CallingID safe browsing toolbar automatically shows whether sites visited are real and safe to login, submit personal information to or deal with. It displays the site owner’s name and physical address and a risk indication for safe e-commerce and online banking. Calling ID checks if the site owner is actively conducting business. Problems like phishing, site that hides owner identity or has any security problem is automatically detected.

The program uses more than 50 different verification tests to assess each Web page with one of three ratings: verified, low-risk, or high-risk. A verified site has passed all the tests. A low-risk site is not actively conducting business or not registered correctly. A site is considered high-risk if the owner’s identity is hidden.

it gives the publisher’s physical street address and the server location. The options are many, as you can choose which sites you want to block from receiving your personal info and which sites you want to receive your passwords. You can even block sites from certain countries. We tried each of these features during our tests, and each worked flawlessly. If you do happen to come across a site that hasn’t been assessed or you deem to be fraudulent, the report option lets you report the site yourself.

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