Rule 57G. By notification No. 23/94-CE(NT) dated 28.5.94 the Rulr 57G was amended by inserting sub-clause 2(A). ...

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Circular No. 67/67/94-CX Dated 19/10/1994

Circular No. 67/67/94-CX (19/10/1994)

Circular No. 67/67/94-CX Reference has been received regarding issue of Show Cause-cum-Demand Notice by Collector-I, in case to be adjudicated by Collector-II, where the Collector of Central Excise is required to issue and adjudicate Show Cause-cum-Demand Notice under the Central Excise Law....

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Extending the benefit of Notificaiton No.1/93-CE to branded elastic tapes-clarificaiton regarding

Circular No. 66/66/94-CX (10/10/1994)

Circular No. 66/66/94-CX I am directed to invite your attention to para 2 of Circular No. 50/50/94-CX dated 19th August 1994 on the above subject. In the said para, for the words "of a manufacturer other than the SSI manufacturer", the words "or trade name of another person" shall be submitted....

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Classification of Isabgol Husk under Central Excise, Tariff calrification regarding

Circular No. 65/65/94-CX (07/10/1994)

Circular No. 65/65/94-CX Representations have been received from Isabgol processors Association relating to leviability of excise duty on Isabgol Husk which is obtained form isabgol seeds. The filmy upper layer of the seeds is separated by the process of milling and purified by sieving and winnowing. It is packed in plastic poly packs f...

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Recommendation of Rekhi Committee – Assessment of monthly RT-2 Return – Reg

Circular No. 63/63/94-CX (04/10/1994)

Circular No. 63/63/94-CX I am directed to invite your attention to Circular No. 54/54/94-CX dated 6th September , 1994 on the above subject....

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Circular No. 64/64/94-CX Dated 29/9/9194

Circular No. 64/64/94-CX (29/09/1994)

Circular No. 64/64/94-CX Attention is invited to Notification No. 57/94-CE dated 1st March 1994 permitting 100% EOU to pay the duty on depreciated value if capital goods, material handling equipments, captive power platns or as the case may be, captive generating sets are allowed by the Board, to be cleared to DTA....

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Instructions to field formations on the changes brought about in Central Excise procedure – Regarding

Circular No. 62/62/94-CX (26/09/1994)

Circular No. 62/62/94-CX As regards assessment based on invoice a Circular has already been issued from F.No.212/3/94-CX-6 (No.45/45/94-CX-6 dated 4.7.94) requestiong to furnish evaluation reports on assessment of RT-12 Returns for the month of April-May 1994 alongwith suggestions. Except from few Collectors, no such report has been re...

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In today’s economic scenario the significance of taxes has increased and it now not limited to being a financial aid for the Governments. The Union or the Central Government imposes several taxes together with their state governments. Some of the taxes are also levied by local Municipalities as well. Excise Duty comes under the taxes which are levied by the Central Government as per the provisions laid out in the Excise Duty Act, Excise Duty Rules and Excise Duty notifications formulated by the Government.

Excise duty is an indirect tax which is levied on goods manufactured in India and are intended for home consumption. Manufacturing of the goods is the taxable event and the excise duty liability arises as and when the goods are produced. Excise duty is a tax on manufacturing that is payable by a manufacturer of goods, who passes the incidence on to their customers. The CBEC (Central Board of Excise and Customs) is the governing authority and it functions under Union Ministry of Finance’s Department of Revenue. Under the power conferred by the Central Excise Act, 1944, the Central Government levies taxes on production or manufacturing of goods. The excise tax rates are stated under the Central Excise Tariff Act, 1985.

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