The following enhancements have been released in the validation tool. These enhancements do not impact the instance documents which have already been filed on the MCA21 portal. This version of the tool needs to be downloaded by only those stakeholders who are facing the below mentioned issues. In case the instance document has been successfully validated and pre-scrutinised from the existing version of the tool (V 2.0), the same shall be allowed to be filed on the MCA portal.

Changes in the Business rules:

1. In specific rule sheet, following validation for the element ‘Percentage Of Shareholding In Company’ has been relaxed as the class – wise breakup can also be given: ‘Summation of all shareholder for equity members should be less than or equal to 100%. Summation of all shareholder for preference members should be less than or equal to 100%’.

2. In specific rule sheet, the validation ‘Should be greater than or equal to zero’ has been removed from the following elements as negative value can be provided for these elements and to cater to the issues being faced while providing values as per calculation linkbase:

(a) Changes In Equity Share Warrants During Period

 (b) Other Decrease in Number of Shares

(c) Decrease In Number Of Shares During Period

(d) Number of Shares Redeemed

(e) Number Of Shares Bought Back

Changes in the Validation tool:

1. Validation error w.r.t. mismatch in the summation of values provided in the detailed schedules with the total amount entered in the balance sheet for certain elements. The issue was w.r.t. those elements where the figures were provided using the decimal attribute as ‘INF’. The same has been corrected.

2. Validation error was reported for the element ‘Whether Money Raised From Public Offering During Year’ that its expected value should be ‘True’ since value for Element ‘Amount Of Public Issue During Period’ is greater than zero. The same has been corrected

3. Certain tables like ‘Details Of Directors Signing Balance Sheet Table’, ‘Details Regarding Auditors Table’, Disclosure Of Principal Product Or ServicesTable were reported as mandatory even though their respective ELRs are not applicable for previous year. This issue was reported for those cases where reporting period was ending in 2011. The same has been corrected.


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